25 Under the Table Jobs For Quick Cash in 2022

Cash in hand for paying your monthly bills can be a great financial boost.Let’s figure out what jobs pay money under the table!

under the table jobs

How do you feel when a large chunk of your earnings goes as taxes? I know taxes are important for our society, but I don’t feel so good giving away my hard-earned money. I know you also don’t love it. How about a few side hustles or under the table jobs that pay quick cash. Here is the list of under the table jobs in this article that you can do as side hustles in your free time to increase your monthly cash flow.

Depending upon the side hustle you choose, whether it is a manual job or its skill bases job, there are different earning potentials.

By doing these jobs you can get paid under the table. So what exactly are these under the table jobs?

Meaning of Under the Table Job

When doing a small job, mostly side hustles, you get paid by cash in hand, then those jobs are called under the table jobs.

These jobs are mostly basic low skill jobs that do not require specialization, degree or much experience. You can start them at any time and any day and finish in shorter times and at the end of it get paid in hard cash.

By doing multiple of these jobs that pay under the table you can have quite a good cash flow to pay your bills and daily expenses.

Best Jobs That Pay Under the Table

For people looking for jobs that pay cash under the table, there are always options available. You just need the motivation to look around to find them. Here learn how to find under the table jobs and these are your best options to get cash in hand for your work.

1. Babysitting for Cash

Babysitting is mostly the first paid job of teenagers. It is still one of the best under the table job near me or near you to earn some cash.

If you like spending time with kids, it can be an easy job for you to earn cash. Not only teenagers, but adults can also babysit in their free time for under that table cash.

You can find babysitting jobs in your neighbourhood (“quick cash jobs near me”) or you can look at sites like Sittercity for babysitting gigs.

With babysitting, you can easily earn $20 or more per hour. Take care of kids and by the end of it get the hard cash that you can use.

2. Pet Sitting Under the Table Jobs

This is another great option is to find quick cash jobs near me or near you. If you love pets, then this job even becomes easier. This way you will earn money doing something that you love.

Pet sitters are required to take care of pets when their owners are not at home and they don’t want to send their beloved pets to pet creches.

As a pet sitter, your duty will be to feed the pet and walk them on time. You can offer your services in the neighbourhood similar to babysitting or you can register at Rover and get more pet sitting opportunities.

By the end of the gig, you can get paid in cash.

3. House Sitting Jobs for Under the Table Cash

Similar to pet sitting and babysitting, House sitting is another gid to get cash in hand. It is even simpler than the earlier ones. You get a house to spend time and you don’t have to do anything other than maybe watering a few plants or changing the water of the fish tank.

It is a responsible job because someone is going to leave their house on your responsibility, so security and maintenance of the house are your duty in their absence. Your job is to make it look like that house is not empty so that thieves don’t try to get in.


In addition, you get the whole house to yourself. You can read books or just enjoy the music and by the end of it get rewarded by cash in hand.

4. Cleaning Jobs

Cleaning jobs also pay under the table with cash in hand. You can get cleaning gigs where you will be cleanings the houses. It may be full house cleaning or just cleaning the carpets, or furniture etc.

You can ask your neighbours and friends for jobs that pay cash only under the table.

You can also post in Facebook communities and Craiglist about your services to clean houses. After finding the quick cash jobs and doing it you will generally be paid under the table.

5. Photography for Under the Table Cash

If you love taking pictures and people generally love your photography on social media, you can earn some cash with your skills.

There are many local events that require photography. Professional photographers are very expensive. You can offer your services to friends and local acquaintances at less prices.

If you do a good job at one of these events, good word will go around and bring in more work for you.

By doing these jobs, you can earn under the table cash.

6. Selling Used Stuff under the Table

There are piles of things lying at your home that you can sell for hard cash. You have many things in there that you are not going to use and they are just occupying space.

There are old video games that you no longer play, there are a bunch of comic books lying around that you have already read, old clothes and so many other things.

You can sell all of these things and get cash. The other good part is these things will find some use again instead of rotting in your garage.

There are many websites that you can use to sell stuff locally and make money under the table.

You can make it even a side hustle by flipping old items on these websites. If you can spot different old things in local flea markets and garage sales, you can flip them for profitable cash in hand. You can learn how to make money under the table with flipping business here with the experts who do it for living.

7. Personal Assistant Under the Table Jobs

Personal assistant jobs are another great way to make cash under the table. A personal assistant can be for anything starting from grocery shopping to helping senior citizens.

You can offer you services as a general assistant where you are ready to do any kind of job or you can help others with your skills.

Like if you nurse by profession, you can become a personal assistant to a patient on days of your holiday or in your free hours.

You can become a personal assistant of businessman and schedule meetings, make coffee etc.

For doing these jobs you can get paid in cash under the table.

8. At-Home Daycare

For stay at home parents, at-home daycare is a great option to make money under the table. You are already taking care of your children at home and you are already good at it.

Adding on more children in that routine of yours will earn you a good income. There are legal processes to start a daycare. Check the regulations in your state and get started.

You can start with friends’ kids and add more kids over time to make a smooth transition into a money-making business.

day care job that pay cash

If you charge less than the bigger daycares, parents will prefer your daycare due to lesser kids and more personalised attention.

If you are able to pull it off, compositions are generally very good and you can make good money under the table with kid jobs that pay cash only.

9. Baking Jobs Under the Table

If you love cooking or baking, you can make good money doing it on the side. Especially stay at home moms who love baking, can start earning money directly from their homes.

You can bake for parties and small events in your neighbourhood. You can start off by sending free cakes to your locality and once the word spread out and they like your baking, you can start earning cash under the table from your kitchen.

Bake fresh and tasty items and you are good to earn some extra cash. If you are good at it, this best under the table job can really blossom in a short time and make money with this quick cash job.

10. Gardening Jobs

Other than cleaning house jobs, you can also offer gardening jobs for under the table cash.

Many people are lazy to maintain their gardens or they simply do not have any time. They prefer to take help in gardening. It might include planting flowers or maintaining them.

This might be only a summer gig, but in other seasons you can help with cutting trees or raking leaves etc for cash. This is one of the easiest to find jobs that pay cash only under the table.

Mowing the lawns is one of the evergreen jobs in the neighbourhood that pay cash in hand. Look for the opportunities around your locality and offer your services wherever you find a chance.

11. Snow Removing Jobs

In the winter season, everyone has to remove snow from their driveways. On snowy days it’s a big task in the morning to clear the snow.

Especially elders have difficulty doing it, so they hire others to help them. You can offer your services in the neighbourhood and earn money in cash.

if you have some basic things like snowblowers, you can get paid under the table more as you can clean more houses.

If you work at enough houses, you can even make $100 or more in a day on snowy days doing this best under the table job.

12. Car Cleaning and Detailing Jobs

Every household has cars and everyone have to clean them almost daily. There are few people who don’t like cleaning their cars or they simply don’t have time to do this.

For this quick cash job, you can offer to clean their cars for money. The only things you need to invest in to get started is cleaning clothes, washing soap and vacuuming.

You don’t need any experience to get started. just advertise your services in the locality and start earning money in cash.

In addition to cleaning, you can also offer car detailing like polishing, for which you can charge extra money. Especially for expensive vehicles, you can earn good money with these jobs that pay cash under the table.

Try to pay attention to details and good word will spread about your work.

Car washing is another quick way to make cash. All you need is ample space to wash several cars at a time, sufficient water and soap, and any other necessary equipment. You might need to still keep your other job keeping in mind days when business may be slow.

However, it is among the best under the table jobs near you that will earn you quick money.

13. Home Staging Jobs

If you have a good eye for aesthetics then you can start decorating homes. Interior designing is a great way to make money under the table by Renovating people’s homes. In addition to interior designing, you can offer to decorate newly built homes that go for listing.

If the homes are decorated and presented well they attract higher prices and more offers. you can collaborate with the real estate agents and work on the homes to make money.

If they like your work and help them get higher offers, they will give you more work. For doing this job you can get paid under the table.

14. Become a Fitness Coach

If you are a fitness enthusiast and love working out and maintaining a healthy lifestyle, you can teach others how to achieve their fitness goals.


In this busy world, people don’t have time even for their own well being. If you can help them with their health and fitness, they will pay you good money.

You can help them in their homes, at parks or you can take online coaching to help them.

15. Pet Grooming Jobs Under the Table

Pet grooming is another side hustle job that pays cash in hand. Almost everyone has pets at home and they need regular cleaning and grooming. Not everyone is comfortable with cleaning pets and few do not have time to do it.

You can offer your services of pet grooming to people and earn cash. You have to give baths and groom them in these jobs that pay cash only.

Pet grooming side hustle can be a long term quick cash job if you get regular customers.

16. Take Classes for Under the Table Cash

If you are comfortable teaching kids, then you can earn money taking classes. Especially for teachers, it is a great side hustle to make extra money under the table.

You can teach any subject you are comfortable with. There are both options, you can teach locally or you can join some coaching institute and give them some time for taking classes and in return for that, you will earn regular cash.

On the other hand, you can take private coaching classes where you can earn more money. These can be one on one classes or you can take group classes.

17. Do a Garage Sale

For under the table cash you can hold a garage sale. You need to sort out stuff, you want to put on sale.

For that, you have to put some effort and put price tags on every item. Price the things reasonably.

Make sure to advertise your sale a few days before the sale in your locality so that people know and come to your sale.

18. Become a Yoga Instructor

Yoga has become famous worldwide due to its benefits for your healthy wellbeing. If you do yoga and know enough about it, you can offer to teach others for money.


You can even do a few certificate courses to become a licenced yoga teacher. After that, you can start teaching people at their homes or in the parks.

It’s a great way to get paid under the table that also helps you keep doing yoga yourself along with teaching others.

19. Teach Music for Cash

If you know how to play a musical instrument perfectly, you can teach others how to play that.

there are many beginners who want to start learning to play an instrument. As an expert in that instrument, you can offer to teach them for a fee.

You can take one on one classes or if you have multiple students, you can take group sessions. At the end of it, you can get hard cash with these quick cash jobs.

You can advertise your services in local schools or colleges at notice boards and similar places.

20. Give Dancing Lessons

There are many people who want to learn different dance forms such as jazz or salsa or any other form. If you know any of these dance forms perfectly, you can offer your services to beginners.

Like music classes, you can teach one on one at their homes or take group classes at some rented studios.

For this, you can make money under the table cash and at the same time keep practising your dance skills.

21. Sell Customized Woodwork

If you like doing woodwork and have some expertise to make a few wooden things such as tables or chairs, you can offer to make them for others to earn cash.

You need to have basic equipment required to do such things as woodcutting and a few other stuff.

You can make customized things depending on the orders and these customized things pay higher than normal.

Learn to make new stuff easily online and make money with your hobby jobs that pay cash only.

22. Flip Things After Creative Redesigning

If you have a crafty brain, you can use it to get paid under the table. There are different things that you can purchase at lower prices and modify them with your skills and sell them at higher prices.

Buy things at the flea markets at cheaper prices and give them some creative touches that will increase the value of the product.

Sell them locally in garage sales or local stores at profits for cash in hand. Customer made items can more than double the price of basic things like flower bases with minimal work.

For learning more about flipping flea market things you can take these free lessons from the experts who make a living doing this.

23. Do Freelancing Under the Table Jobs

There are a number of online marketplaces that offer freelance gigs. Based on your expertise you can take these quick cash jobs and earn hard cash.

It can be anything from doing local SEO, digital marketing, running Facebook ads or doing graphic designing.

Whatever your skill is, you can offer it for money and based on the market value you can charge money on per hour basis or a per-project basis.

One of the great platforms to find freelance gigs is Fiverr.

24. Manual Labor Jobs for Under the Table Cash

There are many manual labour intensive jobs that you can do for hard cash. These jobs can be anything from helping someone with moving furniture, cutting wood, or anything.


You can find such work in the neighbourhood or you can look at websites like Taskrabbit to find such jobs in your locality.

For doing these jobs, you will get cash under the table.

25. Under the Table Jobs at Steady

Steady is a platform that specializes in the gig economy. They have a listing of different tasks and you can select jobs based on your location and category.

You will be given the task and a price will be predecided. After finishing the job, you will get paid under the table. A task can be anything from taking a photo menu of a restaurant to delivering some groceries.

You can take the task you like and earn money on the platform.

How to Find Under the Table Jobs

If you have an open eye around your surroundings, you can find a lot of jobs that pay cash under the table. You have to just look at the right places and you will find the things you want to do.

There are many places where you can look for jobs that pay in cash such as:


It’s a place where people post ads for things they want to hire people for. You can look for these ads and if something suits you in your locality, you can email the ad poster and decide on the project. If both of you agree, you can do the work and get paid in cash for craigslist under the table jobs. Job listing here on Craiglist can be anything you can imagine from lawn mowing to cleaning homes.

There are jobs for any category you can think of. Just look at the category you are interested like “Craiglist labor gigs” and you will find something you will like to do.

Social Media Groups

Another place to find best under the table jobs is social media groups. These places are focused on a few topics and members frequently post for their required jobs.

Places like Facebook marketplace have an entry of different jobs that you can take to earn hard cash. Then there are groups like blogging groups. If you are a writer who writes for others, you can easily find posts for content creators, where you can apply and get paid in cash for doing work.

Other Websites

Then there are other websites that also specialize in different kinds of jobs. You can search for jobs in your locality and start earning money.

Some of them include LinkedIn, SimplyHired and Indeed among many.

Few of them will pay under the table. You can search for jobs that pay cash and apply for them.

Final Thoughts on Under the Table Jobs

With the increase in the number of online quick cash jobs, there are more and more jobs that pay directly to your banks. But still, there are many jobs that pay in cash if you know where to find them.

As you saw in this article, you have multiple options to earn cash under the table. To be clear about the legal implications of under the table paying jobs, these jobs are not illegal to do and it’s not illegal to be paid in cash. But you are supposed to show this money in your income.

If you are using it for your daily expenses like shopping groceries with cash no one will suspect about it, but if you do a lot of under the table jobs and deposit money in a bank, IRS may knock at your door to know the source of money.

Now boost your finances and lives with under the table jobs and let me know in the comments how it goes.

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