11 Best iOS Games That Pay Real Money (2024)

iOS games that pay real money

If you are like me and love playing games on mobile, earning money by playing iPhone games is icing on the cake.

You can see people immersed in their mobiles all the time, whether playing games or engaging on social media. If you can earn a few dollars for that fun time, there is nothing like that.

Our mobiles run on either the Android operating system or the iOS system. Game developers have to make games a little differently for both these operating systems.

Though many game developers make games for both platforms, but a few are available on only one platform.

For example, these games are available only for the Android platform.

Globally, 40.5% use the Android platform, but in the US, 55.5% of people use iOS-based mobile (source).

So, in this post, we will discuss the best iPhone games that pay real money.

Note: All these games are fun and easy to play, and if you already spend some time playing games, these are a great option to make some extra cash. Just don’t expect to make a living from playing these games. If you want to make a gaming career, there are other options available.

Best 11 Games That You Can Play on iPhone for Cash

Here is a list of fun iOS games for money. These games are intuitive and creative takes on classic games like Bingo games or Card games.

A few of these iOS games are available as free-to-play games, while in others, you need to deposit an entry fee to win cash rewards.

Free-to-Play iOS Games That Pay Money

These are the apps that do not charge you any fees like entry to play the money-making games.

These iPhone games will make you money for playing games. On top of that, most of these apps also offer other ways to make money, like taking surveys, watching videos, and more.

1. Swagbucks

iOS RatingEarning Potential
4.4 (79.7k)on average $2-$3 per hour

This iPhone app is an industry leader in the online money-making space.

They have paid out over 450 million dollars to its users over the years. You can join the platform to make money by using its different opportunities.

They offer many games to make money online. You can also download games from the offers section, like in the case of InboxDollars, and complete the game terms to win rewards up to $50 per game.


There are other ways to make money on this iOS app, like using it as your browser, shopping through them, or just filling out surveys.

All these rewards are deposited in your Swagbucks account, and you can withdraw them to your PayPal account or as gift cards when you reach the minimum payout threshold ($3).

To get a head start, they also offer new users a signup bonus of $10.

You can earn more money by referring your friends. For each friend you refer, you get to keep a part of their earnings on the app for a lifetime.

Read our Swagbucks review to learn all the methods of earning money on it.

2. InboxDollars

iOS RatingEarning Potential
4.5 (161k)on average $3 per hour

This is a free iOS app where users have made over 59 million dollars over the years.

They offer a $5 sign-up bonus for just going to the app. When you confirm your email id, they will credit $5 in your InboxDollars account.

After that you can play games in the gaming section and for playing these games, you will earn scratch cards which can win you cash rewards.


But the real money earning opportunities lies in the offers section, where many games offer users cash for trying their app.

You will get paid to download the app and reach a certain level.

They also offer many other ways to make money. You can fill out surveys to earn gift cards or watch videos, or read paid emails for cash rewards.

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These games have an entry fee to play money-making games. Though there are options to play free practice games in these apps, and they can also win you rewards, the efforts are not worth it.

You can play free practice games in these apps and then shift to paid games, as they offer a good chance to win real cash.

Cash tournaments are not available for paid-to-play games in the following states – AZ, AR, CT, DE, IN, LA, ME, MT, SC, SD and TN, but you can play free games.

3. Blackout Bingo

iOS RatingEarning Potential
4.5 (84.4k)upto $100 per game

This is a game based on classic Bingo with a lot of twists and turns. Blackout Bingo is powered by Skillz eSporting network and is trustworthy.

Unlike the traditional Bingo game, your winning is not dependent on luck in this iOS game but on your strategy.

You can play one on one against other players who are selected by the game based on your experience and game level.

Both players are dealt with the same cards at the same time.


Who scores more points depends on your speed, skill, and strategy. You can use various bonuses and boosts available in the game to score more points.

Both players get two minutes to play the game, and whoever scores more points in those minutes wins the game and the cash prize.

As both players had to make entry fees, the player who lost the game lose the money.

The game has high-quality graphics and is played in virtual locations.

You can start by playing free games that help you win tokens and rewards. When you have enough practice and confidence, you can switch to money games or tournaments.

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4. Solitaire Cash

iOS RatingEarning Potential
4.6 (173k)upto $83 per game

This is another iPhone solitaire game loved by millions, and you can make real money playing this iOS game.

You can download this game for free and also play free games for fun and practice. If you want to make cash playing games, you need to pay an entry fee.

There are seven piles on the board, and you need to pile cards in descending order and according to colors.

You need to clear the cards and stack them up to the highest order.


You can get a bonus to finish the game early.

When you play against other players who are selected from a pool of similar-level players, you both will get the same cards and time.

You need to score more points than your opponent to win the game and money.

If you log in and play games daily, there are gifts and bonuses.

The game is sleek and fun to play. The money you win can be withdrawn to PayPal or Apple pay.

5. Bingo Cash

iOS RatingEarning Potential
4.7 (54.7k)upto $83 per game

Developed by Papaya gaming, this iOS gaming apps give you chance to win real cash for playing Bingo.

This is a fun bingo game that keeps your brain sharp and helps you pass the time.

The game has a modern feel along with elements of a classic bingo game that will bring back old nostalgic memories.

But unlike classic bingo games, it is a skill-based game, and here the results are not dependent on your luck but on your strategy.


When you decide to play head-on games, you will be matched against players of a similar level so that matches are fair.

Out of two players, you win more points during the game time wins the game.

Though both players are dealt with the same balls and conditions, you can develop a strategy based on your experience to score more points.

If you are after higher awards, you can enter multiplayer tournaments where prizes are pooled and much higher.

Make sure that before entering high-prize tournaments, your skills are top-notch because you will face fierce competition there.

When you win cash rewards, you can transfer them to your PayPal account or Apple pay.

6. Solitaire Cube

iOS RatingEarning Potential
4.6 (89.6k)upto $100upto $100 per game per game

If you love playing Solitaire games, you will love this iPhone game for money hosted on the Skillz platform.

This is an advanced version of the classic: Klondike Solitaire game.

You need to sort cards by their suit and stack them into piles. Playing this card game, you can win real money.


There are options to play free games for points and practice.

You can enter the money-paying games when you are acquainted enough with the game.

You can enter paid tournaments or one-to-one games.

When you play against another player of a similar level, you both get the same set of cards and whoever makes more points wins the game.

The gameplay is easy and interesting without any distractions from ads.

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7. 21 Blitz

iOS RatingEarning Potential
4.6 (27.7k)upto $100 per game

Gamers who love 21 and Solitaire game, will love this iOS game developed by Tether which is combination of both.

This is a nice iOS game that pays real money, but you can also play free games against real opponents for practice or just fun.

To win the games, you need to make 21s or stacks of five cards.

You can win bonus points for finishing the deck early.


When you play one-on-one games, both players are given the same set of cards. The player with most points at the end of time wins the game.

Play games regularly and climb leaderboards, win trophies, and other rewards. They also have a loyalty program on Skillz that rewards regular users.

As with all other Skillz games, you have the option to cashout via PayPal.

8. Pool Payday

iOS RatingEarning Potential
4.6 (78.7k)upto $100 per game

In pool games, this is the number one iOS game for real cash.

Playing this iPhone game you can win cash and have fun at the same time.

It’s an entertaining 8 ball pool game where you can play for fun or for money.

If you don’t want to put your money on line, there are free games you can play against others.

pool payday game app

If you are ready to take your game to the top-notch, there are money games available.

When you play against an opponent, there are two options available:

  • You can either play turn-wise, where you have to Wait when your opponent is playing and likewise
  • Or you can play offline, which means both players play at the same time, whoever scores more points wins the game

Your skills like speed, ball positioning, and trick shots can earn you more points and a chance to win more often than not.

All the money you earn here playing games can be taken out via PayPal or Apple Pay.

9. Dominoes Gold

iOS RatingEarning Potential
4.7 (24.7k)upto $100 per game

This iOS game is a classic board game with a twist that you can make money here.

When you play this game against an opponent, both of you will compete against a computer.

In the domino game fives, the player who beats the computer more times and wins more points will win the game and cash rewards.

dominoes games for money

If you can complete the game before the time limit you will win more bonus points.

You can choose to play against a single player or participate in bigger tournaments that are available daily.

10. Big Buck Hunter

iOS RatingEarning Potential
4.7 (10.9k)upto $100 per game

If you are into shooting or hunting games, this iOS game, Big Buck Hunter, will definitely excite you.

Millions of people have enjoyed this game in restaurants and arcades worldwide before it came to Skillz mobile platform.

You can play this iPhone game against real players and win cash rewards.

To play the game, you will select an animal and location where you and your opponent will play for in-game currency or real money.

Big buck hunter game for cash

Both the players will get limited time to shoot the bucks, and whoever scores more points will win the game.

There are many ways to score more points in the game, for example, head and head shots win more points.

If you can shoot from far, that will fetch you more points. All these extra points can help you outscore your opponent and win the prize money.

Win more matches and earn money for your PayPal account.

11. Block Blitz

iOS RatingEarning Potential
4.6 (4k)upto $100 per game

If you are into block games or puzzle games, this iOS game will be fun to play.

You can put in your money as entry fee and play cash games for real rewards.

Like a classic block game, you will be clearing the line, and you can use various power-ups and tricks to win more points.

block game for cash

You and your opponent will be playing the same game, so whoever has a better strategy and intuitive powers can score more points and win the game.

Hit power bolts for bonus points, and all this happens at a fast pace within three minutes.

You can withdraw your winnings to your PayPal account.

iPhone Games For Money Can Be Fun and Rewarding

All these iOS games that pay real money are really cool games developed by experienced companies.

These games are fun and exciting and keep users engaged for long time.

Make sure you don’t get addicted to them. On the other hand, if you are already spending so much time playing a mobile game, why not switch to these iOS games and make some money.

In that case, it will be a double win.

Just make sure that you know that these are just fun games and little extra money-making hustles and not replacements for your primary income source.

Get-paid-to-play apps mentioned above can lead to money loss, if your playing skills are not better than your opponent, you can lose, making it a kind of gambling.

So, only use money that you can afford to loose for playing these iPhone games.

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