Flexoffers Review: Affiliate Network for Beginners to Earn Money

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In case you’re searching for approaches to expand your income on the web, affiliate marketing is one way that works. You can add a referral program such as flexoffers to your current blog, and refer individuals to other’s items for which they will pay you a commission.

The problem is when you’re getting into affiliate marketing, there’s such a lot of data to channel through! It very well may be tedious and misleading at some times.

There are different partner programs for each of the items or services you want to promote. Then there are affiliate networks that manage multiple advertisers. Each one of these platforms has different terms and conditions.

It can become confusing to track each one of them and it will seriously impact your potential to earn if you choose the wrong one.

That’s, why it becomes so much more important to, chose the right affiliate programs that offer good products serving your customer needs.

What is Flexoffers? An Overview

Flexoffers is quite possibly the most famous affiliate network that has heaps of big companies they oversee exchanges for. As an affiliate working with them, there are bunches of various commission choices and various companies.

However, do they compensate fairly? Do they pay on schedule?

In this Flexoffers review, I intend to respond to those questions.

I’m composing this Flexoffers review to make it easier for you to understand how it works. So you can make an educated choice about whether this affiliate network is a decent choice for your business.

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Flexoffers is one of the biggest affiliate network with in excess of 12,000 companies. Many big organizations recruit them to deal with their affiliate projects.

Companies such as Avon, Macy’s, Yahoo, Lenovo etc. with affiliate programs trust Flexoffers to enroll affiliates.

They take care that exact deals are being paid out among affiliates and advertising companies.

So as an affiliate you have so many niches and products to choose from. Here’s a list of categories of advertisers they have with them.


How Does Flexoffers Work?

Flexoffers is a marketplace for advertisers where they find suitable publishers for advertising their business.

They find reputable companies that either have an affiliate program or who want to have one.

When Flexoffers finds such companies, they help them by offering their advertiser program.

At the same time publishers like me who want to earn commissions by using their website to promote advertisers enrol with flexoffers as publishers.

Flexoffers Advertisers

At the point when you’re publicizing with Flexoffers, you’re ready to profit from the large number of publishers who come there to search for items to promote and sell. Included with their program management, Flexoffers gives advertisers:

  • Tracking of Sales and conversion
  • payments
  • Reporting
  • Compliance monitoring
  • Publisher selection and recruiting
  • Affiliate application processing
  • Publisher support

Flexoffers Publishers


When you join them as a publisher, you can choose from so many niches available and diverse types of advertisers Flexoffers has to best suit your audience.

As a publisher you can promote various items and services in different ways including:

  • Video marketing (Youtube etc.)
  • Blogging
  • Podcasting
  • or, Offline marketing

Flexoffer works as an intermediate between advertisers and publishers and help both of them to make money in return for their commissions.

Flexoffers Review: What are Options Available to Make Money with Flexoffers?

There’s more than one approach to bring in cash with this affiliate network. There are deals for a current business such as a CPA offer, or a CPS offer. Flexoffers makes it simple to pick between cost-per-lead offers and cost-per-sale offers.

You can sort advertisers based on your choice if you want to work with CPS or CPA kind of advertiser.

Cost Per Action (CPA/CPL)

CPA when you are paid for per action, mostly signup leads. Much of the time, sponsors ask to give their name, email address and answer a couple of inquiries. At the point when the data is given to the promoter, Flexoffers tracks the exchange and credits the affiliate a commission for sending the lead.

Cost-Per-Sale (CPS)

In this case, the affiliate is only paid when the lead converts into a sale. 

Where in CPA you generally get a fixed commission to get a lead, here in CPS payment is in the percentage of the sale amount.

Most of the advertisers at Flexoffers offer cost-per-deal, differing in commission rates.

You need to be careful while choosing the program, in case you don’t pick a program that will resonate with your audience, it’ll badly impact your commission earnings.

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Flexoffers Review: How Much Can you Make with Flexoffers?

Flexoffers offers thousands of promoters, most likely a great many items, and different commission structures, there’s a lot of potentials to earn money.

You’d need to pick a sponsor that is resonating to your specialty, see the offer or sum they pay per lead, and run inexact figures.

Take your estimated traffic and calculate leads based on conversion rate (generally between 3-10%).

For instance, your pay per lead program pays $10 for each lead. In the event that you have 1000 site visits each month, and you gauge that 3% of them will change over to a lead, you will get 30 leads. Hence $300 commission for you.

How Do I Get Started with Flexoffers?

If you are new to Flexoffers, you need to sign up as either an advertiser or as a publisher.


As a sponsor, you can begin with Flexoffers without any problem. You just need to fill registration form concerning you and your organization. Then you are ready to advertise.


For affiliates, Flexoffers registration is a 4-step process. You need to fill in some common data(name, email, etc), consent to their terms, give data about your website, clarify your traffic sources. They will review your application and approve or reject your application. You can start your application to become a Flexoffers affiliate by CLICKING HERE.

Flexoffers Review: Most Common Way to Make Money with Flexoffers

Most common way Flexoffers affiliates use is:

  • Creating a website
  • Making content that starts getting traffic
  • Link advertiser material in the content

Alternative Ways to Make Money with Flexoffers

A few members choose a different path and don’t really want to have a site. They use direct connection from social media, or through email to sell affiliate links. There’s an entire discussion about if direct connecting is better or via website selling is better.

You can study the upsides and downsides in this one of the best affiliate training programs.

How you Get Paid by Flexoffers?

The payment terms might be a con in contrast with different organizations or what other affiliate programs may offer. Instead of getting paid immediately, day by day, week after week, or month to month like what different affiliate networks may offer, Flexoffers offers two installment types: net7 and net30.


They pay you 7 days after invoicing.


They pay you 30 days after invoicing.

Invoicing is generally 60 days. So you get paid in 90 days in general. Though this time is rediculous but considering the number of advertisers they offer I find it accepatble specially after few months as previous months payments keep coming in.

You can get your money by paypal, checks or direct transfer.

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Flexoffers charges 1% managing expense for manaintaing the affiliate program of a advertiser.


As an affiliate, it’s free to sign up with Flexoffers and there are no charges for keeping an account.

My Conclusion on Flexoffers Affiliate Program

Flexoffers is a great affiliate program to team up when starting up your affiliate marketing business as you can see from this flexoffers review.

Regardless of whether you have a current business and you’d prefer to get more deals by working with associates, or you are a new advertiser, Flexoffers has something to bring to the table for you.

For promoters, I suggest COMPLETING THE REGISTRATION and start applying to the program to get started on earning money.

Just keep in mind to promote relevant products to your audience and you will do great.

Haven’t yet opened account, Sign Up Here.

If you are planning to start a new blog or running a blog but still not making any money, here is my step by step guide for starting a blog. I will show you everything you need to generate a passive source of income.

Check out all the best resources I use! These resources have helped me immensely in my journey and I am sure they will help you as well.

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