How to Get Paid to Watch Ads and Videos (Watch Ads for Money in 2024)

Want to earn money using your smartphone? Learn here how to get paid to watch videos & ads!

In the digital age, advertising has taken a revolutionary turn. Companies now seek to engage directly with consumers through their devices. This shift has opened up a unique opportunity for people like us to earn money by simply watching these ads on our smartphones.

It’s a win-win: companies get their products seen, and we get paid for our time.

Watching ads for money is one of the easiest ways to make money, as you don’t need any experience or particular setup. Literally, anyone with a mobile can make money watching videos with this idea.

You can get paid to watch ads on your Smartphone or laptop with the apps and sites described in this article.

You can run ads in the background on your phone while watching TV, or a few of these apps run ads on the lock screens of your phone.

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The Mechanism Behind Paid Ads

Ever wonder how watching a few seconds of an ad can translate to real dollars in your pocket? It’s all about the value of your attention.

Advertisers pay these platforms to display their content, hoping to capture your interest.

In return, a portion of this payment is passed on to you, the viewer. It’s like renting out your screen time for a quick profit.

How Much Money You can Make by Watching Ads?

You will not make thousands of dollars in money by watching ads, but you can make 10 to 100 dollars every month for free while watching ads.

Earnings are in cents per minute on most of the apps. After reading cents, don’t give up on this idea just yet. It will not cost you anything to give it a try.

It does not even warrant your focused attention. Just download these apps and run ads in the background while you do any other thing. Then you will be making a few dollars every month for doing nothing. Use multiple apps to compare which ones offer the best pay rates and stick with them.

It won’t pay your bills, but it will definitely help along with other side hustles like freelance writing or online tutoring that can earn more. It’s an ideal option for those who want a non-demanding side gig.

A few apps also offer to watch shows or videos for money. If you like any of those shows, you can get paid to watch videos and shows you enjoy.

Note: While this seems easy, be mindful of data consumption and privacy. Some apps might collect data on your viewing habits.

Let’s see how to make money by watching ads and videos.

Places To Make Money By Watching Video Ads

Here is the list of apps and websites for getting paid to watch video ads. Join these websites for free and start earning money. Try using multiple of them for a few days each to determine what pays the highest based on your location and other such things.

1. Swagbucks

Very highly reputed website to make money online that offers so many ways to make money. Watching ads to earn money is one of the ways you can use to make money on Swagbucks.

They have paid ~500 million dollars to its users worldwide and continue to serve its audience.


You can sign up for free from anywhere in the world and earn a $10 sign-up bonus just for joining.

Get paid to watch video ads in your free time and top up that with other ways to earn money like paid surveys and tasks such as downloading apps, playing games to reach the payout threshold amount faster.

For doing these tasks you earn Swagbucks and 100 SBs are worth one dollar. When you change these SBs to cash on PayPal or as gift cards on Amazon or other stores.

Key Points:

  • Combine video ad watching with other tasks like surveys and downloading apps to accelerate your earnings.
  • Keep an eye out for special tasks and offers that might yield higher Swagbucks.
  • Regularly convert your Swagbucks into cash or gift cards to keep track of your earnings.

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2. InboxDollars

Inboxdollars is a great option to earn money by watching videos from home. They have several options to earn money, such as taking surveys, completing offers, and watching video ads for money.

They have different video options, such as other TV shows to watch to earn money. Various categories of videos are available such as food, health, and more to watch.


In short, you can get paid to watch ads and videos on this platform. You can watch a maximum of 30 videos daily on the platform. You will earn 5 to 50 cents on average for each video and a few times more.

Take out this money when you reach the payout threshold. Different options exist to take out your money, such as PayPal or gift cards to famous stores.

On top of that, you will get a $5 bonus when your sign up here on InboxDollars.

Key Points:

  • Explore various video categories like food and health to keep things interesting while you earn.
  • Maximize your earnings by watching the maximum of 30 videos daily.
  • Utilize your downtime or multitask while watching videos to optimize earning potential.

3. PrizeRebel

A great site to watch ads for money PayPal.

There are plenty of surveys to fill out on the website, along with many offers. And you can get paid to watch video ads on this website.

prizerebel PayPal cash

It’s a more than 10-year-old website that has paid more than 20 million as prize money to its users. Another great thing about it is that it is available in countries other than the USA, unlike InboxDollars.

When you earn enough points, you can withdraw your money as PayPal cash or as gift cards. Payouts are fast and instantaneous; you can take them as low as $2.

Key Points:

  • Diversify your earning methods with surveys and offers available on the site.
  • Take advantage of its international availability if you’re not in the USA.
  • Regularly check for new video ads to maximize your earnings.
  • Cash out your earnings quickly and efficiently, with options like PayPal cash or gift cards

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4. MyPoints

On Mypoints, you can watch ads for money or earn points for so many other things like surveys, games, or searching the web. You can make money on Mypoints as cashback and also for doing online shopping through Mypoints.

Sign up for free, set up your profile, get a $10 joining bonus, and start earning money by watching videos.


Different playlists are available on the platform, for which you will get paid points when watching the complete playlist.

Redeem those points into PayPal cash or easy-to-use gift cards when you reach the $5 amount.

Key Points:

  • Engage in different activities on the platform like games and web searches to maximize point accumulation.
  • Watch complete playlists for a higher points payout.
  • Regularly check for new videos and playlists to stay on top of earning opportunities.

5. FusionCash

On Fusioncash, you can earn money by watching ads. Similar to other sites in the list, there are more options to earn money other than getting paid to watch ads or videos.

Sign up on the website for free and receive a welcome gift of $5. After that, get paid to watch videos.


Though the minimum payout is higher than other sites, you can reach that amount quickly using different tasks on the website. When you reach the $25 payout threshold, you can easily withdraw money as PayPal cash or gift cards. You can also opt for direct deposit if you want.

Sign up to know the tasks available on the sites. In addition, on these websites, you can earn more money by referring your friends.

Key Points:

  • Explore various tasks on the site to reach the $25 payout threshold quickly.
  • Consider the direct deposit option for a hassle-free cashout experience.
  • Keep an eye on the website for new video ads and tasks for consistent earnings.

6. Nielsen Computer and Mobile

Installing the Nielsen computer and mobile panel app will earn $50 per year for doing nothing.

In addition, you can earn $10000 in sweepstakes every month. After installing the app, they will ask you a few questions; you don’t have to do anything.


You can use your smartphone in the usual way you use it, for watching videos or playing games, and the app will run in the background, and for that, you will earn money that you can take out as gift cards.

Key Points:

  • Install the app and let it run in the background to earn effortlessly.
  • Participate in the monthly sweepstakes for a chance to win significant rewards.
  • Regularly update the app and answer any required surveys to remain active and earn.

7. Opinion Outpost

You can sign up at this website for free and earn money by watching videos and other stuff like playing games and completing surveys.

Sign up and make your profile; after that, you can look at the option available. You can go to the videos tab to look for opportunities to get paid to watch videos.


All the cash you earn on the platform for doing all these things can be redeemed into PayPal cash or gift cards.

The payout threshold is similar to other sites at $5. So watch videos and earn money on Opinion Outpost.

Key Points:

  • Regularly update your profile to receive relevant video watching opportunities.
  • Combine video watching with game playing and survey completing for varied earning experiences.
  • Redeem your earnings through PayPal or gift cards once you reach the $5 threshold.

8. InstaGC

On InstaGC you can earn free gift cards for various online activities. Online activities include watching ads, taking surveys and shopping online.

InstaGC ads

Earn gift cards and take them instantly after sending a payout request. At the time of writing, more than 320 plus gift cards are available, and they are delivered digitally without any wait.

The minimum payout threshold is $1, which you can take as a Visa gift card or Paypal.

Key Points:

  • Explore various online activities like surveys and shopping in addition to watching ads.
  • Redeem your earnings instantly, enjoying the wide array of gift card options.
  • Stay active on the platform to take advantage of new earning opportunities as they come up.

9. iRazoo App

A well-known website that has paid 145 million dollars in rewards and counting. Sign up for free and earn gift cards.

Get paid to watch ads on iRazoo TV. You will earn points for watching each video; their videos are refreshed daily. There are 50 different channels where you can manage your favorite videos.


In addition to earning points for watching videos, you can also give your opinions on ads and videos to earn views. Turn that points into gift cards or PayPal cash.

Key Points:

  • Regularly check iRazoo TV for fresh and updated video content.
  • Share your opinions on ads and videos for additional points.
  • Keep an eye on the different channels to find content that interests you while you earn.

10. CashPirate

A great app to download and watch videos for money. Besides watching video ads for money, you can play games for money or take surveys that pay.

There are different games and quizzes available to earn points.

Earn points on the app for doing all these things. The payout threshold is $2.5, and you need 2500 points for that.

Key Points:

  • Engage in games and quizzes for diversified earning apart from watching video ads.
  • Monitor your points to know when you can cash out at the $2.5 threshold.
  • Stay active to catch new games and quizzes as they are updated.

11. AdWallet

A direct-to-consumer marketing and research platform where you can earn rewards for your time and interactions.

It’s a brand specialized for watching videos; for each video interaction, you will earn 0.5 to 3 dollars. You will receive a text to log in when a video is available according to your profile.

You can also earn money for referring friends.


When you reach the $10 balance, you can take your money as gift cards or MasterCard prepaid cards. There is also an option available to donate your earnings to charity.

They have paid users more than a million dollars within one year of inception.

Key Points:

  • Respond promptly to texts to watch available videos tailored to your profile.
  • Explore the referral program to boost your earnings.
  • Choose from diverse cashout options like gift cards, prepaid cards, or donating to charity.

12. AppNana

AppNana is a free-to-use platform with many options to make money by watching ads. Here you can watch ads for PayPal money.

You will earn in nanas for doing all these things, and these nanas are convertible into cash. You can redeem them for $1, and they are available worldwide.


They also have a referral program where you can earn for referring your friends. You will also earn a signup bonus for joining.

Key Points:

  • Regularly engage in watching ads to accumulate ‘nanas’ quickly.
  • Take advantage of the referral program for additional earnings.
  • Redeem your nanas consistently to track your earning progress.

13. SlideJoy

It’s an app that shows ads for money on your phone’s lock screen. Lock screen app where you will earn for ads on your lock screen.

Watch videos for money or points that can be redeemed for cash or gift cards.

Just register, and you will earn around $5 to $20 per month for using this app. The process is automated, as you don’t have to do anything. You can just install the app once and register; you don’t have to open the app again.

Slidejoy will show you ads on the lock screen without opening the app, and you will earn money. Get paid to watch video ads and redeem money when you reach the $2 threshold.

Key Points:

  • Simply register and let the app run to start earning.
  • Cash out regularly once you hit the $2 threshold.
  • Keep the app updated to ensure smooth functioning and continuous earning.

14. Creation Rewards

Sign up for free on Creation Rewards and earn money for watching videos. You can watch videos that pay when you complete one video.

In addition, you will earn a $5 bonus if you earn 5000 points within 60 days of joining. You can take a payout when you reach 1000 points into a $5 gift card or as PayPal money.

Other than videos, surveys are available; you can take up to 10 surveys daily to make more money.

To make more money, you can refer your friends and family to Creation Rewards, and you will earn 10% of the lifetime money they get by watching videos.

Key Points:

  • Aim to earn the $5 bonus by reaching 5000 points within 60 days of joining.
  • Take up to 10 surveys daily for additional earnings.
  • Utilize the referral program to boost your income.

15. You-Cubez

Here on this platform, you can get paid to watch ads and videos. There are sponsored ads on the platform that you can watch to earn money.

Joining is free, and you can take different membership options affecting your payout thresholds. Earnings can be taken as PayPal money or gift cards.

In addition to earning money by watching ads, you can advertise your ads on the platform.

Key Points:

  • Regularly check for new sponsored ads and videos to maximize earnings.
  • Explore different membership options to find one that suits your earning goals.
  • Use the platform to advertise your own ads if you have a product or service to promote.

16. AppTrailers

It’s a great app to make money watching video ads. There are different things to watch, such as celebrity gossip, trailers, and DIY videos. For watching all videos, you will earn PayPal cash or gift cards.

You can watch movie previews and other web videos to get money. In addition, you can do daily quizzes and play games to earn more money.

Start today and earn money by watching videos here on AppTrailers.

Key Points:

  • Watch a variety of content, from movie trailers to celebrity gossip, for a more enjoyable earning experience.
  • Participate in daily quizzes and games for extra points.
  • Regularly cash out your earnings to keep track of your financial gains.

17. Earnably

A platform to earn money by watching videos. You can earn instant rewards for watching videos as gift cards or PayPal money.

earnably make money listening to music

Their offer wall has different options for you to watch and earn points. Besides getting paid to watch videos and ads, they have surveys to fill out that pay you money.

The threshold for payout is just $1. On the platform, you can see the time you will take to earn a particular amount of points. Select offers that you like and earn points.

Key Points:

  • Regularly check the offer wall for new videos and ads to watch.
  • Keep an eye on the points and time required for each offer to maximize efficiency.
  • Cash out as soon as you reach the low $1 threshold to keep your earnings flowing.

18. Viggle

They offer points for watching videos through streaming services such as Hulu, Netflix and more.

Watch your favorite shows, and you will earn points for the same. For each minute, you will earn up to 10 Perk points, and you can take quizzes to earn more points.

One thousand points are worth 1 dollar. This is free money while watching your favorite videos or shows.

Key Points:

  • Earn by watching your favorite shows on streaming services.
  • Participate in quizzes related to the shows you watch for additional points.
  • Regularly convert your Perk points to cash or gift cards.

19. QuickRewards

There are paid videos, surveys, and games available on the QuickRewards website that you can take for earning money.

This is one of the oldest websites available since 2002 and still serves as direct to a consumer research company. You can take any amount as a payout, as there is no limit.


They have different types of videos ranging from informational videos to entertaining videos. Watch different kinds of videos and earn money.

Watch videos and earn money that you can take out to PayPal, and they will process your request within three days.

Key Points:

  • Engage in various activities like videos, surveys, and games for diverse earning options.
  • Keep an eye on the types of videos available for maximum enjoyment and earning.
  • Cash out regularly, as there is no minimum payout limit, to enjoy your earnings.

Final Thoughts on Making Money by Watching Ads

Jump into the easy world of earning extra cash by watching ads on your phone. While it’s not a ticket to riches, you can comfortably add up to $100 to your monthly budget. Think of it as getting paid for enjoying content, with the bonus of earning more through surveys and games.

Few of these apps pay you money for watching your favorite shows on Netflix, so this is basically free money.

At a few other places, you can watch ads for money. Companies pay money to watch the videos where they promote their products.

To increase your earnings, you can complete all other offers on their sites, like surveys, etc., to make more money. In addition, at most of these sites, you will get a heads up with sign-up bonus money.

So why wait? Download an app, start watching, and share your favorite in the comments below. Happy earning!

FAQs about Ads That Pay Money

Which is Best App for Earning Money with Ads?

Swagbucks and InboxDollars stand out for their earning potential. While most apps reward you for watching individual videos or series, these platforms offer additional ways to earn when there are no ads to watch.

Viggle is another excellent choice, especially if you prefer earning by watching your favorite TV shows.

Best Way to Make Money Watching Ads

Slidejoy is one of the easiest apps to use, paying you just for displaying ads on your phone’s lock screen. Viggle, on the other hand, rewards you for watching your favorite TV shows.

A smart strategy is to run ads in the background while engaging in other activities, turning idle time into earning time.

Is Earning Money with Watching Ads Legitimate?

Yes, it’s a legitimate way to earn. Many companies invest heavily in advertising and pay a small fee to display their ads directly on consumer devices.

The longevity and success of advertising prove its profitability. Rest assured, the websites listed in the article are reputable and safe to use.

How Will I Get Paid by Watching Ads?

Payment depends on the length and category of the ads you watch. You’ll earn points on each platform, which can then be exchanged for cash or gift cards at a set rate.

Accumulate enough points, and you can cash out via PayPal. Often, opting for gift cards can offer more value due to occasional discounts.

get paid to watch videos

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