36 Legit Online Jobs That Pay Weekly For Beginners in 2024

Do you want urgent cash? Getting that cash seems like a difficult task. This article will discuss how you can do jobs that pay weekly online for immediate cash!

In today’s fast-paced world, the need for quick cash is more common than ever. If you want legit jobs that pay weekly and help you pay the bills? In this article, we will look at offline and online jobs that pay weekly or more times every week.

This article is your guide to discovering jobs that not only pay weekly but also offer the flexibility to fit into your busy life.

You can do them as side hustles that pay weekly online.

Most jobs in this list are legitimate online jobs from home, but a few are not technically work-from-home jobs. Nonetheless, all of them are flexible.

Most of these jobs that pay weekly will pay you a few hundred dollars every week, but a few of them even pay $1,000 or more.

Here is the list of legit weekly-paying jobs.

Legit Online Jobs That Pay Weekly

What are side hustles that pay weekly? Mostly these are flexible online jobs that you can do from home. You just need a computer and an internet connection to get started on these weekly paying online jobs.

1. Freelance Writing

If you love writing, this is one of the easiest and best legit online jobs that pay weekly. A ton of content is published daily, and someone needs to create that content.

Many big and small sites regularly hire freelance writers for their writing jobs. Payments are instantaneous; you get paid as soon as you finish the work.

Most of the projects you can complete within a week and get paid weekly.

You don’t have to be a great writer. Basic writing will do, and you will earn money depending on your experience and the complexity of the projects.


The tricky part is finding the first clients because once you have experience and reviews, getting more work and higher prices will be easier.

But when you are starting, you have no name and expertise. You need to spread out the word first about your work. That is why proper guidance is essential to get started.

You can try these free lessons from Holly Johnson to start this online business that pays weekly. She had grown her freelance earnings to $200,000 per year and taught thousands of students her secrets to success.

If you want to get started on your own, you can try freelance platforms like Fiverr or Flexjobs. These are the marketplaces where clients look for freelancers to complete their projects.

There are huge freelance writing sections on these websites where you can find many writing jobs.

Key points:

  • Explore niche writing areas like tech, health, or finance for higher pay.
  • Regularly update your portfolio with recent work to attract new clients.
  • Network with other writers and industry professionals on platforms like LinkedIn.

Potential Earnings: $100 – $500+ per week, depending on project size and frequency.

2. Proofreading Weekly Payout Jobs

For people with a good eye to catch mistakes in the text, proofreading can be a legit online jobs that pay weekly.

Work as a freelance proofreader and get paid for every gig. You can work online and get paid weekly for small tasks that take less than a week.

You can earn $20 or more per hour based on your experience. Higher experience will get you more money than in any other job. So the best bet to be successful in this online business that pays weekly is to gain good reviews and experience even at lower prices.

proofreading jobs that pay weekly
weekly paying jobs online

According to salary.com, an average proofreader makes around 52k dollars per year.

Once you get enough experience, positive reviews, or a good name in the market, you can demand higher chances.

If you want to spend less time figuring everything out on your own and want to earn money faster, you should take this free webinar by Caitlyn, who has taught thousands of students how to start a proofreading business as beginners.

Key points:

  • Develop a keen eye for different writing styles and formatting.
  • Stay updated with the latest grammar guidelines and editing tools.
  • Consider specializing in academic or technical proofreading for higher rates.

Potential Earnings: $150 – $400+ per week, based on workload and experience.

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3. English Teaching Jobs That Pay Weekly

If you are a native English speaker, you can earn money weekly by teaching English to kids.

There are different platforms where you can make money by tutoring English to kids. The best of them are MAGICEARS and VIPKIDS.

Magicears pays $20 to $26 per hour, and you can work online and get paid weekly or monthly based on the number of sessions you take.


You don’t need to be an expert in English; just basic knowledge will do. Many parents in non-English speaking countries want to teach their kids English. That is why they pay native English-speaking people to teach their kids.

You just have to sign up and clear the screening test, and then you will be given predefined class material to teach to kids.

Sign up here and start teaching English to kids.

Key points:

  • Get TEFL or TESOL certification to increase your credibility.
  • Familiarize yourself with different curriculums and age groups.
  • Use interactive teaching tools to make lessons engaging.

Potential Earnings: $200 – $500+ per week, varies with the number of classes and hourly rate.

4. Virtual Assistant Weekly Paying Online Jobs

Virtual assistant jobs are a great way to make money from home. A virtual assistant job can be a general job like a personal secretary or a specialized job if you have special skills like managing social media accounts.

Depending on your skills and work, you can earn $20/hour or more online.

To work as a Virtual Assistant, join some platforms that specialize in these jobs or work independently and get paid weekly.

You can choose what kind of tasks you want to do, and payments are fast, making it one of the tremendous legit online jobs that pays weekly.

virtual-assistant side job

As a virtual assistant, you can offer to do tasks such as data entry, event planning, taking customer calls, graphic designing, running FB ads etc., based on your skills.

To get started, you can look for work opportunities at platforms like Fiverr and Flexjobs.

After you have the experience and have made contacts, you can begin working independently. That way, you can increase your fee and get more specific work.

If you want to cut down the learning curve and get straight to earning money, you can use this resource on how to get started as a virtual assistant for beginners.

Key Points:

  • Offer package deals for a set of services to regular clients.
  • Stay organized with tools like Trello or Asana.
  • Continuously learn new skills like CRM software or basic bookkeeping.

Potential Earnings: $200 – $600+ per week, depending on the number of clients and hours worked.

5. Transcription Weekly Payout Jobs

Other legit online jobs that pay weekly for freelance work are transcription jobs. If you have a good typing speed, you can earn good money per hour doing legit transcription jobs that pay weekly online.

You need to listen to audio files and type them. Audio files can be anything ranging from podcasts to classroom lectures.

Especially with the increase in the number of podcasts coming up in recent years, there is an increase in the number of jobs available for transcribers.


Many companies pay weekly, specializing in transcription jobs such as Rev. Work online, and get paid weekly jobs.

If you want to earn more money for your work, you can take legal transcription jobs at companies like eScribers. They hire people from the USA with good typing speeds. These transcription jobs pay weekly for your work.

For learning all the A to Z of transcription online business that pays weekly, you can take this free course here.

Key Points:

  • Improve typing speed and accuracy for higher efficiency.
  • Use transcription software to increase productivity.
  • Consider specializing in medical or legal transcription for better pay.

Potential Earnings: $150 – $500+ per week, influenced by speed and complexity of the audio files.

6. Blogging

Blogging is a great side hustle to make weekly or monthly. You can get paid weekly online or biweekly depending on your payment settings.

I can tell you firsthand that you can even make more money than your regular job with blogging.

The blog you are reading right now earns me full-time income while working a few hours on it. I get paid 5 or 6 times (roughly every week) every month, depending on the number of networks I promote.


Though, to be honest, starting the blog was easy but earning the first dollars were NOT. But once you cross the first line, all the hard work you put in is so worth it.

If you are willing to risk a few dollars, I invite you to start your blog. Here is the detailed step by step guide to get you started, where I will handhold you through each step learning from my own experiences.

Down the lane next year, you might be thanking me that I told you to do it. So take your chance now and grab your fate into your hands.

Key Points:

  • Focus on SEO to increase traffic to your blog.
  • Monetize your blog through affiliate marketing and sponsored content.
  • Engage with your audience through comments and social media.

Potential Earnings: Highly variable; $50 – $1000+ per week, depending on traffic and monetization strategies.

7. Freelance Legit Online Jobs that Pay Weekly

Online jobs give you so much freedom in that you only decide when you want to work and can negotiate when you get paid for the work, be it weekly or biweekly.

freelance online jobs for weekly money

There are many platforms where you can do microtasks or freelance jobs to earn money online.

The best of these platforms is Fiverr, a marketplace for freelance job seekers and recruiters. Here you can sell your skill for money and offer your work and demand cash in increments of $5.

You just need to set up your profile after signing up and create samples of your work.

You will get the gigs based on your samples, or you can apply for different gigs available on the platform.

After completing the task, you will get a rating. That is why in the starting, it is very important to improve your profile with a good rating, even if those jobs pay less and take more of your time.

Because future recruiters will select you based on your profile, and with a good profile, you will get more work and you can demand higher prices.

Key Points:

  • Build a strong profile with detailed descriptions and work samples.
  • Ask satisfied clients for reviews and referrals.
  • Offer a range of services to cater to more clients.

Potential Earnings: $100 – $700+ per week, varies widely based on the type of jobs and skill level.

8. Earn Money Weekly on Phone Apps

You can make easy money on phone apps from home in your free time and get paid weekly or daily.

You need to reach a particular threshold in each app to request a payout. Generally, these cut off are at $5 or $10, and you can get them easily in a week or few days and request a payout.


You can easily make a hundred or more dollars weekly by combining earning opportunities on multiple apps.

The best of these apps that provide earning opportunities include:

Try these three best apps to earn money online, and you will make a few hundred extra dollars monthly.

Key Points:

  • Combine multiple apps to maximize earnings.
  • Dedicate specific times of the day for these tasks to increase efficiency.
  • Keep an eye out for bonuses and special offers on these apps.

Potential Earnings: $10 – $100+ per week, depending on the time invested and types of tasks.

9. Website Testing Jobs Online That Pay Weekly

Website testing jobs are an easy way to make money online weekly. You don’t need any kind of expertise to start doing website testing jobs.

To start this website testing job, you can join many websites, such as UserTesting and uTest.

After getting approved for the jobs, your part will be to test the websites for their functionality and other features that the other party wants to test.


After the test, you have to give a detailed review of the things you find on the website.

Sign up at these websites, and you will get the gigs after making a profile. You can work online and get paid weekly on PayPal after completing these jobs.

Key Points:

  • Provide detailed and constructive feedback in your reviews.
  • Test websites on different devices for comprehensive feedback.
  • Stay updated with web design trends and usability standards.

Potential Earnings: $50 – $300+ per week, based on the number of tests and complexity.

10. Online Moderating Jobs for Weekly Money

If you are good at social skills and looking to make money online, the job of online moderation can be a good bet for you.

As an online moderator, your job will consist of the responsibility of maintaining the chat rooms and comment sections on blogs or social media pages.

Big websites hire online moderators to screen for spam in comments.

Then businesses hire online moderators to maintain their business image by keeping their social media profiles clean from abuse, spam, and other unacceptable things.

You can take responsibility for handling their discussion forums on forums such as Reddit. Online moderators can get paid from $10 per hour and upwards, depending on the type of job.

After doing the job, you can get paid weekly.

Key Points:

  • Develop strong conflict resolution and community management skills.
  • Be familiar with the platform’s guidelines and rules.
  • Stay objective and unbiased when moderating discussions.

Potential Earnings: $100 – $400+ per week, depending on the platform and hours worked.

11. Digital Marketing Jobs

With everything being online, all businesses must come to the internet to grow their businesses.

They need digital marketing strategies to have an online presence, but most business owners are not acquainted with them.

If you have the skill and are willing to learn more, this can be a great weekly payout job.

Digital marketing

You can offer your services if you know the basics of SEO and email marketing. You can take on all responsibilities or offer some specialized duties such as posting Facebook ads for businesses.

With the improvement in an online presence, your clients will get more business, so they will love to pay you more. Show them good results can you can get long-term side hustles that pay weekly.

Key Points:

  • Keep up with the latest digital marketing trends and algorithms.
  • Consider certification courses in Google Ads, SEO, or Social Media Marketing.
  • Build a portfolio to showcase successful campaigns.

Potential Earnings: $200 – $1000+ per week, highly dependent on services offered and client base.

12. Chat Support

You can work for the companies from your home as a Chat support agent.

This is one of the legit jobs that pay weekly for working from home. Your job responsibilities will include chatting with customers and providing solutions to their problems.

chat support weekly paying jobs

This job doesn’t require phone calls, so if you are not comfortable listening and talking, then this is a good option.

You need to be patient to listen to others’ problems and offer them chat support. A few of these companies that pay weekly include Arise and Live World.

Key Points:

  • Enhance your typing speed for quicker responses.
  • Develop empathy and patience to deal with various customer queries.
  • Be knowledgeable about the product or service you’re supporting.

Potential Earnings: $150 – $500+ per week, varies with company and workload.

13. Social Media Manager Jobs for Weekly Money

If you love spending time on social media and have a good social media following, you can consider working as a social media manager for small businesses.

Many of these businesses don’t know how to grow their social presence and need help growing their social media profiles.

You can offer your services to them and charge them. You need to show your creditability by the number of followers and social media following.

social-media-manager job

Many companies manage social media profiles, but you can give your services at lower rates than them to get the work.

Specifically, running ads on Facebook is one specialized job that many businesses don’t understand but need to do to grow their business.

If you can run FB ads, you can land several legit online jobs that pay weekly.

Key Points:

  • Stay current with social media trends and platform updates.
  • Develop skills in content creation and graphic design.
  • Analyze metrics to improve engagement and reach.

Potential Earnings: $250 – $800+ per week, influenced by client size and number of platforms managed.

14. Call Representative with Blue Zebra

If you have sales experience, you can join Blue Zebra, where you will make sales calls to clients.

They need a few years of experience before hiring. It’s a full-time job where you will work 40 hours weekly and make calls. Your earnings will start from $15/hour, depending on your experience.


The excellent part is payments are made weekly directly into your account. If your work is good and your calls bring more business to them, your salary will rise very fast, and in addition to that, you will also earn bonuses.

Though the job is not easy as calling people and convincing them is a difficult thing, if you have experience in sales, you know how it goes.

The only thing is here, you will work online from home without facing anyone. Set up a quiet corner of your home as your workstation to make calls.

Key Points:

  • Develop strong persuasive communication skills.
  • Be patient and resilient, as sales calls can be challenging.
  • Keep track of your calls and follow-ups for better results.

Potential Earnings: $300 – $800+ per week, depending on hours worked and commission structure.

15. Call Reviewer Jobs that Pay Weekly

When you call customer cares of different brands, you are often notified that this call may be recorded.

Do you know why they record those calls? They want to assess how they are performing in the sense of satisfying customer needs and queries.

Someone needs to listen to those call recordings to interpret those things. You can be that person and make money while reviewing those recorded phone calls between customers and companies.

You need to tell whether the company representative was helpful, whether they solved the problem and so many other things that brands want to know to improve their services.

One of such companies that pay weekly where you can sign up to get these call reviewing jobs is Humanatic. Just sign up for free and earn $1 to $5 per hour in your free time.

Key Points:

  • Pay attention to detail and develop analytical skills.
  • Be objective in your assessments.
  • Familiarize yourself with different customer service standards.

Potential Earnings: $50 – $200+ per week, depending on the number of calls reviewed.

16. Data entry Jobs for Weekly Money

If you don’t want to use your brain much and just do an easy side hustle from home, online data entry jobs that pay weekly can be a great fit.

Many legit work from home data entry jobs are available in the market.

You just need to be good t typing. If your typing speed is good, then you can make good money. You just need essential software like word doc, excel etc. to get started with this job.


Another way to score jobs that pay weekly online is to look for legit work-from-home data entry jobs.

Data entry involves transferring information from one source to another using a computer, so being computer-savvy is a must-have in this job.

You must also be adept at using document processing apps and software, such as Word and Spreadsheet.

Accuracy is another thing significant in this job. If your typing is accurate, you don’t need to spend time again proofreading.

Many good companies offer weekly data entry jobs, such as Xerox and Clickworker.

Key Points:

  • Ensure high accuracy to avoid rework.
  • Use shortcuts and tools to increase data entry speed.
  • Keep your work organized for easy retrieval and submission.

Potential Earnings: $100 – $300+ per week, varies based on speed and volume of work.

17. Translation Jobs Online

We saw earlier in the article that there is an increase in the demand for transcription jobs. Similarly, translation jobs paying weekly are also rising.

If you are good at more than one language, you can make good money translating one language to another.

Your jobs might be translating some meeting proceedings, medical texts, transactions and similar things.

translation jobs for weekly money

Few languages command higher prices than other languages due to the demand.

For example, Mandarin is in demand, and they pay higher money to integrators proficient in both Mandarin and English.

There are many agencies like Rev where you can join and get translation jobs for good money. A few other companies like LanguageLine solutions hire people from the US, Canada and UK and pay money weekly.

Key Points:

  • Stay fluent in your languages and understand cultural nuances.
  • Specialize in a specific type of translation, like legal or medical.
  • Maintain confidentiality, especially with sensitive documents.

Potential Earnings: $200 – $1000+ per week, highly dependent on language pair and complexity.

18. Online Teaching Jobs that Pay Weekly

It’s a great side hustle for teachers to make extra money in their spare time. With the pandemic, most schools have been forced to shut down, and classes have moved to online modes.

Many teachers are not so good or comfortable with teaching online, and understandably so because they have taught their whole life in classrooms.


Due to this and lack of attention on the student’s part, many students cannot understand lessons well enough.

That is why many parents opt for extra lessons where students can interact with tutors one-on-one and have a better understanding.

For these lessons, you can earn $20 per hour or more, depending on the subject and level of class.

You can work independently on these legit online jobs with weekly payment or join some tutoring platforms such as Skooli or TutorMe to provide education support to students.

Key Points:

  • Adapt your teaching style for an online environment.
  • Use interactive tools like virtual whiteboards and quizzes.
  • Stay patient and flexible, as online teaching can be unpredictable.

Potential Earnings: $200 – $600+ per week, varies with subjects taught and number of sessions.

19. Make Money on Study Pool

Study Pool is an online platform that offers additional earning sources for tutors. You can help students with their homework and make money for that.

Questions are posted on the platform by students. You have to look at the questions and bid on the questions you think you can answer.

study pool

You will get the money if you win the bid and your answers are satisfying. For each answer, you will get the commission and money will add up with the number of questions you answer.

You will get paid weekly online or more frequently to your PayPal or Payoneer account.

Key Points:

  • Be thorough in your explanations and answers.
  • Stay updated with current academic standards.
  • Manage your time effectively to answer more queries.

Potential Earnings: $100 – $400+ per week, based on the number of questions answered.

20. Review Music for Weekly Money

Do you know that you can earn money online by listening to music? Yes, websites like SlicethePie pay you to listen to music.

It is an exciting online job to earn money weekly. Everyone loves listening to music, and now you can earn money while listening to your favorite music.

listen to music for money

You will be given the tracks to listen to, and you will listen to them, rate them and provide your feedback. As simple as that, and you will get money for that.

You will get your money in your Paypal account after finishing the job. You can withdraw your money when you reach the $10 threshold.

Just sign up at SlicethePie; they have job hirings that pay weekly and start earning money for listening to music.

Key Points:

  • Develop an ear for different music genres and elements.
  • Provide honest and constructive feedback.
  • Engage regularly to keep a steady flow of reviews.

Potential Earnings: $10 – $100+ per week, depending on the frequency of reviews and platform rates.

21. Focus Group for Weekly Money

You can join focus groups if you want to make $100 or more in an hour of work. These groups consist of a few people who join groups and complete a survey or questionnaire one-on-one.

There are many same-day pay jobs with focus groups to test or give opinions about different products.

These brands use these answers to improve their products or to test their new products. In return for these opinions, they pay participants a reasonable amount.

These studies are primarily online, but they can be done offline, and mostly offline pay higher amounts. You can earn anywhere from $100 to $500 depending on the brands, location, and other things.

respondent make money fast

One of the best focus group companies to join is Respondent, which pays you good money.

Key Points:

  • Be open-minded and articulate in sharing your opinions.
  • Respect confidentiality agreements.
  • Participate actively in discussions for more opportunities.

Potential Earnings: $50 – $500+ per session, with weekly earnings depending on the number of groups joined.

22. Amazon MTurk Online Jobs

Amazon MTurk provides excellent opportunities for side hustles that pay weekly, and you can do it from home.

There are different kinds of tasks available on the platform you can do to make money, such as data entry jobs. You can search for weekly paying online jobs hiring near me.


People upload tasks on the platform, and you can apply for the job and negotiate the pay, and you can be paid weekly or whenever you complete the task.

Payments can be made directly to your bank account.

Key Points:

  • Be selective about tasks for better time management.
  • Regularly check for new and high-paying tasks.
  • Understand the instructions clearly before starting a task.

Potential Earnings: $50 – $200+ per week, dependent on task availability and complexity.

23. Tech Support Legit Online Jobs That Pay Weekly

Kids nowadays are very well-versed in new-age technologies and software. Most millennials know about computer programs and similar things.

If you are one of them, you can look for computer companies that hire people to provide tech support to people with no computer knowledge.

You can work from home and earn $15 or more per hour from tech support jobs.

This is a good way for teens to make money with legit jobs that pay weekly or biweekly.

Key Points:

  • Stay updated with the latest tech and software.
  • Develop patience and clear communication for troubleshooting.
  • Keep a record of common issues and their solutions for quick reference.

Potential Earnings: $200 – $700+ per week, varies with expertise and number of clients.

Offline Jobs That Pay Weekly Near Me

If you are looking for jobs near your home that pay weekly, here are your options:

24. Pet Sitting Jobs

If you like spending time with pets, you can earn money while doing it. You can take care of pets of people for money. Many people need pet sitters during the office or family vacations.

You just need to feed their pets and take care of them in the absence of their owners. It doesn’t require any effort if you enjoy the company of pets.

pets sitting jobs for money

You can get paid $15 or more per hour for taking care of their pets. You can offer your services independently or join websites such as Rover, where you can meet clients who need your services. Same day pay job to make instant cash.

Sign up, set up your profile, and start caring for pets for money.

Key Points:

  • Build a rapport with pets and understand different pet behaviors.
  • Ensure the safety and well-being of pets under your care.
  • Offer additional services like dog walking or grooming for extra income.

Potential Earnings: $150 – $500+ per week, depending on the number of pets and additional services.

25. Babysitting Jobs for Weekly Payments

You can offer a babysitting service to parents and earn money for it. Parents need babysitters to look after their kids when they are not at home for many reasons, and it is one of the easier jobs that pay daily cash.

To become a babysitter, you need to be good with kids. You need to handle kids with patience and take care of them by feeding, diaper changing and entertaining them.

babysitting side gig

Babysitting is one of the first jobs for teenagers to make money. You can offer your services in the neighbourhood or sign up at websites like Sittercity to get more work.

If you enjoy spending time with kids, it can be an easy job to earn money in your spare time, usually during weekends.

This is one of the first jobs for many kids to make money.

Key Points:

  • Develop skills in childcare and basic first aid.
  • Be reliable, patient, and engaging with children.
  • Create a fun and safe environment for the kids.

Potential Earnings: $200 – $600+ per week, varies with hours and number of children.

26. Delivery Jobs that Pay Weekly

In today’s gig economy, there is a rise in the number of delivery jobs. Everything is done online nowadays, starting from grocery shopping to food.

There is always a need for drivers to deliver these orders. These delivery jobs are among the highest paying jobs per hour that do not require any degree or prior experience.

You just need a vehicle and driving licence to start, and you can join these platforms to deliver. These are some of the easiest and high-paying legit online jobs that pay weekly.


In the case of a few of these companies, you don’t even need a car; you can deliver on a bicycle or foot.

You can join Postmates to deliver food. If you want to deliver groceries, you can join Instacart, where you will get the orders and do shopping and delivery for the customers.

You can easily earn $10 to $20 per hour with this side hustles that pay weekly, and in addition to the fees, you also get to keep all the tips.

Key Points:

  • Ensure timely and accurate deliveries.
  • Maintain good communication with customers and the main office.
  • Keep track of orders and delivery details.

Potential Earnings: $100 – $400+ per week, influenced by the number of deliveries and tips.

27. Earn Money With Lyft or Uber

If you are over 21 years of age and with a valid driving licence, you can start driving people in your car for the money with Uber or Lyft.

If you don’t own a car, Hyrecar rents cars you can use for driving for Lyft.


You can spare a few daily hours to drive people around and make money. This side job can easily make $15 or more per hour.

Just download the app and sign up for them, and after the primary screening, you can start working for them. You will be rated for your services and need to maintain good ratings to get more work.

Key Points:

  • Provide excellent customer service to ensure high ratings.
  • Maintain a clean and comfortable vehicle.
  • Optimize your driving schedule to peak hours for higher earnings.

Potential Earnings: $300 – $1000+ per week, varies with location and hours driven.

28. Personal Shopping with Shipt

You can join Shipt as a personal shopper and get paid weekly for shopping for others.

Just join the platform, and you will get the orders where you will collect the orders clients need, and you have to pick them up and deliver them.

You will get paid weekly for these jobs and can make $20 or more. Most of the time, they have job openings, and they have a good reputation in the market.

Great opportunity to earn money on the go with this side hustle that pay weekly.

Key Points:

  • Be attentive to customer preferences and details.
  • Efficiently manage time for shopping and delivery.
  • Stay organized with multiple orders.

Potential Earnings: $200 – $700+ per week, based on the number of orders and delivery speed.

29. Get Paid With Airbnb

If you have extra space at home that you are not using, you can rent it on Airbnb and make money daily or weekly.

It is an excellent source of income without much effort. Just sign up at Airbnb and list your property. Depending on the demand, you can get a booking and get paid instantly.


Same-day pay jobs where you can charge anywhere from $50 or more based on the space size and location. This is almost free money because you were not using that space anyway.

It is a win-win for you and tourists who get a place cheaper than most hotels.

Create your account and list your property with a good description, and you will start getting money. Only investments on your part will be on good beddings, linens and maybe wifi for a good customer experience.

Key Points:

  • Provide a clean, comfortable, and well-maintained space.
  • Offer exceptional hospitality and local guidance.
  • Manage your listings and respond promptly to guest inquiries.

Potential Earnings: $300 – $2000+ per week, highly dependent on location and property type.

30. Take Orders for Restaurant

You can become the off-premise partners for restaurants and help them with taking orders and delivery services.

You will be taking the orders and managing the delivery of those orders. For starting, you can get paid $9 per hour, and pay will increase with time.

You need no prior experience, and you can start immediately. You just need a reliable internet connection, and you are good to go.

Food delivery is on the rise, and millennials spend more than 56% of their restaurant dollars on food delivery, so there is an increase in the demand for people who manage those orders.

Key Points:

  • Have strong organizational skills for managing multiple orders.
  • Maintain clear communication with kitchen staff and customers.
  • Ensure accuracy in order taking and delivery.

Potential Earnings: $100 – $400+ per week, depending on the restaurant and shift lengths.

31. Great Escape Publishing for Money

You can earn money for your travelling stories and pictures. This is a great opportunity to make money for your travel stories.

There is no need for any previous experience; you can just share your travel stories for money.

Great Escape Publishing pays $50 or more per story, and if you are creative and tell great stories, you can even make $200 per story.

They also buy travel photos, if you have good photos, you can make extra money with them.

Key Points:

  • Develop engaging and original travel content.
  • Enhance photography skills to complement your stories.
  • Keep up with travel trends and destinations.

Potential Earnings: $50 – $300+ per story, varies with story quality and length.

32. Waiting Table Jobs at Restaurants

You can work at local restaurants to wait tables if you are looking for legit jobs that pay weekly.

You can take it as a full-time job or do it as a part-time job in your spare time. As a waiter, you will take orders and serve the food to customers.


You can easily get paid $15 and more per hour based on the restaurant location. In addition to your salary, you will also get tips from each customer.

You need good skills in people management and managing orders to excel at this restaurant job.

Key Points:

  • Provide excellent customer service to encourage tips.
  • Be knowledgeable about the menu and specials.
  • Work efficiently during busy hours.

Potential Earnings: $200 – $600+ per week, includes hourly wage and tips.

33. Landscaping Jobs That Pay Weekly

Teenagers can earn extra money with same-day pay jobs in their spare time during summer holidays cleaning other people’s gardens.

Many people need help to maintain their gardens. You can offer these services to help them to make money.


Charge $10 or more depending on the amount of work you need to do. You can start looking for such a job in the neighbourhood or join Taskrabbit to find work near you.

Key Points:

  • Have a good knowledge of plants and landscaping techniques.
  • Be physically fit to handle outdoor work.
  • Offer additional services like lawn care or garden design.

Potential Earnings: $150 – $500+ per week, varies with the scale of jobs and clients.

34. Ride Attendant at Parks

Working at amusement parks can be a good way to earn money in your spare time. There are many jobs in the parks that you can take up.

ride attendant jobs at parks

You can give out the tickets or operate some rides. Based on your skills and interest, you might be assigned different duties.

You can get paid $10 or more per hour basis and based on your experience, you can start earning more.

Key Points:

  • Ensure the safety and enjoyment of park guests.
  • Be attentive and quick to respond to any issues.
  • Maintain cleanliness and order around the ride areas.

Potential Earnings: $100 – $300+ per week, depending on the park and hours worked.

35. Movie Theatre Crew

Similar to amusement parks, there are also jobs available at movie theatres. Many movie theatres hire teenagers for various positions, such as serving food or ticket checking.

Your duties at the theatre can change with time, and payments can also change over time.

You can earn $9 per hour and get paid weekly for your work.

Key Points:

  • Provide excellent customer service at concessions and ticket counters.
  • Ensure a clean and enjoyable environment for moviegoers.
  • Be knowledgeable about current films and showtimes.

Potential Earnings: $100 – $300+ per week, influenced by theatre location and shifts.

36. House Cleaning Jobs That Pay Immediately

If you need to earn cash immediately, you can do the jobs that pay weekly or daily such as house cleaning.


In your free time, you can offer to clean houses in neighbouring houses for same-day pay. For your services, you can charge money. You can earn $10 per hour or more based on the amount of work.

Work might involve regular dusting, cleaning tiles or cleaning the furniture.

Key Points:

  • Be thorough and detail-oriented in cleaning.
  • Manage time efficiently to complete tasks within deadlines.
  • Offer additional services like deep cleaning or organizing.

Potential Earnings: $150 – $500+ per week, varies with the number of houses and size of jobs.

Are Companies That Pay Weekly Legit?

Most jobs that pay weekly are generally not regular; you need to do your due diligence to take these jobs. These jobs we have listed in this article are legit and genuine.

You can check for the reviews of companies on Indeed and Glassdoor.

You might also consider signing a contract with the employers. Most of these jobs pay lower wages, and in the starting, you will get less money which will increase with experience.

The best is to develop specialized skills and look for specialized jobs that pay higher per hour dollars. If you develop good skills, you can earn over $1000 per week.

Skills You Need For Legit Online Jobs That Pay Weekly

In this world of the internet, everything has shifted to online mode, and there is a huge demand for work at home jobs.

With the global pandemic and worldwide lockdowns, more jobs have shifted to online mode. With this, there are now more opportunities and, at the same time, more competition for these jobs.

To compete, you need to develop your skillset and stay relevant to job markets. If you stay updated, you will have more opportunities to make money. Skills you need most include:

Technical Knowledge

With things working online, you need to be aware of the technical aspect of things, such as how to operate a computer.

You need to learn the basics of using a few applications like Microsoft office, which you will probably need at different jobs.

For example, if you are a teacher, you still need to learn how to operate meeting software to conduct online classes.

If you are looking for high-paying jobs, you need to learn computer languages such as HTML and more. Backend jobs in this field generally pay higher amounts.

Language Skills

When working online, you will not be meeting anyone in person, but you will have to communicate with others regularly over video calls such as zoom meetings and google meets.

To collaborate and run projects smoothly, you need to learn good communication skills to put forward your point.

Management Skills

With work from home jobs, there is a blur inline between professional and personal time.

You need to learn to define different time slots for work and personal life. If you are not good at time management, everything will become a mess, and nothing will finish on time.

So to do legit online jobs that pays weekly, you need to learn time management skills.

Final Thoughts on Side Hustles That Pay Weekly

So, are you ready to take the plunge into the world of weekly paying jobs? Whether you’re looking for a side hustle or a full-time gig, there’s a world of opportunity waiting for you. Start exploring today and take your first step towards financial freedom.

When you need money fast, these jobs, offline or online that pay weekly are a great way to get that money.

It’s never too late to start. Take your first step today and start these online jobs that pay weekly or biweekly for extra money. Most of these weekly payout jobs just need a computer, an internet connection, and no real starting investment.

So let me know in the comment section which one you will try.

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