List of Skillz Games For Money on Your Phone (2024)

Why not earn while playing your favourite games with skillz games for money? There is no harm in trying free skillz games apps to win money if you already love to play online games!


You like playing games like solitaire, bubble shooters, and quizzes then there is a really good chance you are not earning any money from it. That is going to change with Skillz games. game is a platform where you can enter tournaments to play many skillz games for real money. 

You can also play head-to-head skillz games for money against other players, winning real cash.

Game developers can add to the skillz platform, meaning there is no shortage of new games.

Skillz automatically matches players at similar ability levels so that games are balanced and not tilted in one direction.

This gives everyone a fair shot at winning real money every time they play.

Let’s learn about the Skillz games platform in depth.

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Skillz Games for Money

The skillz games list will have a familiar feel, with many names that are familiar with.

A list of skillz game apps to win real money includes traditional table and blackjack games; others involve lining up gems, word games or shooting bubbles. These are similar to individual games, the difference being that you can play these games in a tournament format.

You get to play with similar skill-level players selected by the platform.

As the tournament progress, you play knockout games, which see the entrants narrowed down to a single winner. 

You’ll get paid based on your performance and how many entrants were there.

A lot of game options are available among the list of skillz games. You can play for real money or use “Z,” which is a virtual fun-money currency. 

You can also choose to join leaderboard contests or set up private tournaments for your friends.

All Skillz app games for money are designed to work on mobile phones. You can download a game app to win real money.

Skillz Games List

Download here skillz iphone and Android game that pays real money

  • Blackout Bingo:(iOS & Android) Blackout Bingo is a fun skillz game that allows you to improve your Bingo skills. Journey through the world and win Bingo games to earn rewards. Upgrade to tournaments when you’re ready to compete against other players. Use quick daub skills and boosts to earn even more rewards. Play for free or upgrade to play for real money.
  • Solitaire Cube:(iOS & Android) Looking for a fun, new way to play Solitaire games? Look no further than Solitaire Cube! This game combines the classic solitaire game you know and love with a thrilling twist – the clock is ticking and you have to complete the game before time runs out! Plus, you can get paid to play solitaire against others by competing with the same level of players.
  • 21Blitz:(iOS & Android) 21 Blitz is an interesting skillz game to win money that combines Solitaire and Blackjack. In order to earn points, players must make 21s or stacks of five cards. The game also features a clock that races against players, as well as bonuses that can be earned. Players can compete live against others to see who has the best skills. This game is definitely intriguing.
  • Dominoes Gold:(iOS & Android) Dominoes Gold is a great skillz game for those who love competition and want to test their skills against an opponent. The goal of the game is to score the most points by using your gold Dominoes. Play for money to add an extra level of excitement, and see who comes out on top. With its simple rules and addictive gameplay, Dominoes Gold is a must-try for any fan of the Dominoes game.
  • Big Buck Hunter:(iOS & Android) With its arcade origins dating back over 20 years, the mobile version offers a challenging shooting experience that pits you against other hunters in competition. You’ll need to be accurate and quick with your shots if you want to win, as the distances you’ll need to shoot from can be quite challenging. So grab your rifle and get ready to take down some big bucks!
  • Pool Payday:(iOS & Android) Pool Payday is an interesting variation of Solitaire that uses trick shots to earn points and compete against others to win. The game is played using the classic eight-ball pool game you know and love, with the balls collected to organize into solitaire stacks. With a pool-themed twist, Pool Payday is a fun and challenging way to play Solitaire.
  • Spades Cash:(iOS & Android) If you’re looking to make some money while playing cards, Spades Cash is the perfect app game to win money. This game is easy to learn and fun for all levels of players. Whether you’re taking on the computer or competing against other players, Spades Cash is a great way to improve your skills and make some cash in the process.

*Cash tournaments are available in most of the world. Cash tournaments are not enabled in the following states: AZ, AR, CT, DE, IL, IN, LA, ME, MT, SC, SD, and TN. If you don’t live in a prize-enabled region, you can still play for free.

Download the skillz games for money from this skillz game list and sign up to get more games inside the app.

The app will handle your account and payments, and will give you access to all the latest games.


Are Skillz Games Legal

Are skillz games legal? is Solitaire cube legit? Yes, Skillz games for money are legal. games are skill-based games, hence they don’t fall under the rules covering online gambling in the US. 

The platform refers to itself as an esports platform.

Skill-based games are under the jurisdiction of individual states. Skillz has been running since 2014.

You can enjoy skillz games legally in most of the states.

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Can I Play Skillz Games To Earn Real Money

Yes, you can earn money by playing the games available on games platform. They will pay you in Paypal or check for the money you earn. Though there is an entry fee for most of these games which vary from game to game and tournament to tournament.

If you don’t want to spend money and just want to enjoy the games then you can play without money. You can enjoy the games in two ways.

  • Skillz For Fun: Skillz uses a virtual currency called “Z.” It is for entertainment only and doesn’t have a redeemable value. I would recommend to get familiar with the platform using “Z” before you make a deposit.
  • Skillz For Real Money: In these skillz games for money, you can deposit using credit cards or PayPal, and then enjoy the games that pay real money. You can win real-cash prizes that you can withdraw using PAYPAL or CHECK.

Skillz Games Match Codes

Match codes let you enter specific games for free. Developers and promoters use these to generate interest in their games.

Instead of applying to your entire deposit, match codes are passwords that give you access to a freeroll tournament.

You can find these through the Skillz games social media accounts or third-party websites.

Many fans of these games will be actively looking out for the match codes, which will often make the tournaments busier.

Match codes are game-specific. You’ll need to download a new game via the platform, then use a code during a specified time.

If you win a tournament after entering with a match code, you will receive the winnings in real money from games.

Play Skillz Games For FREE?

It’s not essential to deposit money to enjoy Skillz games.

You can play all these skillz games for free using “Z,”. 

You can use “Z” to enter free tournaments, winning more and climbing either leaderboard.

Skillz Games For Mobile

Skillz games are designed to work on your mobile phone via apps.

There is no desktop version available. Most of the games are available for both Android and iPhone / iPad devices.

Though a few games are available on iOS only.

List of Skillz App Games for Android

There are many games that you can play on Android for money. You can download the most popular skillz game apps to win real money from this skillz games list.

Or you can download Skillz games for Android from in your phone’s browser. This page will give you a list of skillz games that pay real money.

You can download the skillz games for money that have an Android icon next to them.

Since these skillz games for Android are not available on Google Play Store and downloaded directly most devices will give a warning message.

The message will read as downloading from an unknown source. You can click “OK” here to complete the download process.

Skillz Games on iPhone/ iPad

You can find these games from below links from the apple app store.

Download these skillz games for money and sign up to get more games inside the app.

Here are the links for list of all skillz games for iOs

Alternatively, iPhone and iPad users can also download these money-paying skillz games from This page puts the popular skillz game apps to win money like Solitaire Cube, at the top of the page.

Ways To Deposit and Cash Out


After download, you can set up a username and password, which will work with all the games. You can keep track of your deposits and withdrawals from a single account page of skillz games.

Deposit is straight forward and withdrawals will use the same route as the deposit whenever possible.

Here are your main deposit options:

Credit cards, Debit cards, Apple pay and Paypal.


Withdrawals up to the amount you deposited must occur via the same method wherever this is possible.

For anything above this amount, you can request a paper check that will be sent to your home. The withdrawal process is very slow as it takes four weeks or more.

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Bonus Cash and Other Rewards

You can collect bonus cash by referring games for money to your friends.

Skills games will give you $10 in bonus cash for every friend you refer that plays for real money. You can also find bonus cash offers through social media.

You can not use bonus cash for withdrawal, you can only use the bonus cash to enter tournaments. 

If you do make a withdrawal while you still have a bonus cash balance, it will be forfeited.

Other rewards come via a loyalty reward scheme.

You can win “ticketz” and trophies. Redeem these for prizes from the store, with new items being added to the listing all the time. You can also redeem your ticketz for cash to enter into real money Skillz games.

There is also a VIP system for big spenders.

You’ll need to reach the black tier of the loyalty program to be considered a VIP. This level comes with perks that include a big “ticketz multiplier” for every contest you enter.

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Can you Make Real Money Playing Skillz Games and Have Fun?

The answer is Yes, games platform gives you the option to play your favorite games and allows you to enjoy them for real money. 

You can deposit via your credit card or PayPal, and if you win, withdraw real money to your bank account.

With new Skillz game apps released all the time, you’ll never know when your favorite games will be available in skillz games list for winning real money.


Does Skillz games pay real money?

Yes, Skillz games do pay real money. Players can compete in tournaments and win real money rewards. It’s important to note that the amount you can earn largely depends on your skill level and the competition you’re participating in.

How much can you earn with Skillz games?

The amount you can earn with Skillz games varies widely. It’s dependent on several factors such as the game you’re playing, your skill level, the number of games you play, and the type of tournament you enter. There isn’t a definitive answer to this question since the earnings are largely based on individual performance and the specific games played.

How do you get free bonus cash on Skillz?

You can get free Bonus Cash on Skillz by referring friends to Skillz. When you refer a friend and they make their first deposit into Skillz, both of you will receive Bonus Cash. Additionally, certain completed trophies award Bonus Cash prizes. From time to time, Skillz also provides promotional Bonus Cash offers through emails or in-app promotions.

Are Skillz games legal?

Skillz games are legal in many areas around the world, including most of the United States. However, their legality may depend on local gambling laws, especially since Skillz games involve real money.

Can I withdraw bonus cash from Skillz?

No, you cannot withdraw bonus cash from Skillz. Bonus cash can only be used to enter tournaments and compete for real cash prizes. Once you win a tournament, you will be able to withdraw your winnings, but the bonus cash that you used to enter the tournament will be forfeited.

Does Skillz charge a fee?

Yes, Skillz charges a fee for hosting tournaments and matches. The fee varies depending on the game, the entry fee, and the number of players. You can see the fee breakdown before you enter a match or tournament in the app.

How long does it take to get money from Skillz?

It typically takes 2-3 business days for withdrawals to be processed and deposited into your bank account. But they officially state it may take 4 to 6 weeks. So, you never know and can get unlucky sometimes.

How much is Skillz withdrawal fee?

The Skillz withdrawal fee is $1.50 for any withdrawals under $10 and above that there is none.

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