How Can I Make Extra Money From Home In The Evening in 2024

Few people stay awake till late night doing nothing. They can make money in that time with online night jobs that are easy and fun.

Online night jobs

Since my college days I have been a night owl and I know a lot of people who stay awake at night. If you are also a night person, have you ever thought about earning money with online night jobs?

Some people love staying up at night. Just like day jobs, some night gigs are worth it while some aren’t.

If you are looking to start a side hustle or considering a new part-time online night job or want to do part-time work from home evening jobs that pair well with your current time and schedule, you are at the right place and you are not alone.

Many people search for the terms like

“how can I make extra money from home in the evenings?”

“night time side hustles”

“best night jobs to make money”

“work from home at night”

“how to make money at night from home”

“evening jobs for extra money”

“how to make money after work”

“making money after work”

and many more such terms.

To answer these questions, I will list high-paying part-time night jobs and part-time evening jobs that are actually worth your time.

When it comes to earning money online, there are a lot of interesting ways to make money, some of them are highly rewarding legit ways while a few of them are not worth your time.

You should not have to spend your time trying to filter the genuine part-time night jobs from the scam. Instead, I have compiled this list that can help you get a reliable source of income.

Whatever might be your situation, whether you are a busy parent at day or you have extra time in the night due to your lifestyle, I have got you covered to earn some extra cash with late-night jobs.

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What You Should Look for in a Good Part-time Online Night/Evening Job?

Characteristics of a good part-time evening or night job include:

  • A good earning potential
  • The flexibility of working time and location
  • Should not demand too much time

How it’s Like to do Online Night Jobs

Working at night means spending time doing something for earning money between 12 am to 6 am. Some people may love it, while some will not love the idea of working at night.

When working at night, you definitely have some perks, while there are a few disadvantages. You should consider weighing both pros and cons before trying these side hustles:


  • A source of extra income
  • You are your own boss
  • Maximum peace and concentration without distractions
  • No pressure to work in a time-bound manner
  • You got time in the day for other things


  • It’s difficult to manage sleep if you are new to it
  • You may feel sleepy or tired during the day
  • Lack of sleep may disturb your mood and make you vulnerable

Who Should Consider Working at Night?

As I discussed previously there are some awesome advantages to working at night. But if you are new at working during the night, there are serious drawbacks. Before making the move of working late at night, you need to weigh the pros and the cons. 

If you are comfortable staying up late and motivated enough to earn extra money, you should definitely consider easy part-time night jobs from home.

Don’t forget to take a 20-minute break in between work. Although it is a night job you need to keep the energy levels high throughout.

Multiple Ways to Make Money with Online Night Jobs

In this age of the internet, there is unlimited potential to earn money from home. You can earn money with night jobs or evening jobs.

You can create either your small businesses such as blogging or you can work as freelancers to complete other people’s jobs. In this article, I will list both kinds of opportunities where you can work at night to earn money.

List of High Paying Part-Time Online Late Night & Evening Jobs:

1. Make Money By Blogging

Blogging is first on this list because I do this myself as a side hustle in my free time, mostly during the night and I love it.

You can make money by blogging as I am already generating steady side income from my blogs.

I agree it took some time and effort to get my first 1000 dollars but now everything is smoothly running and that too is on its own (mostly).

From my own experience, I absolutely recommend starting a blog for side hustlers. Believe me when I say it is the best side hustle you can have.

I have tried almost all side hustles available from home, be it stock market or freelancing. Blogging is by far the most rewarding and passive source of income and it can be done as a night time side hustle.


Let me describe in brief blogging and how you can start and earn money from it.

You are here reading this article, the website where it is present along with other similar articles is called a blog. I write, manage and promote this blog, so I am a blogger.

As a blogger, you are your own boss and you work for yourself and create content you like.

You can set your own working hours. If you work during the day you can just give a couple of hours in the night for blogging.

There are many ways to make money from blogging which include:

  • Display Ads 
  • Affiliate marketing 
  • Sponsered post 
  • Online courses 

How to start your blog:

First, think about what you want to blog about.

The next step is to decide your blog name. It should represent the content you are going to write. For example, moneyfromsidehustle is self-explanatory. Though this is not an ideal name as the name should be shorter also so that readers can type, but I like how it completely defines what I write about in my blog, so I decided to keep it.

If the domain name you like is available, take it before it is gone or the price is hiked.

After that, you have to follow a simple process so that your blog is ready to make money from starting. Beginners make some mistakes that cause them to quit in a few months because they don’t see any results.

From my own experience and hits and trials on this blog, I have written the article Start Your Own Blog in 30-Minutes which will be a step-by-step guide to set up your blog in 30 minutes.

How much money can you actually make with Blogging?

The more traffic you get more money you will be able to make.

100,000 pageviews monthly can get you on an average of 5000 dollars or more every month with ads and good affiliated products, etc. (Though it is not essential, I am making $5000 on average with 25-30k page views. It all depends on CPC and products you are promoting).

Many bloggers earn $10,000 to $100,000 a month. So if you get the gist of blogging you can make pretty good money even doing it as a best part-time night job.

2. Make YouTube Videos

There are 2 billion monthly active users on Youtube. With that size of the audience, there is always space for more creators.

Consumption of content has further increased in the lockdowns caused by health emergencies.

You can also start creating content as an online night job. If you have some unique ideas like Khabi, you can go viral and may earn millions in a short span.

It may not happen with everyone, but if you don’t try, you are 100% not going to make it. To make it work, you have to try first.

YouTube night job

Even if you don’t go viral, you can keep working on creating useful content night after night, and these social media account rewards consistency.

If you are creative this can be a perfect side job from home online for you.

You can monetize your channel once you have done the groundwork. There are different ways to monetize like showing ads or by sponsored videos etc.

You can start making money once you reach 1k subscribers and 4k watch hours in the last year.

3. Freelance Writing as Online Night Job

Freelancers are those who work for other businesses on a payment basis. You are given a job and you get paid for doing it.

If you love writing, then you can start earning money by writing for others, and it can become your part-time evening job or night time side hustle.

There are many businesses that hire freelance writers for their jobs. Many blog owners hire people to write for them.

The best thing about it is that you are not tied to working on the same job. Different clients may have different work for you and so you won’t feel bored writing.


In the starting, pays are generally less if you are doing it as a part-time evening job, but as you gain experience you can charge more and more. People earn over $100,000 per year doing freelance writing.

How to Start Online Night Job of Freelance Writing?

Everyone who can write simple English can become a successful freelance writer with experience or little training.

You can try and keep on learning on the way. Or the other way is to learn from the professionals who are already successfully doing it.

For example, there is Holly from Club Thrifty who makes over $200,000 per year with freelance writing.

She was so successful doing freelance writing that many people were interested in learning from her. Based on her experience she started a course that has helped thousands to earn living from freelance writing.

She teaches basically everything about freelance writing starting from basics to finding better clients.

Learn from Holly’s free workshop to start this night time side hustle!

4. Proofreading Online Night Jobs

If you are not interested in writing sitting at night but have a good eye for spotting mistakes, you can make money online with proofreading.

Proofreading involves reading others’ writing and finding the mistakes such as grammar, punctuation, etc.

Your role will be to find the final draft mistake-free so that the writing piece looks professional and polished.

These are simple work from home night jobs that you can do in the calmness of the moon.


Once you get the hang of it, it is an effortless best part time night job.

How to Start Proofreading Job?

It’s an easy job for people with good English, but the question is how to find the work and go about it.

You need to start somewhere! There are many places that hire freelance proofreaders and connect with employers.

Read here about the 26 best places that hire Proofreaders!

But before starting your proofreading online night jobs, I would highly recommend taking this free workshop from Caitlin Pyle.

She made hundreds of thousands in proofreading jobs before teaching this to many hundreds.

Hundreds of her students testify that her method works. So it will also work for you in all probability.

She teaches basic concepts of proofreading and how to get your clients and how to earn up to $50/hour doing proofreading jobs.

Attend her FREE workshop and learn interesting things about proofreading in 75 minutes. If you like what you saw you can buy more advanced courses. But that is up to you.

5. Transcription Work from Home Night Jobs

Another great work-from-home online job that is perfect for a night or evening time. For taking up this job you need to have high typing speed.

This job description requires listening to audio and typing that into text.

There is a variety of fields that require transcription services such as legal or medical profession.

There are part-time evening or night transcription jobs for making money after work available to transcribe podcasts into text.


Although you can vary the pace of audio according to your preference, the faster you type, the more money per hour you will make.

This is a great work-from-home evening job or an online night job for people who wants to earn extra money in their downtime.

How to Start a Transcription Job?

You can get the work from sites like Fiverr or Rev. But like any other freelance service, I would recommend you equip yourself with the required knowledge to be successful in business.

TranscribeAnywhere is the course that is perfect for beginners to get knowledge about transcription.

6. Earn Money With Your Opinion

Top Earning Pick

survey junkie

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Survey Junkie

  • Highest Paying Surveys
  • Up to $50 per survey
  • Industry-leading surveys

If you are asking, how can I make extra money from home in the evenings?

Easiest online night jobs from home can not be easier than filling up paid surveys from your bed or couch.

You have to just sign up at a few websites and make your profile by answering simple questions.

Based on your profile you will get the surveys that will pay you money.

These will not be like your college exams. These are simple surveys about different products making it one of the best part time night jobs.

Consumer companies hire these survey companies as middlemen to get people’s opinions about their products.


In exchange for your opinion, they pay you rewards, such as gift cards or Paypal money.

Based on your opinions, these companies alter their products or launch new products.

So you will also feel great while filling these surveys because you will know that you can be a part of larger things in addition to earning money with these online night jobs or work from home evening jobs.

Due to the nature of the business, there is a lot of scam websites in this space. You save you from wasting time and losing money we have collated this list of 14 best-paid survey sites for money.

In short, the best sites include:

A. SurveyJunkie ($1 – $150 per each survey)

Highest paying survey site. Most of the surveys are high-paying on Surveyjunkie.

If you get selected for a few special surveys or focus groups then you might earn up to $150 for one hour.

Sign up for SurveyJunkie here.

B. InboxDollars ($5 Signup bonus)

One of the best in business. They have paid more than 60 million to users.

There are a variety of ways to earn money on Inboxdollars such as paid surveys, watching videos, and getting paid emails.

Sign up here on InboxDollars here to get a $5 bonus.

C. YSense

Another reputed survey site to earn money by filling online paid survey sites.

Sign up here to get started.

Sign up at these free websites and explore the highest-paying surveys in your free time in the evening or night.

7. Sell Printables as Evening or Night Job

Printables is a huge business where you can design different kinds of things such as planners, schedulers, etc.

Sara from has earned millions by just selling printables online.

If you have good design sense then this can be a good part-time evening job for you for making money after work.

There is no limit to what you can design. There is demand for a whole lot of things. If your designs are different and useful, you can sell a lot of them.


The best thing about this business is you have to design once and they will sell forever making you passive money.

You can keep on adding new things to your portfolio. The only thing after design you have to do is to promote.

The more you can promote your product, the more you will sell.

In my opinion, Adobe Illustrator is the best software to use for designing printables. You can use free apps like Canva but there are licensing issues with commercial products that you need to check.

8. Start Dropshipping

If you are looking for ways how to make money after work, you can start Dropshipping as an online nighttime part-time job. Dropshipping means you have to just sell the product but don’t have to manufacture, stock or ship the product.

Everything starting from the manufacturing to delivery will be done by the third parties.

Your job is to promote the product and sell it as much as possible.

The best part of this job is that there is no hassle of keeping all the inventory and other manufacturing-related problems.


Dropshiping simply means you can sell products online to the customers without ever actually stocking the products yourself. Dropshipping can be a pretty lucrative business if it gets going.

You don’t have to do the difficult part of manufacturing or stocking, you just have to market it and sell it.

You can set up your store and grow it at your own pace.

It might be difficult for beginners and can become overwhelming that is why I recommend investing in proper training so as you don’t waste your precious time doing mistakes that are avoidable.

You can check out simplified dropshipping by Scott Hilse if you quick guide as a beginner.

9. Virtual Assistant Night Job

Working as a virtual assistant can be a great side hustle to earn extra cash for people who are looking for online night jobs or work at home evening jobs.

The virtual assistant has to work remotely for the clients. The work can be anything from arranging meetings to typing emails.

Basically, a virtual assistant can do all the work of a personal assistant that can be done remotely.

You can be sitting in one part of the world while your client is in another. In your night time, you can work for the person where it is day time making it one of the perfect work from home night jobs.

virtual-assistant side job

You can offer different kinds of services you think you are comfortable with and charge at your own will.

Earnings can range from $20 to $100 per hour based on the work required.

Starting payments can be lower because of inexperience. That is where the services of experts like Gina Horkey come to the rescue.

She is an expert in the field who has earned six figures per year doing this hustle. Now she has taught her method to thousands of students to start their own businesses.

You can also benefit from her experience and start getting good clients from the outset.

Take the Gina Horkey Handbook course here to start earning money as a virtual assistant.

10. Facebook ads manager

If you are creative and wondering about “easy part-time night jobs near me” then this can be a good fit for you. Facebook has billions of active users consuming online content. Thus it is a huge marketplace for advertisers to show their products and get new clients.

As you know consumer companies are usually there where are customers.

Facebook makes money from businesses showing their ads on its platform. Usually, there are bidding wars for space.

Facebook ad algorithms are sophisticated and only a person with experience or knowledge can run these ads profitably.

This is where you can come into the picture if you have experience running Facebook ads or can figure out the system.

Because most small businesses don’t know how to set up Facebook ads but they want to advertise there to get new targeted customers.

Therefore, they hire Facebook ad managers who can manage their ad campaigns. You can usually charge $1000-2000 per customer for each month.

They will happily pay you this much and more if you can bring them more customers.

It will take only a few hours at night per week to set up the things once you get used to it.

11. Online English Teaching

For native English speakers, teaching English to non-English native kids is a new side hustle.

A lot of parents especially in China want their children to have a good command of English.

They are ready to pay a good amount of money for this tuition.

That is the reason platforms like Magicears exist. You can join MagicEars and teach basic English to kids under 12 years of age.


Just register here and you will be given a qualifying test before joining their platform.

If you qualify then you can teach predesigned courses or lessons to kids in your nighttime.

12. Customer Service Representative

If you are good at talking and listening to others patiently, then you can do night time side hustles of customer service jobs for various companies.

You can work in preselected down or night hours at your home. All you need is good internet and a pair of handsets.


You will be trained by the company so you will have to commit a few hours per week for this part-time evening work from home job.

Your job will include listening to customers’ grievances and providing solutions patiently.

13. Become A Tester

You can become a tester and test products or websites during free hours making it a great online late-night work at home job.

You can test different things ranging from websites to different products.

Different businesses test their products before release so as to improve them according to the feedback.

Similarly many big websites beta test changes in their websites with real users so that their business does not suffer.


There are different platforms where you can become a tester. They include:

A. UserTesting

Usertesting is a website where you can register and get paid to test websites.

For each job, you can get paid $50. For each test, you will be given a set of tasks that you need to perform and report back your feedback.

Each task takes a few minutes to half an hour.

B. Pinecone Research

It is a survey site where you can also test products by becoming a tester. For testing products, you will get Paypal cash or gift cards to popular stores.

You will have to return the products sometimes while at other times you will get to keep them.

C. ProductTesting

Similar to Pinecone research this company also sends different products to its users for testing.

You will get the product for yourself if your review is accepted.

Places to Find Late Online Night Jobs

14. Fiverr

If you are looking for an answer to the question how can I make extra money from home in the evenings? Fiverr is the platform where freelancers can get jobs or gigs to earn extra money.

You can get work for almost any type of job. People looking for online night jobs or work from home evening jobs will easily get work here.


The smallest payment for a gig is $5 and it increases. You can demand whatever you deem fit for the work.

Initially getting the clients will be difficult due to lack of reviews. So you have to start with lower rates to get the jobs.

Later with experience, you will get more clients and higher pay.

15. Upwork

Similar to Fiverr freelancers who are looking for online night jobs from home can search for different types of jobs on Upwork.

Upwork has both clients and freelancers. As a freelancer, you can connect with businesses for work and decide on payments.

You can work at these jobs from the time of your choice till the time that is within project deadlines.

16. 99Designs

If you are into graphic designing and looking for online night jobs that pay well and are creative in nature, then you can check out this website.


Similar to Fiverr it is a workplace for freelancers. But it is more about creative jobs like designing, so you will get more focused work that you are interested in.

You can take up a work from home night jobs and start earning in your free time while having coffee working from home in the evening or at night.

17. Amazon Mechanical Turk

In your free time, you can work for extra money with Amazon Turk.

It’s a platform that matches remote workers with clients. There may be different kinds of jobs that you can take up on Amazon Mechanical Turk.


You just need to create an account and start looking for jobs.

For more Amazon work-from-home jobs check out here.

18. TranscribeMe

For people who are looking for transcribing jobs, Transcribeme will be a good place to look for remote online night jobs.

You can get both video and audio jobs for transcribing here.

They will provide you with work once you are trained. Yes, after signup they will train you and test you before hiring.

Check out TranscribeMe to sign up and get the training.

19. Rev for Transcription Night Jobs

For online late-night jobs from home that include transcription and captioning, you can use Rev.

They have a variety of part-time jobs to do at night. After signing up, you need to fill up a profile and give a sample for approval.

Payments are on a per-minute basis.

Related: Websites to find voice over jobs!

20. Teach on

A place where you can earn money by teaching in nighttime or evening.

You can teach any subject and at any time you prefer.

You can join them by filling out the application form and they will evaluate you before giving you work.

After approval, you can start earning with the late online night job.

Join here for work from home night jobs!

21. Teach Kids on Qkids

Similar to Magicears, you can teach Chinese kids basic English in your nighttime.

Payments are less than Magicears, but if you don’t qualify for them, you can try Qkids.

This can be your late-night work-at-home job if you are from the US or Canada.

Late Evening or Night Job Ideas Outside Home

22. Drive People with Uber/Lyft

If your work shift ends early and you want to make extra money in the evening, then you can drive people in Uber or Lyft.

uber gig economy app

You can make good money with these services.

Many people earn extra money using these apps. You can also try them if you are not comfortable with online things.

Related: How to earn money for your driving!

23. Deliver food

Depending on the area you live in, you might take food delivery gigs in the evening or night to earn extra bucks.

In addition to fees, you will also get tips.


Postmates is a good company to try food delivery evening jobs.

Related: Best Food delivery services to work for!

24. Steady for Extra Income

Steady is an app for side hustlers to make extra money.

There are many gigs on the app. Based on your location and your skills you can take different jobs.


There are many online jobs on the platform that you can take up as online night jobs or work from home evening jobs.

Final Thoughts on Online Night Jobs or Evening Jobs

If you are having a few extra hours in the evening that you want to change into money or have still an ounce of energy for online night jobs then you are in the right direction for better finances.

Just make sure that you choose the right side hustle that interests you so that it doesn’t become a huge burden on your mental health.

Plan for the long haul, not just a few dollars even if it takes more time. As it will help you free your finances and build up wealth.

As you improve on your skills you will earn more, so invest in yourself and your skills. So start your night hustle pr part-time evening jobs now and stop procrastinating 🙂


What are the best late night jobs?

There are a variety of options as we saw in this article. But the best one will depend on your skills and available time.

If you are a good writer freelance writing will be best for you. If you are good at spotting mistakes, proofreading will be best for you.

On the other hand, if you don’t know a thing about computers (the previous generation) then driving others will be set evening night job for you.

So it all comes down to your skills.

What are my Golden Rules for working at night?

Just that you have decided to work at night, does not mean you have to work a full night. Decide on your working hours and work with concentration. Complete your work without procrastination. Use the silence of night for concentration.

Don’t compromise on your sleep too much and have good postures.

Coffee is a good option to keep your concentration, but have it within limits otherwise, it will hinder your sleep and ultimately health.

What are the highest paying night jobs?

In my opinion, blogging will be your highest-paying night side hustle. Though it may take you a few months to see your first dollars. But if you are in it for the long haul then the grind is worth it.

If you are doing it for quick bucks joining focus groups and freelance writing can be the highest paying.

late night jobs online

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