6 Best Web Hosting Services for WordPress Sites in 2022

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Choosing a web host that is reliable is important for your blog’s success!

Looking for web hosting services for WordPress websites?

Great! first of all, welcome to the blogging world, this is a really exciting world.

If you have any doubts about blogging, I have created an ultimate guide for you to get started with blogging including the secrets on how to structure your blog to earn money from it. 

But before doing that you will need to host your website on some platform(server). Whatever is your requirement and budget, or you are looking for free migration plans to shift to a new web host. I will show you all the best available options with their benefits and cons.

The final decision is yours, which option you want to choose. 

What is Web Hosting

You already know about google/Gmail and use their services regularly to send emails etc. Have you ever thought, how you are able to access your mail from anywhere on any system?

The systems you use in libraries or internet cafes don’t have your mails stored. So how you can see them?

All the information which has to be re-accessed needs to be stored somewhere physically. Google stores all your mails and drives on their physical servers.

You just request them on your device using the internet and they send you the requested things.

The same goes with your websites, they need to be stored on some servers somewhere physically. Any user who wants to access your website sends a ping to the servers where it is hosted and they send them the content you have stored on your website.


Why You Need to Pay For Web Hosting

I have given you an example of google. It might have raised the question in your mind that Google does not charge you a penny. Why the hell is these web hosts then asking for monthly charges.

Well, having physical servers and maintaining them cost money. Like any computer or laptop cost us, but imagine that on a larger scale. Google does not charge us, because they collect information from us that they sell to companies worldwide and they make billions from that.

That is the reason they give you 5GB of free space, after that, you have to pay them.

The web hosts will charge you according to the resources you demand from them. Let’s see what kind of resources you can demand from them.

Types of Web Hosting Services

Before deciding on which are the best web hosting services for WordPress sites, you will need to understand the kinds of services you need. If you understand them, you will be able to decide better, which plan will suit your needs.

  1. Shared hosting: This is the cheapest and common option for starters. It means you share a server with multiple other websites. When starting, your website has less traffic and material, it does not require larger resources. A single server has a big capacity, so one server is divided between multiple websites. That way they reduce the cost and you got cheaper hosting plans. The only problem is when some other shared website gets a huge spike in traffic, it may affect your website. But that is very rare.
  2. VPS (Virtual Private Hosting): Little advanced version of shared hosting. Still your website shares server with other websites. But you got specified space allowed in the server, which is done by software. It’s better than shared hosting but not as good as having the whole server to yourself.
  3. Cloud hosting: More advanced version of shared hosting. Here rather than on one server you share multiple servers with other websites. It decreases the downtime as multiple servers can not be down at the same time.
  4. Dedicated hosting: This is the best option out there and most costly for the same reasons. They give you the dedicated server. It’s recommended only when you have huge traffics.

For the starters, shared hosting or VPS is enough and when traffic reached 50K per month you can choose WordPress hosting with free website migration to the cloud hosting platform and to dedicated hosting after reaching the 100K milestone.

The 6 Best Web Hosting Services For WordPress Sites

Out of 100s of web hosting service providers, I have selected the 6 best web hosting service providers for your different requirements. I will be honest with you, whatever features they provide, they will ditch you in one thing or another like your mobile networks.

So let’s go ahead and look at each of these leaders one by one and choose what suits best to your needs. It all depends on your needs, you need reliability or you are looking for hosting with free website migration. Overall these are the 6 best options, you can decide from.

  1. Bluehost
  2. Hostgator
  3. Hostinger
  4. SiteGround
  5. InterServer
  6. Kinsta

Let’s go into detail about each of these web hosting service providers.

1. Bluehost: The Allrounder


Whenever there is the name of web hosting, Bluehost is the first name and provides one of the best web hosting services for WordPress sites. Most bloggers recommend them because Bluehost has a good overall track record. Plus its WordPress recommended.

It’s been in the market for a long and they provide a range of services starting from shared to the cloud and dedicated servers. If you don’t want to take the hassle of shifting in the future when your traffic grows, they are the recommended web hosts. Or you want to shift from some other host that provides hosting with free website migration.

They have 24/7 support service on call and chat. The only problem with them as with any firm that grows very big is that they are not super responsive like some of the other players on our list. Their support can be bad sometimes. 

If you are not taking a plan for a longer duration, after initial promo offers, renewals can be costly.

  • Monthly cost after renewal $8

Go to the official Bluehost Website for a $3.95 /month offer with a free domain name and SSL certificate for one year.

2. Hostgator: Another Old Giant


Hostgator is another big name in web hosting like Bluehost. They also provide hosting with free migration. Hostgator is a little cheaper than Bluehost, but they have comparable services. They are second to Bluehost on the list because a lot of customer reviews on review websites are bad for them. So if you get in trouble for some reason, they might not help you in some cases.

Personally, I didn’t have a good time with them. They have live chat support, but they do not offer email support and for people whose getting on the phone is difficult, it can be a bad experience. 

Though their claimed downtimes are less I have experienced more downtime with them. Better take advantage of their money-back guarantees.

  • Monthly cost after renewal $7

Go to Hostgator Website for $2.75 /month offer with free domain name and SSL certificate for one year

3. Hostinger: The Cheapest Option


If you are considering the lowest price plan with no compromise on services, Hostinger is your company. Their prices start are ridiculously low at almost 2 dollars a month. 

They provide a pretty good service. An uptime of 99.9% is guaranteed. Server response time is fast and they provide 24/7 support. With all these services they do not feel cheap. The catch there is renewal prices get up but you can benefit from locking in multiyear plans.

  • Monthly cost after renewal $4

Go to Hostinger Website for a $0.99 /month offer with a free SSL certificate for one year.

4. SiteGround: Best in Shared Hosting


This is the best option available in shared hosting. They have very high recommendations from the experts and their reviews on the review websites are excellent.

Their servers are super fast and super secure and they keep them updated.

They are recommended by WordPress and WordPress compatibility is built in all the plans. SiteGround has everything going in their favour except for pricing. They cost the maximum in this category. After promotions are over, renewal is at almost triple cost.

If you are looking for a lightning-fast website and price is not a big factor, go for SiteGround, downside is they don’t provide hosting with free website migration.

  • Monthly cost after renewal $12

Go to SiteGround Website for a $7 /month offer with a free SSL certificate for one year.

5. InterServer: Best Cheapest With Fixed Renewal Rates


In all the above shared hosting plans when the initial offer period runs out, the prices go up many folds. That’s how this business model work. 

If you don’t want renewal prices to go up, go for InterServer. They have fixed renewal prices. The price you pay for the first time will be locked for a lifetime till you are their continuous customer.

Their starting prices are at 5 dollars. It may appear expensive at first look compared to offer prices of others, but its a fixed price you have to pay later. As you know hosting you will need till the time you want to run your website, InterServer will come out way cheaper than all.

Plus they are very welcoming for users from other hosting providers. They provide web hosting with free migration, which some of their competitors does not.

InterServer even doesn’t compromise on the quality of the services they provide. They guarantee 99.9% uptime.

In reviews and I personally experienced little higher downtime on their servers. But if you are a starter and not running some e-commerce store that needs to be up all the time, some downtime is manageable with this pricing.

  • Monthly cost after renewal $5

Go to InterSever Website for a $0.01 first month offer.

6. kinsta: Best For Dedicated Hosting

If your audience is grown, you need a better hosting service provider. Shift to Kinsta with their free website migration plans. Kinsta is a premium hosting provider with quality as its primary aim.

They provide managed hosting with robust servers on VPS. Their infrastructures are powered by the Google cloud platform.

Kinsta is a very much customer-oriented company. They offer instant chat support with WordPress experts.

You also get a free CDN and a white glove pre-built cache system. With Kinsta,  you will never have to worry about the speeds of your website.

Go to Kinsta

Which Web Host You Should Chose?

We have gone through all the options available and listed here the best web hosting services for WordPress sites. Now based on your needs you should be ready to zero out on the host you are going to use.

To summarise, if you plan to put serious effort into bringing in the traffic to your website, you should choose SiteGround.

Want the same scalability with fewer expenses, go for Bluehost or Hostgator at some compromise on speed and support. 

Little more tight on budget, compromise more on the speed and uptime and go for Hostinger.

Starting a blog as a hobby or side hustle without giving full time to it OR frustrated with increasing renewal prices, you can choose InterServer for its long term fixed renewal rates. Very little compromise on the uptime and you got InterServer offering cheapest prices and value for your money services such as free website migration and fixed rates for the long term.


If you are planning to start a new blog or running a blog but still not making any money, here is my step by step guide for starting a blog. I will show you everything you need to generate a passive source of income.

Check out all the best resources I use! These resources have helped me immensely in my journey and I am sure they will help you as well.

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