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I have been in this side hustle journey for a long time and after all the hustles I have finally settled on blogging.

Here you can read how I earned $2,572 with my small online blog working a few hours a week.

It took me some time to reach the first $1,000 month (March 2021) as this blog was mostly neglected by me till 2021 as a small side hustle. But after learning basic SEO, traffic just exploded without much effort and earnings skyrocketed to $2,572 (April 2021). Earning is still increasing every month as a snowball getting bigger downhill without much effort.

Read how I earned $2,572 in April 2021!

How I made $43,521 in 2021 with this small blog you are reading right now!

Now I can’t wait for you to join this blogging journey to see how it will be a great side hustle for you also.

Read this easy step-by-step tutorial with every step you need to start a small side hustle blog.

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