Best Data Entry Jobs Online From Home in 2024

Data entry jobs online are one of the most popular work-from-home opportunities. They’re usually relatively easy to do, don’t require any special skills or experience, and can be done on a flexible schedule.

Data entry jobs have evolved significantly with the digital revolution, making it easier than ever to access these opportunities from anywhere.

As businesses globally embrace remote work, the demand for virtual data entry professionals has surged.

There are many scams in this field, so it’s important to do your research before taking on any work-from-home opportunity.

Learn here how to get one of these jobs.

What Are Data Entry Jobs?

For people with good keyboard skills and attention to detail, data entry jobs can be the easy breadwinner.

Data entry work generally involves taking information from one source and entering it into a system or computer.

This information can be anything, reports, notes, scanned documents, etc.

data entry

While some data entry work may require minimal qualifications, other positions may require specific training or experience.

However, many companies offer work-from-home data entry jobs without any experience.

If you want a flexible job that you can do from the comfort of your own home, data entry is certainly a good option for you.

What Kind of Data Entry Jobs Are Available Online?

Many of these jobs are available online for those who want to work from home.

One option is to become a virtual assistant, which involves providing administrative support to clients. You will be required to type in a variety of data for clients.

Data entry jobs are also available for those interested in transcribing audio or video files.

These jobs typically involve listening to recorded files and typing the corresponding text.
Out of these so many options, there is surely a data entry job that is a good fit for everyone.

Skills Required for Data Entry Jobs

For data entry jobs, you need some basic skills.

For this job, you need fast typing and keyboarding skills. This means being able to type quickly and accurately.

You also need to be able to focus for long periods and pay close attention to detail.

what skills are required for data entry

Many data entry jobs involve working with large amounts of data, so staying organized is also important.
Some knowledge of office software, like Word and Excel, is also beneficial.

Good communication skills are helpful because you may need to liaise with clients or customers.
You may be well-suited for a data entry job if you have all these skills.

What Things Are Required for Data Entry Jobs?

There are a few things that you need to work from home as a data entry freelancer.

The most important thing you need is your computer and then a stable internet connection.

You will also need access to a phone and email to communicate with clients or customers.
If you are transcribing audio or video files, you will need a headset.

Having a quiet workspace where you can focus on your work is helpful. You can complete data entry jobs from home if you have all of these things.

Role of Automation and Software

Automation is reshaping the data entry landscape, with software increasingly taking over repetitive tasks.

Understanding how to use in-demand tools, such as CRM software, Excel, and basic programming for data manipulation, can make you more competitive in the job market.

Staying adaptable and continuously learning about new technologies will help you remain relevant and valuable to employers.

How Much Do Data Entry Jobs Pay?

Data entry jobs typically pay by the hour or by the project. Hourly rates usually range from $8 to $20 per hour.

Project-based pay can fluctuate depending on the length and complexity of the project.

Rates for data entry jobs are often less than other online jobs, but they can still be a good way to earn extra money without much effort and brainstorming.

Many companies offer work-from-home data entry jobs with no experience necessary.

Places to Find Data Entry Jobs

Try these 13 places to find data entry jobs online from home.

1. Flexjobs

One of the best places to start looking for data entry jobs is Flexjobs. They have a large database of remote work.

Search for data entry jobs on the platform, and they will populate your page with all the relevant jobs.


Go through the jobs and find which one suits your needs best.

Create your account on the platform and start searching for jobs. You can narrow down your options based on location, rates, and more factors.


  • Set up job alerts: Configure job alerts to receive notifications for new data entry postings that match your preferences.
  • Utilize the resources section: Take advantage of Flexjobs’ webinars and articles on improving your resume and interview skills, tailored for remote work.

2. Indeed

Indeed is another great place to start your search if you’re looking for data entry jobs from home. To find jobs on Indeed, type “data entry” into the search bar and set the location to “Remote.”

Try filters to shortlist your desired results. For example, you can filter by job type, salary, and experience level.


Once you’ve found some data entry jobs that interest you, click on the job listing to read more about the position and apply.


  • Update your profile regularly: Keep your Indeed profile updated to increase visibility to employers searching for candidates.
  • Use the resume feature: Upload your resume to Indeed to easily apply to multiple jobs and allow potential employers to find you.

3. Fiverr

Data entry home jobs are becoming more and more popular with increased demand.

Fiverr is a great platform for finding these data entry gigs as it offers a wide variety of services at a very competitive price.


To find data entry gigs on Fiverr, search for “data entry” in the gig section.

Go through a variety of data entry services and choose the one that best suits your needs.

Once you have found a data entry job that you are interested in, contact the client and ask for more information. Data entry jobs on Fiverr start at $5 minimum.


  • Create a standout gig: Offer unique data entry services or packages to stand out among competitors.
  • Engage with the community: Use the Fiverr forum to network with other freelancers and share tips for success.

4. Upwork

Upwork is a website that connect clients with remote workers for various tasks, including data entry.

While the competition on Upwork can be stiff, there are still many opportunities available for those willing to put in the time to search for them.


If you have a strong portfolio of work, you can find high paying work-from-home data entry jobs on Upwork.

Highlight in your profile, all the relevant skills you have and all your experience that may help you land a data entry job.

After making the profile, you can start looking for work and bid on the projects you like.


  • Personalize your proposals: Tailor each proposal to the specific job post to show clients you understand their needs.
  • Skill tests: Take Upwork’s skill tests related to data entry and display your scores to enhance your profile’s credibility.

5. Craigslist

Craigslist provides many data entry job options.

From their huge database of jobs, you can find the job that suits you best.

You can filter the available jobs based on your location, rates etc.

With a little effort, you should be able to find data entry jobs that are right for you.


  • Be proactive: Regularly check the “Gigs” section in addition to the “Jobs” section for short-term opportunities.
  • Safety first: Always verify the legitimacy of the job and the employer before proceeding, especially on platforms like Craigslist where scams are more common.

6. Xerox

Xerox can be a great portal to search for data entry jobs. They are highly reputed and have a good database of jobs.

Search for the exact keword you want to work, like data entry for xyz. Then choose from the availble job options.

Xerox for data entry jobs

Search for the job of your interest on the listing and follow the instructions to apply.

Xerox is a great place to find data entry jobs, and with a little effort, you can land a great job with this leading company.


  • Join their community: Follow Xerox on social media and engage with their content to stay updated on job openings and company news.
  • Research the company: Understanding Xerox’s business and values can help tailor your application to align with their needs.

7. SmartCrowds

Ranging from simple copy-and-paste tasks to more complex data entry projects, there are all kind of jobs available here.

Join SmartCrowd by creating a free account and look for your desired jobs.

smart crowds for data entry

Based on your skills and interest, select your desired jobs.

Take a small test to become member on their website and if you are successful, you can start taking work right away.


  • Skill development: Participate in any training SmartCrowd offers to improve your efficiency and accuracy in data entry.
  • Active participation: Regularly check for updates and new job postings to grab opportunities as soon as they appear.

8. Amazon MTurk

If you’re looking for data entry jobs on Amazon MTurk, you can find them by searching for “data entry home.”

This will show the data entry jobs that are currently available. You can then use different criterias to narrow down the list to find jobs that match your skills and qualifications.

Once you’ve found a few data entry jobs that you’re interested in, you can click on them to learn more about the job and see if it’s a good fit for you.

If it is, click the “Accept” button to start working on the job.


  • Start with small tasks: Build your reputation on the platform by completing smaller tasks before tackling larger, higher-paying ones.
  • Join forums: Engage with other MTurk workers in forums to exchange tips on finding worthwhile tasks and increasing earnings.

9. SigTrack

Data entry is a great way to earn some extra money on the side. And SigTrack is a have various data entry jobs available.

Here’s how it works: SigTrack runs campaigns for political candidates and other clients.

They need people to enter data from paper documents into their system manually.


That’s where data entry workers like you come in. When you sign up with Sigtrack, you can choose which campaigns you want to work on.

You’ll then be given instructions on what data to enter and where to find it. Once you’re done, you submit your work and get paid! It’s that easy.


  • Practice accuracy: Since SigTrack pays based on accuracy, practice entering data accurately to increase your pay rate.
  • Seasonal readiness: Be particularly active during election seasons when demand for data entry related to political campaigns increases.

10. WAHM

Join the website now and start looking for jobs.

Make your profile filled with complete details that include your skills and experience.

warm data entry jobs

This will help you find the best job for you.

WAHM is a great resource for finding data entry jobs.


  • Participate in forums: WAHM forums can be a great source of advice and job leads from other work-at-home professionals.
  • Continuously learn: Take advantage of any educational resources provided by WAHM to enhance your data entry skills and work-from-home efficiency.

11. Rat Race Rebellion

Rat Race Rebellion website offer different resources that can teach you the basics of data entry and they also provide a list of companies that hire workers for these positions.

Rat Race Rebellion website offers a job search engine to help you find data entry positions matching your qualifications.

Rat Race Rebellion also offers a community of data entry workers that you can connect with for support and advice.


  • Sign up for their newsletter: Stay informed about the latest data entry jobs by subscribing to the Rat Race Rebellion newsletter.
  • Engage with the community: Share experiences and tips with others in the community to learn about the best opportunities.

12. DionData Solutions

Are you looking for work from home data entry jobs? If so, DionData Solutions may have answers for you.

They are a leading provider of data entry services and work with various businesses to help them manage their data more efficiently.

They offer different data entry jobs and are always looking for talented and motivated individuals to join their teams.


  • Specialize: If you have experience in a specific industry, highlight this in your application to DionData Solutions to stand out.
  • Follow up: If you’ve applied and haven’t heard back, a polite follow-up can demonstrate your interest and enthusiasm for the position.

13. Zirtual

Thanks to Zirtual, it’s easy to find data entry jobs that fit your skills and schedule.

Zirtual is a platform that connects businesses with virtual assistants.

virtual data entry jobs from home

Businesses post data entry and many more jobs on the Zirtual website, and virtual assistants can apply for the jobs they’re interested in.

Once you’ve found a data entry job that you’re qualified for and that fits your schedule, you can start working right away.


  • Showcase your niche skills: If you have specific skills or industry knowledge, highlight these in your application to attract businesses looking for more than general data entry.
  • Build a strong profile: Create a detailed profile that highlights your data entry speed, accuracy, and any relevant experience to make it easy for businesses to choose you.

How to Avoid Scams in Data Entry Jobs?

With the growth of the internet, there are now more opportunities than ever to work online.

One popular option is data entry jobs. These roles involve entering information into online forms or databases.

While this work can be done from anywhere in the world, it’s important to be aware of the scams out there.

Only apply for jobs that come from reputable sources. Read the job listing carefully and research the company before applying.

Never pay for a job or give away personal information like your Social Security number before doing your due diligence.

Red Flags if Something is a Scam

Watch out for red flags if you think something might be a scam.

For example, if the job listing is full of grammatical errors or seems too good to be true, it’s likely a scam.

If they say you don’t need to have any skill (even typing), they are just luring you into a scam.

Another sign that something is a scam is if the company asks for personal information like your Social Security number before you even have a chance to interview for the job.

If the company asks for money upfront, this is a sure sign that it’s a scam.

Save yourself from being scammed by being alert and find a legitimate data entry job online.

Tips for Starting Data Entry Jobs

If you’re interested in data entry jobs, you can do a few things to increase your chances of success.

Keep practicing your speed typing skills.

Higher typing speed will make you more efficient at the job.

Learn basic computer programs like Microsoft Word and Excel which will help you get more work. These programs are often used for data entry tasks.

Always proofread your work carefully before submitting it.

By preparing, you will increase your chances of getting a data entry job that’s a good fit for you.

Start Your Data Entry Gig Today

These data entry jobs are one of the simplest and quickest way to make money online. They’re typically relatively easy to do and can be done from anywhere in the world. They also offer the flexibility of timing, so even if you are looking for evening jobs to make extra money, they can fit the bill.

But be aware of the scams that are out there.

Be sure to only apply for jobs from reputable sources and never pay for a job or give away personal information before doing your research.

Join online communities related to remote work and data entry to stay informed about the latest trends and opportunities.

By following these simple tips, you can find legitimate data entry jobs and avoid being scammed.


How much can I expect to earn from data entry jobs?

The money you make, will depend on the company you’re working for and difficulty level of job.

Some data entry jobs may have an hourly rate, while others may pay per project.

What skills do I need for data entry jobs?

Though you need any extra skills, but typing speed and accuracy are important for success in data entry jobs.

A better understanding of programs like Microsoft Word and Excel, it will certainly help in this job.

Do I need to be able to type fast for data entry jobs?

While it’s not required, having a fast typing speed for data entry jobs can be helpful. Good typing speed will make you efficient at the job.

Is data entry a real job?

Yes, it is a real job. Though many people do it part-time to supplement their income, many have full-time data entry jobs as 9 to 5.

Can I teach myself data entry?

Data entry is not a complex or difficult job. You can always practice increasing your typing speed and teach yourself about applications that help in data entry jobs.

Also, there are many certifications available that you can take to get more knowledge and help in getting work.

How do I manage tight deadlines in high-volume data entry work?

Prioritize tasks based on urgency, break down projects into smaller tasks, and use productivity tools to keep track of deadlines.

Are there career development opportunities within data management from data entry roles?

Yes, with additional training and experience, moving into roles like data analyst, administrative coordinator, or even project manager is possible.

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