Legit 24 Free Apps That Pay Real Money Instantly to Paypal (2024)

There is nothing like getting free PayPal money notifications every day. Let’s find out the best free apps that pay real money instantly to PayPal!

You have heard about PayPal, right! Wants to know about the apps that pay instantly to PayPal? You are at the right place to know how to get free money on PayPal.

Paypal is one of the most popular platforms, especially for international payments.

There are millions of active members on PayPal, making it one of the most used platforms.

Due to its popularity, there are several apps that pay you real money instantly to PayPal.

Here in this article, we cover apps for both Android and iOS devices that pay money to PayPal. These apps pay you real money and not just gift cards.

Most of these are apps that pay you instantly to PayPal, and I use many of these to get cash instantly many times. A few of these will take up to 24 hours or so to transfer money to your PayPal account.

So let’s find out how to get free money on PayPal and what apps pay you instantly!

Top 5 Apps That Pay You Real Money Instantly Through PayPal

Swagbucks Dynamic Block with Explosions
Must Try
$10 Joining Bonus
Best for earning online
  • Earn with surveys, games, videos, and shopping
  • Wide variety of gift cards for redemption
  • Use on the go on the mobile app or website

1. Swagbucks – Overall winner app to get paid online

2. Survey Junkie – Highest PayPal paying app

3. Branded Surveys – Highly reputed app to make money fast

4. Mistplay – Best android gaming platform to make money

5. Inbox Dollars – Many diverse ways to make money online

Best free apps that pay real money to Paypal

Apps that Pay Instantly to Paypal for Surveys

1. Swagbucks Legit App That Pay Instantly to PayPal

Swagbucks is perhaps the best instant money app on the internet.

Mainly because it’s a very old and trusted website with various options to make money instantly and is one of the best apps to make money for PayPal.

get free PayPal money on swagbucks

You can earn money by playing games that pay instantly to PayPal, surfing the web, taking surveys, and watching videos.

You can also refer your friends and get 10% of their earnings for a lifetime.

For cashing out, You can get paid via PayPal or Amazon gift cards, etc.

2. Branded Surveys PayPal Earning App

If you’re looking for PayPal earning apps, sign up for a branded surveys website. You can earn a signup bonus just for signing up and then start earning money for taking surveys.

The more surveys you take, the more money you’ll make. And best of all, you can get your earnings whenever you want in this instant payout app.

get paid today with branded survey

There are a few different ways to make money with a branded surveys website. One way is to get paid instantly through PayPal.

You can also get gift cards for popular retailers such as Amazon, Walmart, and Target.

Finally, you can also choose to donate your earnings to a charity of your choice. No matter how you choose to get paid, taking surveys on a branded website is a great way to earn some extra cash.

Best Survey App

Our Top Recommendation

Branded Surveys

  • High earning surveys
  • Easy-to-use website
  • Many ways to earn

3. Survey Junkie Free App That Pay Real Money Instantly

Want to maximize your PayPal earnings from surveys? Try Survey Junkie, one of the best legit money making apps.

They have the best surveys available and is one of the free apps that pay you real money instantly with good-paying surveys.


You earn points for every survey and trade them in for cash instantly to your Paypal account.

Top Earning Pick

survey junkie

Gives You More Money

Survey Junkie

  • Highest Paying Surveys
  • Up to $50 per survey
  • Industry-leading surveys

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4. ySense for Free PayPal Money

ySense is a platform or a reward-based website/ app that pay you and is a good option for people looking for free PayPal money instantly worldwide.

ySense PayPal money

ySense is a member of the Prodege, LLC family, like InboxDollars.

They offer several rewards for its users for taking surveys and completing other online tasks such as watching videos or other offers.

You can get paid in different ways, including PayPal cash and other popular store gift cards. You need the PayPal app downloaded or registered (free) to be rewarded with PayPal money.

5. Free PayPal Money on InboxDollars

InboxDollars is a PayPal money earning app that speaks for itself, with 4.2 stars out of 30K reviews on websites like Trustpilot.

Other than games, it also pays you to read emails, take surveys, do free trials, watch videos, etc. You can also play games that pay instantly to PayPal.

If you want to know how to get money fast and easily, you can always bet on Inboxdollars to get 50 to 100 extra dollars every month!

Here are my one month’s earnings with this app when I was actively using it.

inbox dollar earning

You can cash out by PayPal quickly or you can choose gift cards.

Sign up and get PayPal Money instantly here for free.

Don’t forget to verify your email to get an instant $5 bonus and paid emails.

6. MyPoints PayPal Legit Paying App

When looking for apps to make money on PayPal, MyPoints is one such PayPal earning app. With MyPoints you can earn free PayPal money instantly.

Get money for completing surveys, watching videos, and shopping online.

You can also play games that pay instantly to PayPal.


You can also earn cashback gift cards on this app that pays you. Shop through the MyPoint website, and You’ll get a $10 Amazon gift card.

The payout threshold is five dollars. Once you reach there, you can then get an instant PayPal payout.

7. Respondent For Instant Paypal Payout

If you are looking for how to get free money on PayPal with high-paying opportunities such as making $100 a day with PayPal, Respondent can be your app to make money for PayPal.

It involves answering a few questions but not as in other survey sites, but it’s a focus group.

respondent make money fast

You need to create a profile; then, you can apply to participate in different sessions.

The surveys can be from 15 minutes to one hour if you are selected. It’s one of the best apps that pay you instantly $100-$250 for one hour of work.

You can then transfer rewards as free PayPal money instantly to your account. Join now to make $100 a day with PayPal.

8. FeaturePoints Paypal Money Earning App

FeaturePoints is very flexible in payouts as you can choose PayPal, Bitcoin, gift cards, credits towards games, etc.

featurpoint best gpt website

It is one of the simplest legit paying apps to make money, and their payout is the fastest, usually within hours. So indeed, this is the app that pays instantly to PayPal.

On FeaturePoints, you can play Paypal games that pay real money, watch videos, shop online, and take surveys to earn free PayPal cash fast.

9. Paypal Earning App PrizeRebel

Prizerebel is a great site to make money with surveys with plenty of options available. You can take surveys, watch videos or complete other offers on websites to make money.

prizerebel PayPal cash

Doing all these things will earn points that you can change to money and withdraw to PayPal or other gift cards such as Walmart.

Payout is instant, making it one of the legit payings apps that pay instantly to PayPal.

Apps that Pay You Through Paypal Instantly For Shopping

10. PayPal Paying App Tada

Tada is one of the best cashback apps to get free money instantly for people looking for how to get free money on PayPal.

get easy PayPal money on Tada

Do your shopping through Tada, and you will get 3 to 10% cashback for all your shopping from major 2000 stores.

There is an option to get an instant PayPal payout. You can also choose Amazon vouchers, where you can get an extra 3% cashback.

11. Instant PayPal Payout On Ibotta

How to get free money on PayPal after shopping? It’s simple, use Ibotta. It’s an app that pays you. If you want to buy something, browse for the offers in the ibotta app.

Buy the item and upload a photo of your receipt, and Ibotta will give you a cashback.

ibotta-app-for paypal-money

Ibotta pays instantly by PayPal payments, or you have the options to take gift cards.

12. Paypal Earning App BeFrugal

BeFrugal is a cashback app to make money. The major selling point in favour of BeFrugal is that they provide cashback for more than 5,000 stores.


These stores include well-known names, like Target and Walmart. So you are sure to get some cash back if you use this app.

Here is one of my payouts from this app.


You can transfer free cashback money to your PayPal account other than gift cards. So, make money online (Paypal) while shopping on Befrugal.

stash sign up bonus
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13. Rakuten App That Pay in PayPal

Rakuten, earlier known as ebates is a cashback site like BeFrugal where you purchase items online and get cashback and is one of the best apps that pay you instantly and make money for PayPal.

There is cashback up to 40%, especially during the holiday season.


When you sign up, you will get a $25 reward after placing your first order through Rakuten.

PayPal, as well as gift cards, are the options to withdraw your rewards.

Instant PayPal Money for Selling Old Stuff

14. Legit PayPal Earning App Decluttr

You have some items lying around, and you don’t need them. You can earn some real cash by selling them.

Use the Decluttr app to get money instantly to PayPal for selling stuff.

Get Paypal cash by decluttering

You have to just provide a barcode key, and the rest is taken care of by Decluttr!

They’ll decide on a price quote and ask for your agreement. If you agree with the price you can send your item to them.

You’ll be rewarded with cash in your PayPal account the next day in this instant payout app.

Legit Games That Pay Instantly to PayPal

15. MistPlay Games For PayPal Cash

Mistplay is a popular game that offers a lot of online games to play.

Games available on the app are diverse and fun to play.

get paid today with mistplay

Mistplay is an Android app that pay instantly to PayPal and the payout is just $5 and easy to reach.

Due to the variety of games available, you can spend more time on this app and play games that pay instantly on Paypal.

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16. FusionCash Free App That Pay Real Money Instantly

This is technically not an app but a website that pays you PayPal cash for playing games and doing online stuff.

You can make money here on this website by playing different PayPal games that pay real money and watching videos.

All the cash you have earned can be redeemed via Paypal.

The minimum payout threshold is $25, and you get $5 as a bonus on signup.

Sign up here for a $5 bonus on this PayPal money earning app.

17. Givling

It is a trivia game and one of the famous apps that pay real money instantly.

They have already paid out more than 8 million dollars to their users. It is a crowdfunded game, and for playing, you earn points.

You can also win real money playing games on Givling.

18. Cashpirate Buzz

A great free game app that pays instantly to PayPal.

Playing on CashPirate Buzz you will earn coins that can be exchanged for Paypal cash.

You can play different games like puzzles and other online tasks on this app.

The payout threshold is one of the lowest at 2.5 dollars.

19. Lucktastic

As the name suggests, it is a luck-based game where you can win instant PayPal money by scratching cards.

lupktastic games to win money

You get digital scratch cards and can win thousands of dollars if your luck is working.

You get $1 as a signup bonus plus $1 for every referral on Lucktastic.

20. Cashout

This game app offers different gaming options to earn points and money.

There are many exciting games available, but not all the time.

In addition to games, you can do other online activities like surveys and watching videos to earn more money to reach the payout threshold.

Try CashOut legit app that pays instantly to PayPal today.

Get Free PayPal Money for Other Stuff

21. Instacart

Shop other’s groceries in your free time to earn money. You can either deliver groceries or become an in-store shopper and just shop groceries while someone else delivers them.


While you go for your shopping, you can take gigs from others on the Instacart app and shop for them and make money. You have the option to get paid on Paypal every day on this instant payout app.

Just sign up here and pass the verification check to start earning.

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22. Sweatcoins

You can stay fit and earn Paypal cash while doing it. Sweatcoin is an app that tracks your steps and physical activity. Based on that, you will be rewarded points.

make money with sweat coin app

These points can be exchanged to get free Paypal cash.

The more you walk, the more points and more PayPal money you will earn with this app.

23. Earny

Earny is a legit reward app where you can win thousands without any effort.

Just link your Amazon account with the Earny app, and you will be entered into sweepstakes for Amazon purchases.

The number of actions you take in the app will be converted into tickets. With the increase in the number of tickets, your chance to get free Paypal money also increases.

24. Steady

Steady is a gig economy app where you can take up small gigs to earn free PayPal money instantly.

There are more than 2 million people on Steady who take small jobs to earn extra cash.

steady side gig app

Based on your location and profile, you can take small jobs in your area and make some decent extra cash.

Want to Make Some Quick Money, Try These Resources:

Conclusion on Free Apps That Pay Real Money Instantly Through PayPal

You will not get rich by using these apps to earn free PayPal money instantly. But if you need money urgently, these instant PayPal payout apps are pretty handy to start.

Don’t spend your time and focus on filling surveys that pay less than a dollar. You can leverage these apps that pay you instantly by using a signup bonus and referring friends to earn more money.

In your free time, you can go through your phone to do a survey or play a game to earn a few extra dollars into your PayPal account.

Cashing Out: How to get free money on PayPal?

Your earnings would not appear in your PayPal account by themselves. You would get more like a PayPal gift card.

You have to go to the rewards page of the free apps that pay you real money instantly and pick which PayPal gift card amount you want to withdraw.

Place the request, and money will appear in your PayPal account, depending upon the processing time of the app.

Then how to get money from Paypal? Simply link your bank account to Paypal and place a withdrawal request.


Do these apps that pay through PayPal pay instantly?

You need to remember we are here talking about the free apps that pay you real money instantly to PayPal when you reach the payout threshold.

They will not pay you instantly as you earn. Some apps have a payout of $1, while others have as high as $25.

When you reach that threshold, you can get paid instantly to PayPal.

What are the game apps that Pay instantly to PayPal?

There are many in the list above, but the best ones are:




You can play games here and earn points in these apps. These points can then be converted into Paypal cash once you reach the payout threshold.

Do game apps pay real money?

Game apps that pay instantly to Paypal work in a way that you will earn points of game currency for gaming. For example, in Swagbucks, when you play games, you will earn Swagbucks.

The value of these Swagbucks is predefined. Meaning: you get fixed dollars for a set number of Swagbucks.

When you accumulate enough points, you can exchange them for real PayPal cash.

Does PayPal give free money instantly?

No, PayPal is like a bank, and it doesn’t give you free money instantly.

You can earn extra cash on websites like here, which they pay to your PayPal account.

The way you earn free PayPal money instantly will depend on the apps you use.

Do these apps also pay instantly to cash app?

No, PayPal is a universally accepted payment option. Hence all these apps pay through PayPal without any issues. But cash app does not accept direct payments from these apps. Cash app is best for one-to-one transactions.

How to make free $100 with PayPal?

To make $100 instantly with PayPal, take advantage of the signup bonuses that some apps offer just to create an account.

These bonuses will get you free PayPal money instantly without any effort.

Taking surveys is good for some cash, but they never pay enough, so use these signup bonuses and refer friends to earn more money.

Try this list of best sites for free money for signing up.

On the other hand, use sites that pay higher rewards like, Respondent. You can earn 100 to 250 dollars in one go if you qualify.

Using this, you can make $100 instantly with PayPal.

How to Increase earnings from apps that pay instantly to PayPal?

All these apps pay instantly to Paypal, but each app’s earning potential is different.

Few apps have more options than others to earn money.

Apps like ySense offer only surveys as a way to earn money, while Inboxdollars have other options to make money.

Make use of all these options available to reach the payout thresholds soon.

paypal money
Free apps that pay real money instantly

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