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13 Best Place to Sell DVDs Online & Offline in 2023

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Wondering where to sell your old DVD collection for cash? You will find all the answers here!

where to sell used dvds

Before the advancement of online streaming, there was a time when people bought DVDs to watch their favorite movies and shows. Those days are gone, and what was treasure then is clutter now in your home. One of the easiest things you can do is to sell second-hand DVDs for cash. It will also help in clearing your space.

There are many places where you can sell used DVDs for real money, whether you have a collection of recent releases, ageless classics in DVD format, or just a few lying around the home that you would like to trade for cash.

To help you change those boxes of movies into additional money, the article explores some of the best places to sell DVDs and a few tips to get maximum cash.

If you are ready, let’s get started!

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Where To Sell Used DVDs

You got two options to sell your old stuff, online or offline. If you want the best value for your DVDs, selling online is a better option. On the other hand, when selling locally, you can get your cash pretty quickly.

While selling online, you can use general marketplaces like eBay or specialized sites like Bonavendi.

General Online Marketplaces to Sell Used DVDs

1. Amazon

Selling used DVDs is now easy with Amazon as it pops out from other distributors because they accept DVDs of any quality. Even if your product does not meet the quality demanded by buyback vendors, Amazon will get it from you.

sell used DVDs on amazon

There are two options available for selling DVDs on Amazon. They are:

  • You can sell as a third-party listing. This is more lucrative, but you will only be paid once your DVD is purchased and mailed to the buyer.
  • As a trade-in, in this option, you will receive instant payment.

Unfortunately, they charge monthly seller fees, so if you only have a few DVDs to sell, there are better options than Amazon.

2. eBay

If the question in your mind is, ‘Where can I see my DVDs?’ eBay is almost always the best choice. 

Listing your goods is simple and cost-free (up to 250 items). Additionally, with 170 million buyers globally, you’ll be able to contact customers outside your surroundings.

eBay for selling old dvds

On eBay, there are two methods to sell. Either specify a fixed price for your DVD or accept bids from customers, which includes selling your DVD to the highest bidder.

If you do not already have an account, you should create one before you can sell on eBay. Next, list your things, upload photos, and ship them. Your payments will be made through card transfers or PayPal.

3. OfferUp

Looking for places that buy DVDs locally for cash? Then, OfferUp is worth considering.

Listing in OfferUp is free. You can set up a face-to-face meeting to sell your DVDs, and buyers can message you to bargain or ask questions.

sell dvds on offerup

You can also ship your DVDs to interested buyers.

The online sales charge is a 12.9% seller fee in OfferUp. Local cash transactions are thus unquestionably the best choice.

4. Craigslist

Craigslist will be your best option for selling used DVDs locally. The best part about Craigslist is they do not charge a listing fee, and bulk sale is also available. 

list DVDs for selling on craigslist

You will be dealing directly with the buyer, which saves you shipping costs and commission. 

Take a few images of your item, describe it in detail, give it a catchy title, and then wait for inquiries from purchasers. Once a price has been agreed upon, meet the buyer somewhere secure and trade your DVD for cash.

5. Facebook Marketplace

Another best place to sell used DVDs is Facebook Marketplace. It is the best platform because it is free and easily connects sellers with local buyers. Since you can meet the buyer in person, the shipping charge is not a concern. 

Facebook marketplace for selling dvds

Facebook groups are another way to find buyers and sell on Facebook. You have to select groups from your feed and select the option to sell something.

Then you have to enter the product details. The next step is to specify the audience and click publish. Then anyone interested can contact you and trade DVDs for cash.

Specialized Sites For Selling Used DVDs Online

6. Delucttr

One of the best places to sell used DVDs is Delucttr. They offer better prices when compared to other sites.

Get Paypal cash by decluttering

Another premium you get in Delicttr is that whenever they accept your items, they transfer cash the next day. 

To start with, enter the barcode of the DVD or scan the barcode. A quote will be sent to you, and the next step is in your hands. You can either accept the offer or deny it. If accepted, you will be paid via PayPal or direct deposit within 24 hours after shipment.

7. FYE

Whatever the condition of your DVD, FYE retailers are always there to buy your used DVDs. It was formerly known as SecondSpin. With time, they have changed, like they are not accepting items online.

sell dvds on FYE

You can visit the nearest FYE store with your DVD, get a quote, and sell it. 

The payment can be as direct cash or as store credits. You will be paid higher for the item if you have an original DVD case. Also, if the DVD does not have any stickers or anything written on them, the chances of getting paid more are more.

8. Bonavendi

Another best place to sell used DVDs online is Bonavendi. Unlike other sites, their approach is different. They offer a pricing comparison between 20 various buyback sellers. The most straightforward process to find your collection’s best price could be using their pricing search engine.

BONAVENDI website for selling dvds

For added convenience, Bonavendi offers a mobile app.

Bonavendi is especially helpful if you sell used DVDs in bulk since even slight pricing variations can significantly impact your profits.

9. SellBackYourBook

If the question is which site is best for selling DVDs, Sellbackyourbook will be one of the candidates. It operates like other buyback sites; you have to enter or scan the UPC barcode to get an instant quote.

sell dvds on sellbackyourbook

If the price is satisfactory, you can print your free shipping label and ship the item to the company. You will receive the money within three days of receiving the product from the company, and the payment will be via PayPal or paper check.

Selling DVDs Online for more profit is more dependent on DVDs quality. So, ensure the DVD is in good condition without any scratches, missing chips, or pieces.

10. Eagle Saver

If you have DVDs to sell and looking for the best place to sell DVDs online, then what are you waiting for? Eagle Saver is all yours waiting to buy your item.

eagle saver for selling dvds

You have to enter the 12-digit barcode to get an instant quote for the item. The next step is to print the free shipping label and ship the item. Then you will receive the payment through Check or PayPal.

Make sure that the DVD you are selling is in good condition. If they are unsatisfied, the product will be sent back, and you will be charged for the return shipping amount.

Sell Your DVDs Locally

11. Pawn Shops

Pawn Shops is one of the best options to sell your DVDs locally. It is also straightforward to sell your products. 

You can take your DVD to the nearby pawn shop, and the staff will review the item. A quote will be given to you. If you accept it, they will pay you instantly in cash. The best part is you can negotiate with them for the best price.

12. Used Bookstores

Another option to sell your DVDs locally is visiting your nearby bookstore. The cost of the DVDs you’re selling, and their condition will determine how much your nearby used bookshop will pay you.

Sell your DVDs for store credit instead of cash if you want to maximize your profit because most shops will pay you more that way for your DVDs.

13. Yard Sales

It is a good option to sell your DVDs in a Yard sale if you have a large collection. Make sure to advertise your DVD yard sale to increase the exposure for your items.

A yard sale might be the most time-consuming way to sell DVDs since you have to be there to complete the transaction, and you might have to haggle with buyers who want to pay less than what you’re asking.

Things to Keep in Mind

There are some tips and tricks that you have to keep in mind while selling DVDs online. They are mentioned below: 

Do your research: Do research on everything ranging from planning to shipping. Make sure that you are selling your DVD for the desired price. Ultimately, all you need is profit. Find the prices of comparable DVDs in the market. Your goal is to negotiate a fair price that is not too high or low.

Use multiple platforms: Make it a point to investigate the pricing points offered by various resellers. Different resellers will give you varying prices for the DVDs you want to sell. Even though it takes time, doing this will increase your likelihood of maximizing your profits.

Test and Include DVD cases: It is advisable to test the DVD before selling to avoid upsetting consumers. Ensure the disc is in working condition and free of scratches. Also, make sure that you have included the original DVD case in the package because most buyers will prefer that. Be ready to get a lower value per DVD if you do not have a case.

Be honest: You will not benefit by keeping the conditions of your DVDs a lie. Your items may be rejected if you lie about the condition of the items. Additionally, it can wind up costing you a lot of time. So, give precise details on the state of your item. Mention any issues that your clients should be aware of.

Use attractive images and catchy titles: Images help the buyer understand the products you are selling. The more photos you can share, the better; make sure they are high quality. An engaging title attracts buyers’ attention, giving customers all the knowledge they require to make an informed decision.

Factors to Consider While Choosing the Best Platform

Fees and Commission: Depending on the platform you choose to sell your old DVDs, there are different selling fees and commissions. Amazon, for instance, levies a 15% commission fee when selling DVDs on their website. In Amazon, this charge is known as a referral fee. Similarly to that, each platform has a different cost. Therefore, before choosing a website, make sure you are conducting research and comparing sites.

Ease of use: Customers seek websites and apps that are simple to use and handy. Selecting a website that meets the customers’ demands may improve the sale of your DVD and maximize your profit.

Buyer protection: When making an online purchase, a customer looks for two key things: trust and privacy. Therefore, think about listing your DVD on a trusted and verified website. Make a thorough investigation of the website before deciding on a platform. If you choose a platform where you sell in person, choose a safe location for the exchange.

Shipping options: Websites like Delucttr, Eagle Saver, and others provide free shipping on DVDs and instant payments. So, if you want to maximize your profit, use a free delivery platform. Choose a platform that offers pre-paid and insured shipping.

Get Some Cash Selling Your Old DVDs

Even if streaming services have replaced the era of DVDs, they are still standard products to sell and generate money from. The demand for DVDs has increased due to the current trend of owning vintage and restored discs. Many people buy DVDs to add to their collections.

For those who have DVDs as waste in their home, you can sell your DVDs online or locally for cash. There are a lot of platforms. Most of the time, the procedure is uncomplicated and consists of posting your things’ descriptions and related photographs, getting them ready for shipping, and getting paid.

Selling your DVDs will not make you a millionaire, but it is always better to make some extra money and get rid of the unwanted things in your room than throwing them away.

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Is there any fee to sell used DVDs?

You will have to pay fees if you sell DVDs on eBay or Amazon. The estimated eBay seller fees are 13% of the total transaction price plus delivery costs. There are no costs if you sell locally or use a buyback vendor like Decluttr.

How can I sell DVDs for cash?

If you’re selling online, you may scan the DVD barcodes to get an offer before delivering your discs utilizing a free shipping label. Selling locally might be preferable since you can eliminate shipping costs by advertising your goods in a nearby shop or on a marketplace app where you can schedule a pickup place with the customer.

Is it worth it to sell old DVDs?

Absolutely, yes! It could take a little time, but it will be worth it to get some money for them instead of throwing them out.

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