Interserver an Affordable Web Host! Is It Worth Trying?

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Today I am going to review for you, InterServer an affordable web host. They provide affordable hosting services starting with 0.01 dollars for the first month and fixed renewal rates.

If you are planning to purchase a hosting plan for your website or you are starting your blog, you might be confused with the plenty of options available.

Today of all the websites on web one-third of them are powered by WordPress. If you are also going to use WordPress you might consider the hosts which are good in WordPress hosting.

Or you are frustrated with higher renewal costs of hosting with other providers or wants an affordable hosting plan, this review can be useful for you.

Like anything else, when buying something there are two important things that should affect your decision.

1. Functionality

2. Cost over entire use

You need to see if the host you are planning to choose can support your website with all the features available in today’s market. Then you need to see which host provides the best price without compromising on the quality.

Here in this review, I will show you if InterServer an affordable web host is a good bargain without sacrificing quality.


What is InterServer

You might not have heard of InterServer web hosting, but its not a Nobody in this space. Interserver was launched by two college boys in 1998 and they are around for 20 years.

They offer both Windows and Linux plans along with the user-friendly cPanel dashboard. Personally I am not a fan of their dashboard but nonetheless it was easy to navigate.


Like I told you earlier if you’re looking for bargain web hosting and you don’t want to sacrifice quality, InterServer is worth considering.  

If you are around in this blogging business for some time you might have encountered that to attract beginners, service providers give heavy discounts for first years.

The problem comes in the renewals when the renewal prices are inflated. Most of the users don’t want to go through the hassle of switching hosting services. So they pay higher prices. It’s a wonderful marketing strategy that has worked for ages.

This is where the Rate Lock policy of InterServer is a deal maker. Effectively the price you pay on the time of purchase is fixed for the lifetime (As long as you are with Interserver). You don’t have to pay more for renewals!


Here is their pricing per month for various products:

  • Shared Web Hosting – $5.00
  • Managed WordPress Hosting – $8.00
  • Dedicated Servers – $50
  • VPS Hosting – $6.00

As you may see that they seem expensive than competitors at first look. But fixed renewal rates make them way cheaper than the competition.

In addition you can get their First Month At $0.01 by using this Coupon code.


We found out that if you plan to use your website for longer InterServer is your best bet. But can they provide as good service as their competitors? Let’s see what all they offer.

Interserver features

It’s pretty much a fully-featured, shared web hosting package.

What noteworthy we got with their plan:

Free SSL Certificates

Now SSL certificate is almost mandatory as browsers show an un-secure sign without it, which may spook users. Some hosts offer free SSL certificates on their higher-end plans.

Generally, you have to shell extra 10-50 dollars for it. You got it free with basic plans.

Unlimited Storage and Bandwidth

Most web host providers cap usage on their plans. InterServer shared plans, unlimited actually means unlimited. They limit all their servers to run at 50% of the hardware’s capacity. When capacity starts going up over the halfway mark, they upgrade the server with more resources.

Free Cloudflare CDN

Content Delivery Network (CDN) is important if your visitors come from worldwide. It allows browsers from anywhere to connect to a closest located server.

InterServer’s shared hosting you got this service for free which otherwise is charged extra. Cloudflare CDN uses caching and delivery optimization to make your website load faster.

It also protects your site from security threats.

You’ll need to sign up for a Cloudflare account to activate its benefits.

Free migration

They also provide Free Migration process.

If you want to do a hassle-free transfer of your existing WordPress Site, It’s a great opportunity. Also, note that the migration process will be conducted with a zero downtime on your site, so you don’t lose any traffic.

Plus they offer free clean up of hacked or compromised accounts even for new customers.

Interserver migration


In addition, if you are looking for VPS or dedicated servers, VPS hosting is available at the cheapest price of 6$. There are a number of customizations available to suit your needs.


Their claim is 99.99% uptime, what personally I got ~99.5 that’s lower than the industry standard. If you calculate, it comes to ~1hour downtime in a week. That’s a lot if you are running an e-commerce store.

But for the beginners who are just starting out this should not be a problem. Plus uploading speed is also comparable to competitors.


The options and services they offer at the cheapest prices are at par with industry if not better. They have maintained their quality even at lower prices.

According to me is their best selling point is a Fixed renewal price guarantee. Interserver an affordable web host is a reliable option you can depend on for the long term.

For beginners who are looking for affordable web hosting and their needs are not advanced, Interserver is the best option available out there.

You can try for yourself at 0.01 dollar for first month by clicking here.

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