How You Can Get Paid to be an Online Friend?

If you like talking to others, now you can make money by becoming a virtual friend. Learn how to get paid to be an online friend!


How would you like to get paid to be an online friend? You can get paid for doing things that friends do, such as chatting with people and playing games.

This side hustle is a great way to make some extra money in your spare time. In this blog post, we will discuss what virtual friendships are and how they work. There is no qualification required and it’s pretty simple to get started.

We’ll also talk about the websites where anyone can join and get paid to be a virtual friend!

What Are Virtual Friend Sites? 

If you have ever been on a site like these ones, the setup will be easy. You should know that these sites are strictly for friends and not for dating or anything else.

Sites like these work in some ways like other membership sites. For instance, you need to register and create your profile first.

Create A Profile

If you want to get paid to be a friend, you need to show your best side when you create an online profile.

This will help people decide if they want to talk with you. You should take time and be very specific about what you write down.

Research other profiles to get ideas of what people usually put in their profiles, like hobbies or interests.

List the things you can talk about with people. You might want to mention that you speak other languages, or that you have any special talents or interests. You might also want to tell them what kind of work you do and if there’s anything else interesting about yourself.

Just because you think your life has no interesting hobbies or experiences, doesn’t mean there is nothing to talk about. You never know what might be relevant so include anything at all. Even if it’s the most mundane things like food preferences and travel plans!

Mention favourite places you have been to recently and similar stuff.

Clear The Test

Some sites that pay you to be a virtual friend require passing an exam before they will approve your application.

The purpose of this step is really just so we can make sure that there is a real person sitting in front of a computer screen and not some robot mimicking to be a human!

Add Other Details

You’ll be able to start earning as soon as your job starts and will receive payments either via PayPal or bank account details that are filled out before starting work on the project/task at hand.

You can get set up easily an online Payoneer account (which effectively gives users a US-based payout).

Their fees are also lesser than Paypal, so if there is an option available for Payoneer, select that.

Wait for Clients to Approach You

You need to make a profile. Once it is finished and approved, people in your area will see it and approach you and you will get paid to be a friend.

They can search for you by age, gender, and other things they like in a person. If they like you, they can send you a message so that you know someone wants to talk to them.

You get to decide whether or not to answer the message.


How Much Money Can You Get Paid to Be A Virtual Friend? 

You can even earn $50 an hour, which doesn’t sound like such a bad price for online friendships. So go ahead and set your own rate! Make sure you are getting enough work though because if no one’s booking at that high-priced rate then what good does having a higher price do?

It might be worth checking out some other rates before deciding on a higher one. Maybe something closer to 20 bucks or less per session will give better results.

There are no investments to get paid to be an online friend. So if you earn this rate then it is a good earning option.

Who Can Get Paid To be An Online Friend?

If you enjoy talking to new people, have a knack for making small talk and breaking the ice (especially when it comes time to split from one conversation into another), then this job might be perfect for your interests.

You’ll also want to learn about others as much they do. So that every conversation has plenty of topics worth chatting about!

And finally…be someone who can give advice where needed or just listen attentively because we all need somebody.

One of the biggest complaints about online dating is that people can’t hold a conversation.

Listening, asking questions and talking with others will go a long way to making you successful in this area. But if you are an introvert and hate being surrounded by voices then maybe it isn’t for you!

You can check out this list of work from home jobs for introverts.

Tips For Getting Paid To Be A Virtual Friend

The internet is a haven for scammers, who hope you’ll fall victim to their schemes. They want your personal information so they can take what’s yours and leave with nothing but promises of gold.

There are precautions that can be taken – just remember: watch out for tricks like pretending to need help finding the best gas masks before suddenly asking about shipping options.

If something sounds too good to be true then it probably IS.

Consider the following tips while looking to get paid to be an online friend:

1. Safety

The internet is a magical place where you can make money, meet new people and explore different things.

They say that nothing is foolproof, but being an online companion for someone who’s lonely and wants to make new friends can be relatively safe as long you follow some simple tips.

Some people assume those looking up virtual companions are weird–but this isn’t always true! They could just want more privacy or time because of their disability; maybe they’re shy or have recently moved into a different area where no one knows them yet.

However, it’s important to be safe when doing anything online so don’t reveal personal information like name or address!

Create an account under a pseudonym first just in case something goes wrong. Always remember that no matter how close of friends we feel at any given moment. They’re still strangers who might one day want more than just our friendship (especially if their intentions were unclear from start).

2. Secure Payments

Websites like Craigslist has become a hot spot for criminals to prey on unsuspecting people.

To protect yourself from being scammed, only accept payments through official sites like PayPal or Payoneer and don’t fall victim to these payment collection faxes that offer huge cash prizes if you just send them some money!

3. Scam websites

There’s no need to fret if you use my list below. I’ve researched legit websites where people can get paid to be an online friend. So you won’t have any worries about being scammed!

4. Platonic Only

In an effort to provide a safe space for platonic relationships between adults, we have listed below sites that specialize in this type of dating.

The following websites offer discreet and anonymous meetings with other like-minded individuals who share your interests or values without any judgment from third parties such as friends & family!

So if you are looking into meeting someone online but would rather not reveal personal information about yourself then check out one of these awesome options today.

Where To Get Paid To Talk To Lonely People

1. Hire Virtual Friends on FriendPC

You can make money on FriendPC by being an online friend.

The site has different types of virtual friends, including emotional support and video game players to boost your self-esteem!

You’ll be able to filter through customer requests based on that criteria:

Does someone need somebody just for the company? Is he/she looking specifically at boosting creativity or as a gaming partner?


You could also offer up life coaching services.

The four main kinds of virtual friends on FriendPC include Virtual friends, life coaches, virtual girlfriends and gaming friends.

How Much Does It Cost To Be A Friend on FriendPC?

You can sign up for a free FriendPC account and offers many services.

You might have to pay small fees if you want more than one listing or certain types of listings on your profile, but it’s still worth checking out!

Once started earning money by providing service members with information about what they need-you’ll take home 90%-95% from each booking as FriendPC will take the remaining as commission.

Earning Potential On FriendPC? 

Virtual friends can be a great way to make some extra money on the side. You’ll need an open schedule and the ability to charge what you’re worth, but it could provide for fun in your free time!

A number of people are turning their passion into profit by offering various forms of “virtual girlfriend” or boyfriend service – these usually range from $5-$2000 depending upon the type (i.e., regular friend vs premium).

2. Rent A Friend

Rent A Friend is a perfect solution for those who have trouble making friends because of work or other commitments.

This website can be your virtual partner, allowing you to find someone online with whom you share many common interests and activities. Whether it’s video chatting every night after their show has ended (for those TV lovers) or sharing the emotional feelings of a person!

621K people already know how helpful this service really was when they needed somebody; now there are even more opportunities available thanks to Rent A Friend

You can offer your services on Rent A Friend and get paid to be an online friend without any upfront costs.

All you have to do is set what type of help or support would be beneficial for someone in need, like making them laugh over text messages during the day while they are at work!

You keep 100% by charging whatever clients desire; there’s no membership fee required (and people who seek new friends pay $24).

Is Rent A Friend Safe?

Rent A Friend is a website where people can rent someone to be their virtual friend. You never know who might show up, so it’s important that the person has clean criminal records.

Follow regular online safety tips such as meeting in public places or telling somebody where they’re going before travelling alone

Earning Potential on Rent A Friend?

The best way to make money on is by setting your own rates up until a maximum of $50 dollars an hour. You can choose what kind of activity you want. How many people are participating in it and even set the location too? All for this great price point that will fit just about anyone’s budget needs.

They are one of the best in business but their site is outdated and looks like from last century.

3. Rent a Friend on RentaCyberFriend

If you’re looking for a virtual friend, there are plenty of options out on the market.

One site in particular that I found was Rent A Cyber Friend which offers all kinds of different types and levels- from just being an online companion or trainer through their experts who can help tutor languages too!


There are only a few people available on their website so if this sounds good then go ahead with investing your time into getting connected quickly.

It is not as popular as Rent A Friend and you can find a few work opportunities here. The con is the membership fee which starts at $29/month; however, if you start getting connections, it can be a good source to earn money online.


This is a great site to make some money on! You can find virtual friends from all over the world and it’s easy enough that anyone could do it. Make yourself an account, list your hobbies/interests (whatever they may be), answer some questions about yourself–and you’re good to get paid to be an online friend :).

With RentALocalFriend, you can find a virtual friend job to hang out with in any city of your choice.

Create an account and make sure that the profile information is up-to-date so they will contact YOU!

You could earn $120 per day on this site which means tons more fun than just being lonely at home or going out drinking by yourself all night long…

The website is reputable and less cluttered with scammers. You can make a profile quickly, which will give you access to your inbox once verified as soon as possible!

5. Get Paid to be a Virtual Friend on Fiverr

Fiverr is a website where you can find people to do almost anything for five dollars or in its increments.  

You could list your services, set the price and wait until someone books them!

However, it’s important that when listing on Fiverr – as with any site or app, you are clear about what exactly they’ll get from booking your service(s).

This way there won’t be any confusion over whether said job involves just making friends through messaging online (in which case we would say something like “I’m available 24/7”).

On average, you can make $10 per hour on this website by becoming a virtual friend.

The friend site that’s free to join and has plenty of opportunities. You’ll be able to compete with other members and get paid to be an online friend, but earnings aren’t as high here as some other sites.

6. Get Paid to be an Online Friend on Freelancer

You may have heard of freelancer before. It’s a site where people can look for all kinds of services – including if you’re looking to get paid to be a virtual friend.

Once signed up with the website, users are given an opportunity to bid on different projects without any cost whatsoever.

All that’s left now is searching through various opportunities involving chatting or being friends-to help out someone else in need…You can try using terms like “chat” and “friendship” to find opportunities.

Freelancer is a great site for making money from home.

It sorts out scammers and the payment process happens quickly so you can get your funds in no time at all.

You’ll need an account with either PayPal, credit card or bank transfer but once linked it’ll be easy to manage as well.

Teens between the ages of 15-18 have been allowed on this platform with adult supervision.

7. College Pirates

College Pirates is an online platform that lets you get paid for providing college students with general or specific guidance on issues they face such as choosing majors.

You can earn up to $80 per consultation, which includes advice about what’s going on in their life with your generic resource of knowledge!

Current students or past students can be connected with a student who needs help through this app. Senior students get paid for companionship.

All you have to do is fill out some information about yourself and the college/major in which you’re interested.

They will match up students based on what they need most, video chat or voice calls whatever works better for both parties can be done.

So this is not strictly an online virtual friend jobs site.

Conclusion on Get Paid To Be An Online Friend

If you’ve ever had a side hustle idea, this is one to consider. It has some decent earning potential and it can be done from the comfort of your own home.

The best part about these services is that they don’t require any special skills or certifications for employment, so anyone who wants to make money by talking on the phone with other people may find something here that works well for them.

I hope that this article has given you some tips on how to meet people online and get paid to be a virtual friend.

Remember, there are plenty of pros and cons for each site so just try a few out to see which one suits you best!

Let me know in the comments section below if any of these sites worked well for you.

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