37 Best Side Hustles for Men to Make Extra Cash

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Want to make some extra cash? Check out these side jobs for men that can help you earn more money.

side hustles for men

For the men out there who are looking to make a quick buck, here are some side hustles that you can do to bring in some extra money.

There’s no doubt that the cost of living has increased significantly over the years, and it seems to be only getting worse. In order to make ends meet, many people have taken on side hustles to bring in some extra cash.

Whether you’re looking to save up for a big purchase or just want a little extra spending money, these side jobs for men can help you reach your financial goals.

There are tons of different side hustles out there that can fit your skills and interests, so you’re sure to find one that works for you.

Check out this list of side hustles for men and see if any of them interest you!

Best Side Hustles for a Men

Here are 37 side hustles for men that can help you make some extra money.

1. Online Surveys to Make Money

There are plenty of ways to make money for men, but if you want something quick and easy without the hassle then try taking online surveys.

You can do this side job from your home using apps like Survey Junkie (favourite of many!).

Not only will it be easy peasy; all they need is a little bit about what interests you so that they may get started giving your opinions on products or services offered by companies across America!

In addition to surveys on websites like InboxDollars, you can also do other things to earn money like watching videos etc.

2. Take Market Research Studies

Market research studies and focus groups can be a great way to make some extra money.

If you’re not familiar with them, market research studies are basically surveys that businesses use to gather information about potential customers.

Focus groups are panels of people who are brought together to discuss a product or service.

Both market research studies and focus groups typically pay participants for their time.

So if you’re looking for a little extra cash with side hustles for men, consider signing up for some market research studies or focus groups. You never know, you may end up liking them so much that you decide to do them regularly!

You can earn up to $200 per hour for your participation at websites like Respondent.

3. Donate Plasma for Money

The plasma industry has seen a large jump in demand since the 2008 financial crisis.

You can make between 20 and 50 dollars per session when donating your plasma to people who need it for medical treatments like rheumatoid arthritis or cancer therapy because they contain proteins that are not available elsewhere!

There are more than 600 certified and licensed plasma donation centres in the United States.

A noble side job for men to make extra cash.

You can simply search for local ones to find out if they comply with state laws or not. Different locations may have different payment policies, so list down a few that interest you before deciding on one!

Here is the list of best plasma donation centres near you that pay the highest!

4. Start Investing Your Spare Change

You know how challenging is to grow your money especially when it comes to inventing for starters. It feels so much daunting to take aside any amount of money for investing when you are living paycheck to paycheck.

With Acorns, you can start saving money in cents. Just link your account with the acorns and whenever you make a purchase, Acorns will round off the amount to the near number and save the remaining change.

They then invest that change according to the setting you have decided to implement.

On top of that, you get $10 as a bonus to sign up for Acorns here.

5. Start Investing in Real Estate with $500

Investing in real estate has been one of the main side hustles for men for a long time. But it required huge efforts. The company Fundrise has created an innovative new way to invest in real estate without having any complicated contracts or managing property.

They offer high returns of 8%+, which is better than most stocks today! Fundrise was founded by Ben and Jason.

They saw how challenging it could be for first-time investors like themselves when they couldn’t find a suitable investment vehicle that matched their needs.

They created Fundrise to tackle these challenges and bring real estate investment to common people.

Sign up here to start investing with Fundrise.

6. Install an App for $50

If you want a side hustle and love technology, then this is the easiest one for men.

All it takes are some clicks on your phone or computer screen with an app installed!

You can get started making cash in minutes by installing Nielsen’s free internet browsing device—and they’re giving away $10k every month so don’t wait up!

7. Join Best Rewards Site with $10 Sign up Bonus

Swagbucks is the best way to make money while watching TV and doing random online things!

With up to $35 per survey, plus many surveys a week get an extra 100 monthly income; it’s not hard for men like yourself who want more cash in their pockets.

To get started just click here to get a bonus of ten-dollar so that you earn your first rewards fast with this online side hustle for men.

8. Get Automatic Refunds

Everyone shops on Amazon. Imagine the thrill of finding a great deal online and getting your money back on prices that changed since you last bought on Amazon?

With price-monitoring apps, it’s possible! Men can sign up for companies like Earny that automatically check if there have been any changes in storewide discounts or deals and send out automatic refund requests once they detect a significant decrease.

You get cash back and you also get entered into sweepstakes for using the app. Plus if there is a delay in delivery, they will ask for a refund on your behalf.

Join Earny Now and start saving.

9. Gaming Side Hustles for Men

Instead of playing games on your phone like everyone else and feeling bad for wasting time, now you can get paid.

gaming side hustle for men

Getting compensated in a way that’s enjoyable is the dream come true for many people! You can download many online games with opportunities in both financial rewards or gift cards as well as levels-up which increases how much money one could earn by simply having fun playing your favourite game–what’re you waiting For?

Learn about the best gaming side jobs for men that pay you real money here!

10. Start Blogging as Side Hustle

Men can start blogging as a side hustle to earn extra bucks. Making money at the start is not that easy but after some time it gets easier.

There are two main ways to make money from blogging. Showing ads when they pay per click (PPC) advertisement for people who advertise their products/services through Google Adwords™ and that directly links back at them.

There’s also monetization via Affiliate Marketing where bloggers signup for affiliate programs by signing into Amazon Associates Program -just one example among others out there nowadays!

Learn here in 20 minutes how I started this blog that makes me over $5000 every month!

11. Start a Dropshipping Business

Dropshipping is the perfect solution for those looking to get into online retail without having any of the risks that come with holding inventory.

You can make money by simply taking orders and letting manufacturers do all they’ll need, while you earn yourself quite an impressive commission!

With WordPress as your platform of choice, building out eCommerce sites couldn’t be easier. Just remember: a strong marketing strategy paired up nicely big advertising budget will help maximize sales even more.

12. Become a Proofreader

There’s always room for one more editor or proofreader! If you have eyes that can spot errors in written content, then this might be one of the easy side hustles for men.

Work as a grammar and spelling expert with experience detecting those pesky mistakes across many different types of papers. From articles to marketing copywriting sessions- it would seem there are plenty of places out there looking for someone just like yourself.

Flexible work hours? Check; Set your own price point when working on projects. Making it one of the best side hustles that men can do.

To get started, use this free course from an expert who has taught thousands of students how to start a proofreading business.

13. Become a Freelance Writer

Becoming a freelance writer is a great side hustle for men who likes writing.

It’s so flexible- you can work whenever and wherever! Plus there are lots of websites that buy articles from freelance writers; it only takes one sale for your article idea (or blog post)to make money off the ground.

You’ll get paid by word count or cents per page turned into text. Either way, this side hustle pays well if done right and money start adding up.

If you want to be a freelance writer, but didn’t know how to start you can take these free introductory courses to get going.

14. Start a Virtual Assistant Side Hustle

What if you could turn your skills into a profitable side hustle? There are more opportunities than ever to make money online and becoming a virtual assistant is one of them.

You don’t need any experience, just an internet connection! Becoming VA has never been easier with services like Upwork or Fiverr where entrepreneurs connect employers.

Small businesses hire freelancers in order to run the show while they focus on other pursuits. Freelancers can work from anywhere around the world using only laptops as needed.

Know-How To Become Virtual Assistant Without Experience with this small guide.

15. Freelance Work on Fiverr

There are many benefits to freelancing, but it’s not for everyone. If you want the ability of flexible hours and rates without having a ton on your plate at once then this might be perfect work!

Freelance projects allow odd jobs that pay well. This means more time can go towards growing your freelance practice while still making money as well.

Though there will always be competition from other gig-economy workers around the world looking into doing similar types of services too so keep those skills sharp because they will help you take things really take off.

Join Fiverr here to look for freelance opportunities.

16. Mobile Public Notary

Mobile notaries are becoming more common and convenient in today’s world. They come to your house or workplace when you need them so that legally binding signatures can happen without having an unnecessary trip out of town!

To become a mobile public notary, you will need to go through the process of your specific state. You’ll likely be required of having some background check and an exam before getting licensed by that particular government agency.

Once approved, though it’s pretty easy finding clients on sites like Upwork. Where they have plenty of offers waiting just for qualified people! The pay ranges anywhere between $100-200 per appointment depending upon experience levels making it one of the good-paying side hustles for men.

17. Rent Your Car on Turo

If you have an extra car that isn’t in use, then this is the perfect side hustle for making some money.

You can list your vehicle on websites like Turo. And get paid commission by renting it out – they also provide liability insurance up to $1 million!

By renting your car you can make some passive money easily and pay off some of the car costs like insurance.

18. Drive for Uber or Lyft

If you’re looking for a way to make some extra cash with side jobs for men, then there are two ride-sharing apps that could be perfect: Uber and Lyft.

The concept is simple – download their app onto your phone; sign up with an account; enter in contact information including name plus physical address and other details.

These companies are recruiting more people and you can become one of their drivers to start this great side hustle for men.

Even if you don’t own your own car, you can rent a car from Hyrecar to drive for Uber or Lyft and start making money.

19. Dog Walking and Sitting Side Hustle

If you love dogs and have a passion for pets then consider starting this side hustle for men and becoming an independent pet walker. This can best side hustle for guys.

pet caring

You will be able to make money by taking care of different types of breeds, including terriers like pugs! Mostly these opportunities are available during morning hours and evening hours to work on this side hustle for men and women (basically anyone who can handle pets).

These jobs can pay up $20 per hour and if more dog-walk together then you will make more money. But before walking multiple dogs together, you need to take the permission of the owners to do so, because some people don’t prefer that.

Look for pet sitting and Walking gigs on Rover.

20. List Extra Space on Airbnb

What if you could make money from your own home while doing nothing?

With Airbnb, this is possible. All that’s needed are bedrooms or an entire house to share with travellers who want a place for the night!

You decide how often guests come over as well as what prices they’re offered.

It couldn’t get any easier than setting up profiles right now online. So list your spare room today on Airbnb and start earning some cash from it. Be sure to provide a good experience to guests so that this side hustle continue to provide you more money later with good positive reviews.

21. Join Paid Medical Studies

Medical studies can be a great way to make money if you’re willing to take on the risk.

Some have insanely high payouts, and not every study is invasive. A lot of people don’t realize how diverse these studies actually are. From sleep diagnose-related research projects all throughout America which offer relatively small payments but without any potential side effects whatsoever.

There are studies with different equipment such as fitness bracelets/rings in order to find out what works best when it comes down to real-world data.

You can sign up at these local studies and earn money. Especially at places near research institutes and medical colleges, there are more options.

22. Start a CBD Businesss

Consider the possibilities with this booming industry! By 2022, it is expected that U.S consumer sales of cannabidiol (CBD) will reach around 1 billion dollars.

There’s plenty more money to be made if you stay ahead of your game when managing or launching any kind of business related to cannabis products today.

With more and more businesses coming up to offer medical cannabis, it is important that you have a plan in place for your business’s success.

It doesn’t matter if your business offers which kind of CBD products; every new entrant faces the same challenges as others do when they first start out: finding customers who are knowledgeable and know the benefits of using cannabis medically.

23. Wash or Detail Cars

Car wash attendant jobs pay well if you’re looking for an easy way to make some extra cash.

With tips and overtime, car washers can earn up to $50/hour or more on occasion making it a perfect little side job for men!

If you are one of the cars detailing enthusiasts, who love detailing your own car and even friends and families cars, you can start this as a side hustle.

You can buy all the necessary equipment and start on your own or you can work at some establishments for a few hours.

24. Charge Lime Scooters

Lime Scooters have been popping up all over towns and you are probably wondering what the fuss is about.

If charging electric bikes sounds like a good way to make some extra cash, then consider becoming an entrepreneur with Lime!

The company will teach you how to get started by providing everything that’s needed. You can earn anywhere from $3 to $20 per scooter depending on the location of the scooter and other related factors ($50-$100+ per night).

If your only charge 10 scooters per night, you can make easily $100 making it a nice little side hustle for men.

25. Start Bartending Gig

Bartending is a fun and easy way to make some extra money.

The hours can be whatever you want them to be, plus there’s always that great tip income! Plus customers get pretty buzzed which makes it easier for new people to meet each other.

bartending side hustle

What could possibly go wrong? As an added bonus point: everybody loves how knowledgeable bartenders are when it comes to making your favourite drinks.

26. Become a Personal Trainer

Have you ever had people ask about your fitness level? If so, then it might be time for a new side hustle.

Personal training relates to athleticism and health; the right certification can get one started in just months!

From there the earning potential is tremendous. If you’re savvy on social media or technology platforms like YouTube, you can really expand your reach.

There are many different types of personal trainers out there, you can decide what you want to specialize in.

27. Sell Scrap Metal

Scrapping is a great side hustle for men to make money with local scrap yards.

Some people haul full time, a few do it on the weekends or just when they have too much metal laying around and want some extra cash!

If you are serious about getting into scrapping then there will be plenty of mistakes made but that’s how we learn and isn’t really any different from other jobs where someone starts out without experience.

28. Give Moving Services

If you’ve got a truck, it might be worth your while to offer moving services.

Most people move on weekends and evenings because they don’t want to miss work; this is also an excellent side hustle for men friends looking to get some extra cash. You’ll work together sharing profits after each job has been finished!

You can just provide your truck for moving or also help with the physical moving of furniture for extra money.

Look for side jobs for men on Taskrabbit.

29. Powerwashing Services

There are many ways to make money without investing too much time or capital.

Power washing is one such method, and it’s an incredibly easy way to not only increase the beauty of your own home but also help others achieve their desired results quickly with minimal fuss!

power washing jobs for men

You can charge $60/hour (or more) for this service depending on the amount of work required and the difficulty of work.

A power washer uses chemical mixtures so people need to know how much specific mixture ratios they’ll use based on any given surface type.

So just buy or rent a power washer and post before and after images to get your first clients. Most satisfying and best side hustle for guys.

30. Start a Landscaping

landscape design is a lucrative side hustle for those who have landscaping experience.

You can work on your neighbours’ gardens and get paid to beautify their garden while determining how much you will be compensated. You can work at times that suit YOU!

The low capital requirement means anyone with some experience can start this side hustle.

A few of these jobs require wood cutting making it labour requiring side hustle for men.

31. Start Beekeeping

Honey is one of the most popular foods on Earth, and for good reason. It tastes sweet with a tangy aftertaste that makes your mouth water just by thinking about it!

Raw honey and pure wax can command pretty decent prices; people literally eat them up without even realizing how much work goes into making these products possible. Bees do nearly all their labour while collecting nectar from flowers in order to make us this delicious treat…

You can start this side hustle and keep bees and maintain their colonies and you can easily make $20 a pound for your honey.

32. General Handywork

Handywork is the perfect side hustle for men who love to keep their hands busy.

With this job, you can find plenty of projects without ever being bored or running out of work! Most start with Handyworks on Craigslist and local Facebook marketplaces.

But don’t stop there; pick your most desired task type (like painting) before getting started so that when clients contact you through social media/ apps like Nextdoor they’ll see just what you offer.

You can negotiate the price based on the work and duration of the project.

33. Leatherworking

Leatherworking is about more than just making leather belts, wallets and shoes.

With the right know-how, you can make your own keychains or front pocket knives to sell at craft fairs for some quick cash!


Get started by picking up one of these simple projects that will require little time investment from start for this side job for men.

If you are good at creating those personalised little things, people will be more than happy to pay you. Over time with experience keep on adding more complex works that get you higher prices.

34. Earn Money in Gig Economy with Steady

Steady is a curated gig curation app that offers users work in the form of temporary tasks to complete and earn tips.

The steady platform was created so people could find jobs quickly, access financial advice when needed most as well as save money.

How much can YOU make? Steadies typically max out at $20-$25 per hour but they report an average increase ranging anywhere between 500-1500 dollars depending upon location skills availability time put into it–so what are ya waiting for? Sign up here now to check what gigs are available in your location!

35. Mystery Shopping

What’s better than being your own boss and choosing which kind of assignment you want to do? mystery shopping gives men a chance at earning money on their own schedule.

Mystery shopping is a great way to earn money and meet new people. You can do it anytime, anywhere, making it one of the interesting side hustles for men!

All you need are your vigilance because mystery shoppers go into stores and provide feedback about: eating at restaurants, employee behaviour, range of products etc.

They go in these all kinds of places as per job description and notice things and provide feedback at the end of the visit to the asking company.

36. Providing Care

In the current economy, many people are looking for ways to make money on their own time.

For those who have a passion and love for taking care of others but don’t want the hassle involved in finding hours throughout each day or week – consider an online platform like care where you can offer your services as a babysitter/ tutor or housekeeper!

You’ll be able to provide excellent customer service while getting paid at least $20 per hour (plus tips).

37. Lose Weight

Healthy Wage is a company that pays you to lose weight.

They offer the Healthy Wager where participants can earn up to $10,000 while taking care of themselves and their health by watching what they eat.

All it takes are five people for this challenge! Another one of their popular products at healthy wage is The Team Challenge which forms groups with similar goals as yours (to win big!).

Then compete against each other so not only do you have incentives but to also get healthier in between competitions too.

Related: More apps that pay to stay fit!

Tips About Side Hustles for Men

Whether you’re starting a side gig, business or new career – it can be overwhelming. Here are some tips for getting started!

Be Customer Friendly

Before you can expect to make a profit, the first step is figuring out what products or services will actually be worth paying for.

If your efforts focus on solving problems and providing convenience then people with money in hand are sure to come knocking at your door! It really comes down to value- whether or not we’re delivering that extra bit of goodness that makes all things worthwhile.

The lesson here seems pretty straightforward– before anything else value your customer.

Deliver on Your Promise

Be accountable and deliver on your promises. This is one of the characteristics that has made people such successful freelancers, and it’s something you should never take lightly or for granted.

Because there are always going to be people trying their best just like yourself who can do what you do better than expected with less effort put in–and they’ll probably charge cheaper prices too!
To make yourself stand out, be consistent about following up on your word; don’t let clients wait for more than you promised and don’t compromise on quality.

Find Balance Between Efforts and Rewards

Before deciding on which side hustle for men will be good for you, try to evaluate the amount of effort you will put in and how much money you will make.

It also comes down to your skillset. For example, car detailing is an easy job for quick cash. But you have never done it before, it will take you more time to do the job and still, you won’t be able to do a satisfactory job. So the amount of money you will earn will not be worth it unless you are trying to learn it.

Final Words on Side Hustles for Men

Side hustles for men are a great way to diversify your income and have fun with what you do. What I really want readers to take away from this blog post is that the only person limiting how much money they can make on side-hustles is themselves.

As you can see, there are many different ways for men to make money with side hustles.

So if you’re looking for a way to earn some extra cash with side jobs for men or just want something new that’s more fulfilling than earning minimum wage at a 9-5 job, then try one of these ideas!

Let me know which ones work best for you in the comments section below. I’m here to help all my fellow brothers find their perfect side hustle so they too can start living an abundant lifestyle without sacrificing time spent with family and friends. Good luck!

side hustles for men

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