Rakuten/ebates Review!! How to Save Money While Shopping

Rakuten or previously known as Ebates is a company that rewards you with cashback on your online purchases. In this Rakuten review, we will see how you can save tons of money that’s too without doing anything.

You are wondering how to use Rakuten/Ebates to save yourself some serious cash. It’s so easy to use. I think everyone should use it.

You may ask why the hell should I use it. Just think for a second and tell me if you are an online shopper, do you wait for the Friday deals? If yes, I may ask why… You will say it save you money.

Then why don’t you use an app which saves you money every time you go online for shopping. You get rewarded for doing what you would be doing anyway. 

I’m going to give you all the information you will need to be on your way to save your hard-earned money in this Rakuten review.

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Is Rakuten/Ebates a Scam?

Should you worry about scamming? Don’t worry about it, Rakuten global has an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau, the best rating possible.

It is based in Tokyo and was founded in 1997. In 2014 ebates was acquired by Rakuten. In this Rakuten review, we will see that their main aim is to save customers money while they shop.

Rakuten Review: How Does it Work?

It’s so simple. First, you join for free.  Then, you shop like you normally would and enjoy the cash back rewards.  It’s so easy.

Ratuken review

Why would they pay you cashback for shopping? Big companies pay Rakuten a commission for bringing you to their website or stores.

Rakuten shares a piece of that commission with you when you make a purchase online or in-store.

When you register on the Rakuten app, they tag you with a link. When you show up at the shopping store with that tag, the store recognizes that tag and knows that Rakuten has sent you. For that, they pay Rakuten commission, and in turn, it returns you cash backs.

You can get that tag online in different ways, but you need to register with them first which is absolutely free. You don’t have to buy coupons for discounts or search online for discount coupons.

  • Go to Rakuten website and click shop now for your desired retailer as they are all there listed on super user-friendly Rakuten website
  • Another way is by using the Rakuten app and making the purchase through the app
  • The easiest way is to download a browser extension that allows you to activate the rewards on the website where you’ll make the purchase. You don’t have to do anything just enable the extension. When you will visit any eligible website you will be notified how much cashback you can get

If you want to automate the process you have the option to link the card and cash backs will be directly getting in your account as real money.

Rakuten extension
Extension shows you how much cash back you can get! Pretty cool..

Where All Can You Get the Offers?

I was in a surprise when I first check the list of retailers they have listed with them.

  • Amazon, Microsoft, H&M, Ulta, Target, Nordstrom Rack, Asos, eBay, Overstock, Macy’s and Groupon. There are many more!

There are over 2,000 retailers online and you can get upto 40% cash back.

How to Receive a Payout

Once you have made some purchases and received some cash back, you’ll be able to receive a payout from Rakuten app. 

The minimum amount you need to rack up before getting paid out is $5.00. 

Once you reach that minimum, you can receive your payout either in a check mailed to you or a direct deposit in your PayPal account every quarter. 

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How to Maximizing Your Earnings on Rakuten

Here are eight ways to make the most of your cash-back rewards: 

Use Coupons: Rakuten also has coupon codes for many of its affiliated stores. Before checking out check if Rakuten app has any coupons. That way you can save extra money.

Refer friends: Rakuten also gives you a $30 bonus if you refer a friend and that friend makes a purchase of a minimum of $30 in one year. In addition, your friend also gets $30 credit for signing up through your referral, a win-win both.

Browser extension: It’s easy to forget to use Rakuten app each time you shop. Install its browser extension, you’ll get a pop-up message reminding you to click on your cash-back button.

Use it in an offline store: You can also get cashback from Rakuten app when you’re shopping in a real store, not just online. There is an “In-Store Cash Back” option in your account. Login and link a credit card to your Rakuten account. Find a store where you want to shop and click “link offer.” Buying in person at the store will give you cashback in your Rakuten account.

Cookies: Don’t disable cookies, you might not get cookies.

Ad blockers: Some users reported problems with Rakuten, after using Adblockers. Make sure to exclude it from the block list

How to Sign Up for Rakuten App(Ebates)

The best part about Rakuten is signing up for Rakuten/Ebates is super easy. People say that easy things that are best do not come free. But here it is, it’s not only free but gives you $10 on signing up and spending $20 as cashback or gift card.

Sign up by going to the website or download the app on your phone. Simply create an account with your email address and password. You don’t have to fill any elaborate forms.

You can also use Facebook or Google account to register for Rakuten.

If you are still not using it, after reading this Rakuten review you should go ahead to register and use Rakuten as there is no reason to not use this money saver app.

Register here and receive a $10 cash bonus when you make your first $20 purchase.

Rakuten Review: Pros & Cons

In this Rakuten review, we saw that pros are far more, but there are few cons as well. First, let’s see the pros

Rakuten Pros

It’s Free and very easy to use

Rakuten is absolutely free to use and it’s very easy at the same time. Both the options; shopping via the website and browser extension are extremely easy to use.

Most people prefer to use browser extension as you don’t need to do anything, everything is automated.

Cashback for variety of deals

You get cashbacks upto 40% for the shopping you do with more than 2500 merchants or stores. There is very high probability that you will find your desired store from their list.

You can avail cashbacks for both online as well offline shopping. You can get that cashback as PayPal money or gift cards.

Generous Referral Program

Rakuten app has a very generous referral program. When you refer a new user they get $10 welcome bonus on first qualified spending.

When your referral makes their first qualified spending you get a referral bonus of $20. They also run promotions from time to time where you can earn more money per referral.

Rakuten Cons

There are few cons

Frequency of payments

Rakuten follows a quarterly payment cycle, which means that you will get your payment every three months. This is different from competitors which offer payment as soon as the minimum threshold is reached.

Excluded Products

There are many stores that have products excluded from cashback. These included cell phones, gift cards, etc.

Rakuten Review: Conclusion

In this Rakuten review, we saw that it is one of the best ways to earn cashback on shopping you usually do. You can save some money on almost everything you shop for. In some cases, saving can be as high as 40%.

Rakuten app is absolutely free to use and they give you a welcome bonus as well. Even if you don’t do online shopping, you can save some money in in-store shopping.


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