Keyword Research Methodology and More Features of Semrush SEO Tool

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Whether you are looking for best keyword research methodology or searching how to get backlinks for free, semRush is a suite of SEO tools you need for your website to rank higher.

I have also shared a semRush Free trial coupon that will let you try it for 7 days without paying anything. Sign up for a free semrush account.

I will help you to learn how to use semrush, and how to make your keyword research methodology simpler by using semRush to optimize your website for search engine.

How to use Semrush to Improve Keyword Ranking

There are many bloggers coming out there everyday. Majority of them does not make it to the second year.

One of the biggest problems with such blogs is poor keyword ranking, because they don’t have any keyword research methodology. They are simply not optimized for search engine. Result: They don’t get the traffic and die a slow death.

Even if some posts show up on the google first page. They are not able to take benefit from it. Because they have no knowledge of what keywords are driving traffic to these posts.

This is key information because if you know what keywords your blog is ranking for, you can do several things to improve your search engine ranking.

One of the blog posts on this blog started ranking for a keyword and started gettting traffic.

Following this guide, I was able to find the keyword and improve those rankings. You can follow this guide as well and do the same for your site.

Semrush SEO tool has helped me in achieving that and this review is based on that experience.


If you have been blogging for quite some time now, you know you need to pay attention to doing SEO audit for your blog.

Because Google is always releasing new algorithms and it will continue to do so and you need to get prepared for it.

What Does Semrush do?

No points for guessing that Semrush is a keyword research, SEO audit and competition analysis tool. Semrush helps you to optimize your On-Site and off-page SEO.


You get several features such as keyword magic tool, backlink checker, PPC data and you become aware about what your competitors are doing.

In short, it is a complete tool for your search engine marketing management.

Semrush is an easy to use SEO tool that helps you to overtake your competition.

Semrush had a makeover where they have repackaged their plans and rebranded with new logo, new colors, and other new visual language elements.


In brief main features of the update include:

  • Bigger Keyword Wins with Revamped Keyword Overview
  • Uncover Hidden Opportunities with Brand New Keyword Gap
  • Domain Overview Now Takes Your Competitor Research Global
  • Get More Link-Building Ideas From Backlink Analytics 
  • On-Target Backlink Audit
  • Position Tracking: Share of Voice and Extended Reporting Capabilities
  • Amplify Your Site With a More Powerful Site Audit
  • Boost Your Local SEO With the Listing Management Tool
  • Traffic Analytics: More Audience Insights and Algorithm Enhancements
  • Get High-Level Market Insights With Market Explorers
  • Content Marketplace Expansion: Order the Content You Need
  • New Social Media Products
  • Other Semrush Updates 
    • Find and Win More Clients with Agency Growth Kit
    • Sellerly by Semrush: A Toolbox for Amazon Success
    • Prowly + Semrush = Digital PR
    • Semrush Integrates With Yoast To Power Up Yoast SEO 

Below listed are details of features of Semrush that will help you enhance your SEO game.

1. Set up Keyword Research Methodology

Keyword research process is still most important part of SEO. The ratio of a keyword to the content remains one of the key factors that will determine the ranking of your page.

There are free tools like KWfinder that allows you to do 5 keywords research a day.

As your blog grow, you will have to do a more aggregated research in order to find the most valuable yet easy to rank keywords.


You need to keep in mind keywords you want to target for your posts. You need a specific keyword research methodology set up for easily growing your blog. Semrush SEO tool helps you in that.

Making a keyword research methodology or strategy will require a systematic approach where you need to look at competitors keywords. Then you will try to fill in the keywords gaps.

With semrush, you get unlimited keyword research tips to analyze what are the best keywords that will be easier to rank for. Additionally, they also provide you with valuable information like, who is ranking for that keyword or correlating keywords.

Now this will help you to evaluate what exactly you need to do to rank for that keyword. With new updates they have even bigger keyword database which will bring more keyword optimization ideas.

This valuable data will help you set up the pace of your blog.

Keyword Magic Tool: Make a Keyword Master List

Keyword Magic is a powerful tool for in-depth keyword analysis. You can build master list of related keywords.

Explore these keywords and adapt your post to rank higher for related keywords. That will be easier because you are already ranking for a related keyword.

Keyword Magic tool will give you information such as

  • CPC and volume
  • Keyword Difficulty
  • SERP features
  • Competition level

All these things help you prioritise the keyword research methodology you want to use.

Keyword Gap Research to Explore Hidden Opportunities

Keyword Gap is a new feature after 2020 update that help users uncover untapped paid and organic keyword opportunities.

This new Keyword Gap tool now offers easy workflow to find missing opportunities.


Keyword Research methodology Based on Competitors

Competitor-based keyword research approach is reverse traditional approach. it uses websites that are already successful.

Of course, for your keyword research methodology you don’t have to choose a single approach. You can combine techniques and use everything at your disposal to get the best results! Combine all the methods and make a keyword research template for your posts.

keyword Position Tracking Capabilities

Position Tracking helps to monitor your site’s daily rankings for a select range of target keywords.

You can also set tracking for specific geolocation and device type.

Then there is Share of Voice (SoV), where you can track your share among the total traffic for keyword.

Semrush account for keywords’ search volume and estimated traffic to show the percentage of the click you received for the tracked keywords.

With this offer you can try all these features for free for 7 days>>

2. Semrush Tool for Competition Analysis

Semrush competitive research tool is something every blogger should use.

We all have someone who is our biggest competitor and motivator at the same time.

You don’t have to reinvent the wheel as they have already successfully done it.

This tool tells you what has been working in the industry, so you don’t have to waste your time.


Some blogs which are established make it very harder for these new ones to rank.

Not everyone is an SEO executive and most of them are merely a beginner. Your competitors are a valuable resource. Use them against themselves and try to find their game with Semrush SEO tool.

There are several things you can learn about how your competition gets on the first page with Semrush. Such as:

Check their backlinks

Backlinks are the prime currency of blogging. More the number more valuable your blog is for search engine.

You should use Semrush backlink checker tool to reveal the backlinks they get from authority sites.

Who doesn’t want quality backlinks free! Now you can include this list of sites in your backlink making strategy.

Create a bunch of quality content and you now know how to get quality backlinks for free.

Checkout Backlinks for free here

Reveal Their Top Posts In SERPs

SERPs are the search engine ranking pages that the search engine display when you hit a query.

Use Semrush SEO tool to get the list of your competitor’s top pages and start targeting these pages.

Read these posts and pages and look what they lack. Fill in that missing information and you will have good chance to rank.

Reveal Paid Search

Semrush SEO tool will also show what kind of paid keywords your competition is using.

You can focus on correlating keywords. Google correlation keyword search tool is a great way to get started along with the Semrush.

Market Explorer for High-Level Market Insights

Market Explorer gives an overall overview of industry trends and key benchmarks.

It provides a list of top players and their market share, and in-market audience characteristics.

3. Site Audit Report with Semrush

A Site audit report is a detailed on-site and off-site report of your website. This report includes everything you require for search engine optimization.


Complete site audit shows all different kind of stats you should be aware of. Such as if some articles don’t have a meta description, how many images don’t have Alt-texts etc. All these things can cost you SERP ranking.

Semrush site audit report also shows you the Backlinks, Aggregate keyword rankings, No-Follow & Do-Follow Links, Top Anchors, PPC value, site speed, content length and quality.

Semrush also shows you high quality backlinks and low quality backlinks.

What do I mean by bad backlink quality. Doesn’t all backlinks mean gold?

No! Now as long as you get a backlink from a quality website, it’s good for your SEO.

However,  if you get a backlink from any spammer website, you will have to face penalty and rank loss.

With Semrush SEO tool, you can monitor your backlinks and the smart tool will automatically notify you if it finds a bad link.

You can then use the google webmasters to disavow those links so that you don’t lose your valuable rankings.

Side By Side Domain Comparison & Insights

We have already discussed to do competitors site analysis. With Semrush you can compare one to one your website with any other for quick visualization.

Compare their top keywords, top pages, headlines. You can get all the information to get started on your next post.

Search for the keywords your competitors are ranking for and derive long tail keywords out of it. This will help you to choose new keywords where you have chance to rank for.

4. Social Media Tools

Track internal analytics 

The new Social Media Analytics tool help you track all your social media at one place. You don’t have to jump from one platform to another in search of internal analytics.

This tools gives you all metrics including new followers, reach, and special engagement metrics for Facebook and Instagram.

Social media ad management tools

New tool Social Media Ads tool allows users to craft, launch, and manage ads within the entire Facebook family.

It’s very user-friendly, with its smooth interface and notifications you can now run ads and track them without much effort.

Get your free trial of Semrush

5. Content Marketing Toolkit

Try content marketing tool for free here

When you are a blogger, you have to create content day after day. Finding new topics, writing them and optimizing them becomes very tough job.

Semrush content marketing toolkit have made is easier for you. You can do all these things at one place.


After doing topic research with semrush marketing toolkit you can also use it for writing help, content SEO, tracking of posts and brand monitoring.

You can also audit your content using this tool. Analyse your all data and improve.

ImpactHero can check for you what is working on your website and what is not.

Content Marketplace Expansion

They have also improved Content Marketplace, for ordering high-quality SEO-driven content from professional copywriters. 

Improvements in Marketplace includes extra discounts and unlimited revisions on content orders. Increase in the number of media content including photos and videos. Now even you can share workspace with three colleagues.

Do You Need Semrush the SEO tool

It’s a big yes for me and I know you have already made up your mind to at-least give it a trial for free. But anyways I will conclude my post.

Keywords and data on semrush database are updated very frequently compared to it’s competitors. This make sure that your keyword research and analysis are up-to-date.

This simple SEO tool is clear, intuitive and engaging.

The competitive information gained from this tool can also be used for strategic online planning, such as finding potential gaps in your industry that are yet to be targeted by your competitors.

Whilst the traffic analysis provided by the tool may not align with your traffic reports in Google Analytics, the keyword data is highly accurate.

semrush can be referred to with great confidence when performing a competitive analysis or planning your next keyword research methodology.

Semrush is one tool bloggers should definitely have.

Semrush’s pricing starts at $99/month for pro plan.


You can get the FREE trial for 7 days here.


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