9 Must Read Pinterest Marketing Blogs for Beginners

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This post is about my experience with Pinterest blogs to increase the traffic to my website.

You would ask why specifically Pinterest?

In my last post, I shared with readers how I made my first dollars from this blog. I promised that I will take readers with me on my journey sharing all the ups and downs on the way.

This website was started one year and went into hibernation for a year, now I am trying to reboot it and increase the traffic. I have spent the last few days meticulously reading through several blogs of successful people in this field such as Gathering dreams.

How Traffic Comes to a Website

From the research, I could understand that the best traffic for any website is organic traffic from google.

But the problem is it’s next to impossible to get a good number of visitors from google to a new website.

Google does not trust new, it’s loud and clear.

You need a lot of SEO, even if you do that and write marvelous posts, google need to know that you have authority on that subject. It does that by checking backlinks to your website.

As a newbie, there is no easier way to get reputed websites to refer to your website. For freshers, one of the ways to get backlinks is by doing a guest post on other established blogs and link back to your website.

People go on other people’s blogs or social sites like Quora and answer other people’s queries. The key here is to not spam these places. Write only if you can add value and drop your link only if relevant.

Gain the trust of people before selling your link. Then there are people I saw posting their links on the comments and doing SPAMMING. Wake up people! google is not blind. Even if you manage to fool it for some time it will get you in the end. This can’t be the long haul approach.

You will agree with me at first everyone write almost crap if not crap. How to get traffic till the time your content becomes good and people start recognizing your work and give a trust certificate (those precious organic backlinks) to google!

Well, it’s not as easy as a lot of people try to tell on blogging websites. Reading people stories that they made 1000$ in the first month of blogging, looking at my situation these stories seems unrealistic.

They may be speaking the truth, but they must have done some things perfectly. An average blogger who starts blogging in my opinion can not do all those things perfectly.

Believe me, in my opinion, I represent an average homo sapien and it is taking me a lot of hard work and time.

How to Start Building Traffic

The first step towards that claimed success seems to come from understanding Pinterest. Pinterest as you know is a social media and a lifesaver platform to launch the new blogs for beginners.

After knowing the importance of Pinterest, I’ve immersed myself in Pinterest blogs for understanding it.

It’s hard work and there’s a lot to learn and a large amount of information out there.

Since you are on the same journey with me, you don’t have to spend your time filtering out this information, because I’ve narrowed down the list to these top Pinterest marketing blogs.

These blogs will help you understand the mechanisms underlying the working of Pinterest and other social sites.

One more thing, recently working in the favour of new bloggers is Pinterest has changed its algorithms to give more weightage to fresh content. I am learning how to make appealing Pins and to arrange boards to make Pins more visible to Pinterest. In a few days, I am able to get my views up and some links are also getting clicked. But it’s still work in progress.

Pinterest report

I will share in the next posts about all the things I did with Pinterest, and what worked, what didn’t. So why I am sharing this post, because what works for me can most probably work for you, but it might not.

Understanding the principle of Pinterest for beginners will set you for a long journey, hence I will recommend you to get acquainted with these Pinterest blogs.

List of Blogs About Pinterest

Go through these Pinterest blogs and I am sure you will get so much information that will help you kickstart your campaign.

1. Kim Vij  

KIM VIG ! pinterest expert

Kim Vij is a Pinterest consultant and she has her own blog. She is a Pinterest expert so the content is solely focused on using Pinterest. She’s successfully partnered with leading children’s educational bloggers and brands to create powerful Pinterest boards for early childhood education.

Her opinions in blog and podcast regarding Pinterest marketing will surely enhance your understanding of how Pinterest marketing ideas work.

2. PinTalk

Pin talk

In this blog, PinTalk broad range of Pinterest related topics for both beginners and more experienced users are covered. Check this out.

3. Born To Be Social

Born to be social ! Pinterest

Mary Lumley runs an English-French blog about Pinterest. She posts articles packed with actionable tips and advice on how to make this social media platform work for your business.

4. Simple Pin Media

Kate Ahl publishes a post on the intricacies of Pinterest. They are especially important for starters having followers in the single digits. Her question-answer segment, where she answers one question from her readers in detail, based on her real-world experience.

5. White Glove Social Media

Anna C. Bennett’s posts are full of detail, visually appealing, and easy to read. She takes complex topics and break down into simple terms the average reader can understand.

6. Strong Social

social strong

Strong Social’s is different from earlier blogs as it includes social media in general. They source their material from high-quality publications such as Entrepreneur, Inc, and Mashable. It also include valuable posts on Pinterest for blogging.

7. Peg Fitzpatrick

Peg fitzpatrick

Peg is the co-author of “The Art of Social Media: Power Tips for Power Users”. Her blog was chosen as a Top 10 Social Media Blog by Social Media Examiner.

Her blog is also about general social media advices including Pinterest and blogging.

8. Rebekah Radice

Rebekah Radice

Every week she publishes a post filled with tips to help you improve your social media results. There is a lot to learn from her general social media posts. Though if you search for Pinterest there several best Pinterest marketing ideas.

9. Neil Patel

Neil Patel

No social media post is complete without Neil Patel’s blog mention. He publishes in-depth posts once every couple of days. He covers virtually every aspect of online marketing, leaving no stone unturned. Not only Pinterest, but you’ll also benefit from reading any of his material.

He also provides SEO optimization free limited version tool on his website, which I am learning to use. Initial usage seems promising and I will update about all SEO I am learning currently to increase the traffic in upcoming posts.

Coming back to Pinterest, I am sure if you have explored these blogs about Pinterest, you would have already learned a lot directly from experts.

As said earlier I am already in process to implement some of these tips and currently I am using a free version of Canva for creating Pins.

When I am successful in decoding the success formula on Pinterest, I will share with you in the next post on all my learnings and failures.

You don’t need to hold back, as someone said “until you do it you will never learn it”. So don’t wait for tomorrow, create an account on Pinterest, and start experimenting based on your freshly acquired knowledge. Until then Happy Pinning!

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Check out all the best resources I use! These resources have helped me immensely in my journey and I am sure they will help you as well.

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