InboxDollars Review (2024): Is It Legit and How Much Money Can You Make?

Wondering if Inboxdollars is legit? This Inboxdollars review will answer all your questions about how it works and how much money you can make.


InboxDollars is a site that has been around since 2000 and allows members to make extra money by completing various tasks, such as taking surveys, printing coupons, reading promotional emails, and watching ads.

Many people use InboxDollars to make extra money on the side. It’s one of the most popular get-paid-to (GPT) sites, and for a good reason – it’s easy to use, and you can potentially make some extra money.

But how much money can you really make using it? Is InboxDollars safe, and is it worth your time?

In this Inbox dollars review, we will take a closer look at what InboxDollars is all about and see if it is something you may want to try.

Before Going into Details, Here is a Quick Summary

  • Online get paid to site with a $5 bonus for signup
  • The payout threshold is at $15 for the first time and $10 subsequently
  • Get paid via PayPal, Gift cards or Visa card

What Is InboxDollars??

InboxDollars is a site where you can earn money by completing various tasks, such as taking surveys, printing coupons, reading promotional emails, and watching ads.

You can also redeem cashback offers, which we will discuss in more detail later. InboxDollars has been around since 2000 and is among the most popular get-paid-to sites.

It has paid out over $80 million to its members and is also known as one of the best survey sites you can use.

Is InboxDollars Safe?

One thing to note is that InboxDollars is not a scam. It’s one of the oldest GPT sites and has paid out over $80 million in total to its members.

So, it’s legitimate and safe to use – you don’t have to worry about it being a scam. Trustpilot, a site where customers can rate and review businesses, has given InboxDollars an average rating of about 4.3 out of five stars.

It is from Prodege company which also owns Swagbucks, and they have an A- rating from the business bureau, which is good.

I have witnessed instant payouts on InboxDollars, which is a good sign that they are legit. I once had a problem with a payout, and their support team resolved the issue after 48 hours and transferred the funds.

How Much Money Can You Make With InboxDollars?

In general, you won’t make a lot of money using GPT sites like InboxDollars. The amount you can make depends on various factors, such as how much time you spend on the site and what type of tasks you complete.

The amount of money you can make with InboxDollars will vary depending on several factors, such as how much time you spend on it, what surveys you complete, and so on.

Taking surveys came out to about $1.50 per hour, which isn’t much, but it’s around average for survey sites in my experience and definitely more than playing the InboxDollars games (which pay less).

But, generally, You can potentially make $30-$50 per month.

InboxDollars Gold Membership

You become a “Gold Member” automatically after you receive your first payment (after successfully cashing out $15 or more).

You will get the following benefits with gold membership:

  • Faster payment processing
  • No processing fees
  • Double sweepstakes offer
  • Exclusive monthly offers

Is InboxDollars Worth Your Time?

InboxDollars is a great way to make some extra money on the side, but it’s not something you’ll be able to rely on as your primary source of income.

It is possible to earn $100 per month or more with InboxDollars if you’re consistent and put in the time, but it’s not a guaranteed thing.

On average, when I was using InboxDollars, I earned a peak of $73 in one month and $20- $50 monthly on average.

inbox dollar earning

If you’re looking for something to help you make extra money from your couch, InboxDollars is definitely worth trying.

You may not make a lot of money with it, but it’s an easy way to earn a little bit of cash here and there. And who knows – if you’re consistent and put in the time, you may end up making more than just a little bit!

How to Sign Up For InboxDollars?

If you want to sign up for InboxDollars, you only need an email address. Just go to their website and click “Sign Me Up” at the top.

After that, you’ll be prompted to provide your email address and choose a password for your account.

Once you’ve done so, click on “Create Account” and then confirm it by clicking on the link in the confirmation email they send you.

$5 Signup Bonus

InboxDollars gets you to join them with a $5 signup bonus. To become a member, you just have to provide an email and password.

Then confirm your email, and you will receive your $5 bonus. It’s that simple!

inbox dollars sign up bonus

How Does InboxDollars Work?

The way it works is pretty simple: You sign up for an account and then complete various tasks, such as taking surveys, watching videos, completing offers, etc.

Then you need to set up your profile. Basically, they ask you a set of questions (25-30) related to you like demographics, income, job etc. For filling up this information, you will get an additional $0.50.

For cashing out, you need at least a $15 balance. So to get money in your bank, you need to do a few more things, and they have a variety of things for you to earn money.

Things you can do to Earn Money on InboxDollars:

  1. Take surveys
  2. Playing games
  3. Watching videos
  4. Signing up for offers
  5. Shopping for cashback
  6. Searching the web
  7. Printing and redeeming coupons
  8. Uploading your receipts
  9. Read Paid Emails
how InboxDollars work

1. Take surveys

This is one of the most popular ways to make money on InboxDollars.

There are a variety of different types of surveys that you can take on InboxDollars, and most of them pay out between $0.50 and $5 each.

You can find surveys on the “Surveys” page of InboxDollars, which is located at the top of the website in a tab labelled “Survey.”

The amount you earn from each survey will depend on how long it takes to complete and what kind of information you provide.

But most of them pay on the lower side. You will not qualify for a lot of surveys that seem to waste a lot of time without any rewards.

But the most frustrating part is when you are taking a survey for 10-15 minutes and you are disqualified in between, and it happened quite a few times with me.

On average, I earned $2 to $3 for an hour’s effort on the Inboxdollars site.

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2. Playing games

InboxDollars has many different games you can play to earn money.

Most of the games payout a few cents per game. You won’t earn direct cash for games but will be rewarded with scratch cards with which you can make money or enter sweepstakes.

inbox dollars games review

Various types of games are available, including trivia, crosswords, solitaire, and more. There are also games that payout in real cash (not just points), such as Wheel of Fortune Slots or Deal or No Deal Blackjack.

Earning potential is less with games, but they are of high quality compared to other platforms.

If you don’t want to play for money but still want some entertainment value from these games, then InboxDollars is the place to be.

All the games are free to play, and you can choose whether or not you want to compete for real cash prizes.

To find the games, just go to the “Games” page on InboxDollars.

This is located in a tab at the top of the website labelled “Games.” You can also find the games by clicking on the “GAMES” link in the menu bar at the top of the website.

3. Watching Videos

InboxDollars has a lot of videos that you can watch to earn money. These videos typically pay out less than $1 each, depending on how long they take to complete or how much time it takes you to watch them.

inboxdollars videos for money

Various types of videos are available, including movie trailers, news, product reviews, and more.

You can watch the videos on the “Videos” page of InboxDollars, located at the top of the website in a tab labelled “VIDEOS.”

You can also find the videos by clicking on the “VIDEOS” link in the menu bar at the top of the website.

Be sure to turn off your adblocker; otherwise, you won’t be shown any videos.

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4. Signing up for offers

InboxDollars has many different offers you can sign up for to earn money. These offers typically pay out $0.50 or more apiece.

In a few cases, you may earn more, like there are offers to sign up for apps like Acorns, for which you can earn up to $30 for one app as a reward.

inbox dollars offers for cash

Various types of offers are available, including free trials, product discounts, and more.

You can find the offers on the “Offers” page of InboxDollars, which is located at the top of the website in a tab labelled “OFFERS.”

You can also find these by clicking on the “OFFERS” link in the menu bar at the top of their website.

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5. Shopping for Cashback

InboxDollars has a lot of different stores where you can earn cashback on your purchases.

These stores typically payout between 1 to 20% per purchase, depending on how much time it takes to complete or how much money you spend shopping there.

inboxdollars cashbacks

There are many retailers available, including Walmart (WMT), Target (TGT), Amazon (AMZN), and more.

You can find the stores on the “Stores” page of InboxDollars, located at the top of their website in a tab labelled “STORES.”

You can also find these by clicking on the “STORES” link in the menu bar at the top of their website.

6. Searching the Web

InboxDollars has the option of using their search engines to earn money. These typically pay a few cents per search, depending on how long it takes to complete or find what you’re looking for online.

inboxdollars search

You can put your queries in the Inboxdollars search engine. You can find the search engines on the “Search” page of InboxDollars, located at the top of their website in a tab labelled “SEARCH.”

7. Printing and Redeeming Coupons

InboxDollars has a lot of different coupons that you can print and redeem. Depending on the coupon, these coupons typically pay out between $0.50 and $20 apiece.

printable coupons

Many types of coupons are available, including grocery store coupons, restaurant coupons, and more.

You can find the coupons on the “Coupons” page of InboxDollars, which is located at the top of their website in a tab labelled “COUPONS.”

You can also find these by clicking on the “COUPONS” link in the menu bar at the top of their website.

8. Uploading your Receipts

When it comes to uploading receipts for cash back, there are two types that InboxDollars offers: Magic Receipts and Any Receipt.

inboxdollars receipts

If you’ve ever used a similar app like Ibotta, this process will look familiar too!

You can choose from various deals on their site, including brand-specific coupons and ones where any store’s product will give your earnings extra money towards savings off what would have been bought otherwise at total price (like milk).

9. Read Paid Emails

InboxDollars will pay you to read emails. These emails typically payout between a few cents apiece.

You have to opt-in for paid emails, and you will receive emails. For opening emails, you will win points for scratch cards which will win you cash.

Other Ways to Earn with InboxDollars

Earn cashback on InboxDollars with surveys, coupons and other primary methods. You can also earn bonus rewards by Scratch & Wins codes or through win streaks!

Get your friends referrals to the app for more bonuses that will help you save money in this competitive economy today!

WinIt Codes

Codes are posted on InboxDollars’ Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts. They offer different rewards worth a few cents or even sweepstakes entries!

These codes expire the day they’re released, so you have to stay tuned to avoid missing any of these opportunities.

Scratch and Wins

You can win a lot of prizes with your InboxDollars!

As you complete surveys, play games and participate in other activities on the site – like taking part in Scratch & Win cards, you’ll earn progress toward scratchable cards for small rewards.

These rewards can be coins or points that change into cash value at specific rates depending on the kind.

Mostly they pay in cents but on rare occasions, someone might unlock one worth more than 100 cents.

Bonus Streaks and Referrals

You can get up to $0.10 in bonuses just by completing tasks daily. The more streaks you have, the bigger your bonus will be on anyone occasion.

In fact, there are thousands of ways for people all over America who signup with InboxDollars and start making cash from their emails right away or checking out some videos.

inboxdollars referral

The referral program is a win-win for everyone!

First, you’ll receive a $1 cash bonus when someone signs up through your link.

Second, 30% of their earnings go straight into your account for a lifetime.

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InboxDollars Hacks

InboxDollars is a great site to make money by doing a variety of tasks here and there.

But most of these tasks pay very little.

However, if you want to maximize your earnings on Inbox Dollars, you can use these InboxDollars hacks.

Focus on Offers Section

Though earnings from things like surveys, watching videos and games are minimal, and you will be able to earn only a few dollars per hour, if you focus on offers you can take advantage of high-paying offers.

You can earn a bit more by signing up for select offers on the site.

For example, you might see an offer thereon inbox dollars for a free trial with different companies.

These offers require you to sign up, fill out some information, and submit it!

So if this sounds interesting, check their site right now for different opportunities.

For example, when writing this article, they were running an offer where if you play Solitaire Cruise through InboxDollars referral, you will earn a free $30 bonus. To qualify, you need to reach level 14 in 7 days.

Important: Make sure you set reminders in advance for any free online trials so that you don’t get your money deducted after the trial ends.

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Don’t Give Your Real Email

When it comes to InboxDollars, there are a few key things you should keep in mind. First, sign up with an unused email address and ensure that your regular inbox doesn’t get cluttered by offers or junk mail.

If you use Gmail! Create simple filters for important emails, only sending them directly into their designated folder on the storage.

Also, please don’t give your mobile number as you will start getting spammy calls, which is very annoying.

Avoid “InboxDollars Money Generator”

This is a warning about the InboxDollars money generator. The program claims to help you earn more points on InboxDollars, but we found out that it breaks several rules.

This will lead you into trouble with your account balance or even get rid of all points without permission from an official source.

We recommend avoiding these programs as they may cause significant problems for users who accumulate funds illegitimately.

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InboxDollars app

InboxDollars is a site that pays people for various things and is available as an app.

The app for iPhone and Android has impressive ratings overall, but nobody seems to earn significant money from the apps, just a few dollars, according to reviews.

How Do You Redeem Your Earnings?

The downside to InboxDollars is that you can’t request your first payment until after earning $15.

However, all other payments are available once the rewards balance reaches at least $15 the first time.

Subsequently, you can withdraw even 10 dollars, and then they will transfer into PayPal or an eGiftCard (i.e., Amazon gift card).

InboxDollars Alternatives Options

InboxDollars is not the only survey site that can help make a little extra money online.

There are other legitimate options out there for you to try as well. If you’re looking for more ways to earn cash, join these websites also.

Survey junkie

Survey Junkie is one of the most popular survey sites that are also legit. You can earn money by taking surveys that are best in the category, as this site specializes in surveys.

You can take high-paying surveys on this site and get paid on your PayPal account when you reach the $10 threshold of payout.


Another site you could try is Swagbucks which rewards you for doing various activities, such as taking surveys, watching videos and shopping online.

You can cash out your earnings for as little as $1, or 140 Swagbucks (SBs). Your redemption options include PayPal cash and gift cards to popular retailers like Amazon.

There is no set minimum amount you must achieve before being able to redeem them on a target date.


MyPoints is another great option for making money from home. You can earn points by taking surveys, watching videos, reading emails and shopping online.

These points can then be redeemed for cash or gift cards.

The minimum redemption amount is $25 worth of points. You can choose to receive your rewards as a check in the mail or as electronic payment through PayPal.


PrizeRebel is a site that you can use to make money by doing surveys, watching videos and completing other tasks.

The minimum payout amount is $20 worth of points. You can choose to receive your rewards as an electronic payment through PayPal or gift cards from popular retailers such as Amazon!

InboxDollars Review in Summary: Good for Some Extra Cash

InboxDollars is a decent way to make some extra money on the side. The site offers different ways for you to earn rewards, such as taking surveys, playing games and participating in other activities. You can also get bonuses by completing tasks daily and referring friends.

The minimum payout amount is $15 worth of rewards, which you can redeem for cash, gift cards or merchandise.

Other sites offer similar rewards, and you can combine these all to increase your earnings.

Inbox Dollars is a legit and safe survey site to make some extra money on the side. Spending a few hours now and then on this task will help you earn some extra cash.

You won’t make hundreds of dollars per month, but it’s worth a try for the occasional $20-$50 gift card!

InboxDollars FAQs

Here are a few of the questions we often hear people asking about InboxDollars:

Is InboxDollars a Scam?

InboxDollars is a legitimate site that has paid over 80 million to its members since 2000.

But if you want to get rich, this is not a legit site for you. For average users like me with low expectations from reward sites, InboxDollars have performed well.

Overall reviews are also positive for InboxDollars, with a few accounts from users where they report that InboxDollar suspended their accounts with their earnings.

That is mainly when InboxDollars suspects fallacious activity, and then they ask for a government id to confirm the account.

inboxdollars reviews

How Much Money Can You Make With Inboxdollars?

To be upfront with you, you won’t make much. If you take surveys or watch videos, you will manage to earn $1-$3 per hour.

But you can benefit from the offers section, where you can achieve significantly higher amounts by completing different offers.

Are There Any Fees?

InboxDollars earn by charging money from their partners who use InboxDollars to advertise their products.

Or from companies that run surveys through InboxDollars. So they don’t charge any membership fees from their users.

How Much Time Does It Take To Get Paid With Inboxdollars?

Once you complete a task, your rewards are credited to your InboxDollars account.

But to get that money in your bank account or gift cards, it takes them 2-5 days.

How Do I Contact InboxDollars?

Like most get paid to sites, InboxDollars also doesn’t have quick customer care support.

They don’t offer any phone lines or email addresses for any complaints.

For any communication, you need to fill out a contact form, and they will reply in a few days if you are lucky.

Does Inboxdollars Offer A Signup Bonus?

Yes, all new members who join the website here get a $5 cash bonus.

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