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People planning to start blogging are always asking this question, what are the trending topics and blogging ideas for a blog? They want to know the blog topics that make most money and how to find profitable blog post ideas for beginners.

Then bloggers, who already have running blogs, always have one thing in mind, what to write in the next post?

To answer what are good blogging topics to write and how to choose a niche, I have compiled this article for you.

I will show you hot blogging ideas. Each of these personal blogging ideas is based on successful money-making niches, where bloggers are already killing it.

If you want to find new blogging ideas yourself, we will learn how to use free resources to choose your trending blogging topic and blog ideas that make money.


Why Knowing the Trending Blogging Topics is Important?

Well, blogging is no more just an online diary of your thoughts.

As we see in this article that millions of blogs are coming online every year, changing blogging basics with each passing year. With the increase in competition, there is a sea of content available online.

Now no one is interested in reading what you want to write unless you are a celebrity or writing a next harry potter.

What to Write?

People are looking for an answer to their problem or they want some form of entertainment.

Nobody cares what is happening in your life and how you are dealing with it unless it’s relatable to mass audience.

If you just want to write about what you think people should read, then no one is going to come to your blog.

That is the reason why SEO, aka what google wants has become so important. And Google wants what people are searching for. By knowing your SEO you will be writing for the people, not yourself.

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It makes sense to write about the topics, that people are searching for. If you write on trending blogging ideas, then you already know there are readers looking for that content. These are the blog topics that make most money.

You just have to write great content and tell Google- hey Google look here- here is the great content you are looking for.

Let’s see what are the hot trending topics bloggers are writing about nowadays and what are good blog post ideas for beginners. In the next section, we will go through the resources that you can use yourself to find out the trending topics people are searching for?

That will give you ideas on the “trending blog topics that make most money” to write in your blog. If you haven’t started your blog yet you can start with this detailed easy to understand guide.

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Trending Blogging Ideas and Topics


New Personal Blogging Ideas

These are the latest working niches that are trending and really interesting to write about.

  • Health and fitness for busy people
  • Creating Perfect garden room
  • Daily workout ideas inside home
  • Budget traveling
  • Care for rescued animals
  • Self-defense hacks
  • Personal development blogs
  • Internet/cyber bullying
  • Do It Yourself
  • Self-sustaining lifestyle blogs
  • Homebrewing
  • Work from home
  • Vegan dieting
  • Organic farming
  • Travel photography
  • Children playrooms
  • Space watching
  • Social media detox
  • Kitchen garden
  • Aurora borealis
  • Tourism with fewer carbon footprints


Blog post Ideas for Beginners for New Posts

If you are running short of ideas to write in your blog or want a unique blog idea, then look at these trending blogging ideas you can use to write compelling content that your readers will connect with.

  • Write about hacks in your niche
  • Interview an influencer in your niche
  • Interview your customers or readers
  • Write about your monthly or weekly schedule
  • Post about a survey or poll you conducted
  • Write about your inspiration in life or work
  • Share what tools you use
  • Write about how to make money in your niche
  • Share your favorite blogs in the niche
  • Write a myth-busting report
  • Write a post on trends in your niche
  • Create a list of your favorite posts on a topic
  • Write a post about how you create your content
  • Write a post about how you promote your content

Evergreen Blogging Ideas and Topics

Trending topic come and go, I will show you the niches that are evergreen. These include the blog topics that make most money.

Here is the list of evergreen personal blogging ideas (article types and niches) that are working for bloggers and will work for anyone who can add more value. These are the types of blogs that make money. From these topics, you can also find out blog post ideas for beginners.

1. How to Guides

Everyone does something always and not everyone knows how to do all the things such as kitchen recipes to assembling appliances, or furniture.

No one likes to read boring instruction manuals. Resulting in an easy and visual how-to guide’s popularity. Huge websites such as WikiHow are doing just that.

You can decide on specific niches like furniture and start a blog with a unique blog idea giving how-to guides.


2. Recipes

Food blogs are evergreen blog topics that make most most with millions of people looking for new recipes everyday.

There are always new diet trends going on such as keto diet or protein diet, see what is trending topic and you can get started.

Pro tip: Recipe blogs are saturated and if you want to start a blog on food, then better choose a very specific niche that is not covered extensively.

Start a blog with a unique blog idea just covering a specific coffee, if you can see enough search volumes for that.


3. Health and Fitness

Similar to food, health and fitness are evergreen topics. There are always people who want to be healthy and fit and for which they are always looking for advice and guides on how to stay fit.

Fitness posts are one of the most shared posts and the trend is not going to go down. Science keeps on discovering new things related to health, and thus there will be always new things to talk about. It can be a great blog post ideas for beginners that make most money.


4. Money and Finance

Everybody wants to have more money and save more money as finances are central to everyone’s life.

Then people are always looking for ways to manage finances. People want to learn more about investing and earning more money.

Many top-earning blogs write about money and finances as it is one of the blog topics that make most money. You don’t need unique blog ideas to be successful, you need blog ideas that make money.


5. Travel

Travelling is in trend from the last few decades. Traveling bloggers have opened up the imagination of the people resulting in many people who want to experience the world first hand.

They want to read about the experiences of people who have traveled the world. They want to know all the details such as places to visit, how to travel, what to do at those places.

Pro tip: Fairly saturated space with many bloggers writing about travel. Write on a specific part of traveling with unique blog ideas like booking cheap tickets or hotels.


6. Guides for Beginners

Guides for beginners is one of the hottest blog topics that make most money. You have blogs specifically on starting guides such as blogging guides for beginners.

When people start doing something, they are looking for experts in that field who know that stuff.

If you think you have expertise in some field then you can start a guide for beginners. You need to have a good grip on the subject to convince the reader that you know your stuff and you need to be comprehensive in writing.


7. Review Blogs

According to market research, 60% of the buyers trust the blogging world to decide on their purchases.

What does this mean? It means that there are readers who are looking for your feedback on the products.

Customer in this new era wants to be informed. Customers want to know the pros and cons of all the comparative products before clicking the buy button.

Pro tip: Very high monetization potential if you decide on products/categories that pay good affiliate revenues. One of the best blog ideas that make money.


8. Parenting Blogs

There is never going to be a shortage of readers for parenting blogs, therefore it is a great blog post ideas for beginners especially if you are a parent yourself. There will be always kids and their needs and then there will be parents who will be looking for tips for parenting.

With the increase in nuclear families, this number is only going to be increased. New parents have no idea what to do with their kids especially if older people are not around.


They have to search for all the needs of the kids that they have no idea about. They are in the territories they have no idea about.

Nowadays parents are becoming more aware and they want to teach their kids everything possible from the earliest. There is scope for blog topics that make most money in parenting if you can narrow down on the sub-niches and bring out unique blog ideas that make money.

9. Interviews

If a person is interested in something then they want to know more about it. There is no better way to give them that information other than by adding a personal human touch to it.

Interview people in a particular field so that they can share their experiences and struggles and many more details. People who want to do similar work are always interested in reading what successful people have to say about the process which they can follow.


How to Find Trending Personal Blogging Ideas and Topics

You want to explore more hot personal blogging topics and ideas then continue reading on to know the methods you can use to find out blog post ideas for beginners.

You must have read about the keyword research tools for finding out blogging ideas for new blog posts. The problem is they are highly-priced and out of range from beginners.

Some of the basic components of keyword research tools such as Surfer web extension are free.

In this article, we are not talking about keyword research tools, but here I am giving you a list of free resources and ways to use them to find trending high-demand blog topics and ideas. I am sure you must have used these resources for one thing or another.

You never thought that these can be used for choosing trending topics and blog topics that make most money for your personal blogs. That’s why we are here, let’s go one by one to each of them to find out blog post ideas for beginners. These are the blog ideas that make money.

1. Google Trends

There are numerous features in this tool that you can use for keyword research. You search a keyword on google trends and it will show you it’s popularity over time and will also show you related keywords that you can use in on-page SEO.

There is data available from 2004 onwards. You can set the tool settings on the maximum range then search for keywords. It will tell if your keyword is an evergreen topic or a new trending topic.


Using it, you can choose to ride the trends or settle for evergreen topics.

Before joining the crowd on a hot trending topic, it will be better to check if the trend is still going up or it has run its course and is back on the ground. That can save you from wasting your time.

If you are already successful in a topic then you can find related trending topics that will help you expand your brand without going into an entirely different topic.

If you don’t have an ounce of an idea of what you want to write then just go on the google trends home page. You will see a lot of hot trending topics use can use as blog post ideas for beginners in your blog.

Pro tip: If you are targeting your content for a particular area, you can filter trends for that area.

2. Quora for searching Trends


Quora is like a search engine where unlike google answers are also hosted on the same platform. People ask questions and experts in the field answer them.

Question is, how to use Quora for finding keywords for your next post? Aren’t you writing for people to read?

Here on Quora real people are asking real questions they want an answer for.

Join Quora and try to find out what are the trending questions people are asking. That will give you blogging ideas for high demand blog topics.

If someone is asking for a question on Quora then there is a higher chance that they didn’t found the answer to their problem on Google. That’s why they put extra effort to post a question and they really want an answer.

Here is your blog post ideas for beginners and your chance to write on that topic with a higher probability of ranking high on Google.

3. Feedly


Feedly is a place where you funnel all the relevant content from all the websites you like to one place without actually visiting them.

How to use this to generate content ideas?

Add all the relevant sites such as your competitors or blogs at the top in your niche.

Based on more specializations (sub-niches), organize websites into folders. In each category, you will get the feeds of posts that they are publishing.

Without doing any hard work you will get to know the high demand blog topics. Those on top must have already researched keywords on software such as SEMrush what is working and trending.


4. Reddit


To find out what your audience wants you need to go to places where your readers are. One such place like Quora is Reddit, where there are millions of users discuss hot, controversial, and trending ideas that can be blog topics that make most money.

Reddit is huge and really an engaging platform where you will definitely find blog post ideas for beginners.

Find out SubReddits(topics) of your interest and then found what people are sharing as their problems. Use phrases like “how-to” “what” to find out the discussions with questions, look for most engaging posts with most comments.

These are the high demand blog topics for your new posts. See what people want in answers and then research about that and provide detailed answers.

5. Pinterest


Pinterest is a kind of social media site, but it’s not exactly a social media. It’s based on people looking for solutions to their problems.

Pinterest is a visual platform where people select topics they want to know about. Then there are publishers promoting solutions with eye-catching pins.

Someone wants to redecorate their bedroom, they search for new ideas.

You can see in the search bar what people are searching for in your niche.

Just type the first word then it will autofill the next words with trending topics. Choose one of the topics of your interest from the suggestions.

Look at the pins that are performing best. You can see how many times a pin was shared. It will tell you that the post linked to the pin is of interest to people. Then you can generate content around that high demand blog topics with more details.

Pinterest has rolled out Pinterest Trends for US users. You can use it to see the latest trending topics and blog ideas that make most money for beginners.

6. Answer the Public

Answer-the-public-blog-post-that-make-most money

Answer the public is easy to use tool bases on google search patterns and it gives you real information on what people are searching for.

It is similar to google’s search bar. Type a word like “blogging”, and based on the database of previously searched queries, Google predicts the next words for you.

Google predictions are limited to 10 suggestions, but here in Answer the public they give you all the details with all the questions people have asked related to your keyword.

It will show dark or light green dots indicating popularity.

Pro tip: Use other tools such as Surfer extension to confirm the real search volume of the keywords before the final decision.

7. Buzzsumo for Blogging Ideas


Buzzsumo is a social media-based tool. In simple terms, it tells you what posts are doing great on social media and how many people are sharing such posts?

Type the keyword you want to write for then it will show you the top posts related to that keyword and how many times those top posts were shared.

If posts related to your keyword are already popular on social media then it means there is an audience for these high demand blog topics. Read those posts and research how you can improve on them.

Other Sources

  • You can check on Medium, their section called “popular on Medium” for hot and trending blogging topics and ideas.
  • I have not personally use Linkedin Pulse. People say that you can get good blogging ideas from their “What people are talking about now” section.

Most of these tools will give you the topics that are working in your niche. The next part of the problem bloggers ask about is – there is already content available for all these topics. What I can write?

Pro Tips

  • Type the keyword in google and see first page results.
  • Look at the trend of titles (word count or any other pattern). Decide on your title accordingly.
  • If you have not installed surfer and MozBar extension or ubersuggest extension (free), install it.
  • These extensions will show you how many words are there in each of these posts. Decide how many words you need to rank on this page.
  • See if they are list articles, how-to articles, or any other pattern?
  • Open each article and try to see if you can figure out if anything is missing, note that down to write in your article.
  • Go in the comments section and see what people are asking? these might be the shortcoming of that article you can include in your article.
  • See how many backlinks each article has (MozBar will show), aim for at least a minimum.

Hopefully, now you have ideas for selecting a trending niche and your next posts and also you are now equipped with the knowledge to find out new personal blogging ideas.

Your keyboard is waiting to type your next post! Let me know how it goes in comment section.

If you are planning to start a new blog or running a blog but still not making any money, here is my step by step guide for starting a blog. I will show you everything you need to generate a passive source of income.

Check out all the best resources I use! These resources have helped me immensely in my journey and I am sure they will help you as well.

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