26 Free Money Hacks to Get Free Money Fast in 2024

Not many people know that you can get free money online with very minimal effort, and these are not unethical free money hacks. Check out how to get that free money.


Want to make some quick money and looking for free money hacks that work?

You are at the right place! I will share with you legit free money tricks that are easy and need minimum effort.

In our digital age, there are tons of hacks for money and ways to earn free money online. If you are asking I need money today for free then using these tips and easy money hacks you can even earn $1000.

What is “Free Money”

So what does this free money actually mean?

When you hear “Free Hack Money”, you should be skeptical because that’s how scammers scam people and the word free feels like an unethical hack.

To make it clear here in this article I am not talking about giving you money for free. Hereby “free money” mean cash bonuses or rewards you will get for signing up or using a few services.

Most of these services you already use anyways for your day-to-day life.

I will just tell you the ways to earn or save money from these activities, hence you have access to this new money that is “Free”.

So let’s go into these activities and learn how to get free money now.

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Best Free Money Hacks That Actually Work

To answer your question, how to make money online for free.. Here’s our list of the best quick free money hacks that work both online and offline. To maximize your earning potential try the maximum of these real money hacks and choose what works best for you.

1. Absolutely Free Money For Shopping

Now you can get paid for the shopping you do normally! It’s absolutely free money online without any effort.

I am being serious here about this free money hack.

You can now get FREE CASH just for shopping at your favourite stores.


Join Cashback apps and get free money now for shopping on Amazon, Apple, Walmart, Macy’s, Kohl’s, Target, eBay, and more!

These apps are absolutely free to sign up for and use!

Here are some of the most popular cashback apps available:

I have listed five of them in this how to get free money now article because by using multiple apps you will never shop without offers. Because you will always earn cashback from either one of them.

The cashback amounts can be from 1% to 20% depending on the store and offer going on.

All these small amounts add up over time and you can get a lot of absolutely free money at the end of the year.

2. How to Get Free Money Online By Reading E-Mails

When I need money today for free, I open paid emails. Yes! PAID Emails

Now you can make money for free just for opening e-mails.

With MyPoints and InboxDollars, you can earn free PayPal cash just by reading e-mails, playing games, watching videos, taking surveys, shopping online, and more.

You can use this for free money-making online or gift cards.

Sign up for MyPoints here for FREE and get a $5 bonus immediately!

⭐️ Important: Don’t forget to verify the email from MyPoints in your inbox so that you can redeem your bonus!

Sign up for Inbox Dollars here for FREE and get a $5 bonus immediately!

3. Hacks to Get Free Money Now By Sign Up Bonuses

There are many websites and apps that spend a lot of money to acquire new users. This is one of the easiest free money online, where you can make money online for free.

They pay incentives such as sign-up bonuses to attract new users. This is part of the user acquisition cost other than paid advertisements.


You have to just sign up and they will pay you a sign-up bonus ranging from $5 to $25 sign up bonus instant withdraw and more than $100 in a few cases.

Best Websites for free money making online by Sign up bonus:


Create a new e-mail account for this free money hack online.

For most of these apps, you will be required to provide your e-mail id.

The more websites you sign up the more emails you will receive. Your main email might get cluttered and you may miss important emails.

That’s why I will recommend using a separate id for this.

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4. How to Get Free Money Now For Your Opinion

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One of the easiest ways to earn free money Online is by paid surveys. Asking how to make money online for free? Paid surveys are your first hack for money!

They literally pay you for your opinion. You won’t get rich with paid surveys. Nonetheless, it’s free money. You can earn a few hundred dollars every month with them.

Best paying survey sites for free money making online:

You need to sign up at these websites and confirm the registration mail. Then you will be asked some basic information about yourself. Based on that, you will get surveys to earn money.

Answering surveys in your free time can get free hack money now for you.

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5. Switch Bank Accounts for Free Money Now (Or Open a New One)

A lot of online financial institutes pay bonuses for new members to join.

You can get free sign-up bonuses for opening a new account with these banks.

This is like a customer acquisition cost that they are willing to pay to onboard new members.

Aside from the bonus, they provide good services and higher interest rates compared to traditional banks. They also have no monthly maintenance charges.

You don’t have to close your previous account to open a new account with Axos.

Sign up for Albert to get free money now as a bonus.

6. Invest Your Change With Acorns

The free money you get by investing is sweet. I am not here talking about big investments but small penny investments which you won’t even notice.

Why investment is on the list of free money hacks? Because I am going to tell you about an app that will save your pennies every time to make a purchase.

You don’t have to do any work, this app will do all the work for you.

You just have to download the app and link your credit card or debit card. The next step is choosing an investment strategy (conservative or aggressive).


You don’t have to bother how to make money online for free with this app. Just sit back and relax and the app will take care of rest.

When you make a purchase, the acorns app rounds up it to the nearest dollar or the amount you decide in the settings and adds the difference to your investments.

You won’t even notice, and you will save money with this real money hack.

Talking about investing apps, the next app is for free money online that will reduce your expenses.

Sign up here for FREE to save Money with Acorns and get free money now ($5 bonus)!

7. Save Money Online With Trim

Want real-life FREE money hacks online by budgeting or cutting costs? Trim is an app that works as your automatic budget assistant that will negotiate your bills, such as the Internet and other subscriptions.

It will also help you recognize services you are no longer using but still paying for such as gym membership.


Trim will also auto-negotiate charges with service providers for you and will save you money.

This instant money hack claims to have saved over 8 million dollars for its users.

You get to save your money which was going, hence it’s free money.

 Sign up for Trim here for FREE to keep more of your money!

8. Claim Your Unclaimed/Undelivered Tax Refund

Do you know that the government has millions of dollars in form of tax refunds that are unclaimed?

If you are not aware of your tax refunds some of this money can be yours. You forgot to file a tax return or your refund check was lost in the post then you might be missing on hacking free money that is yours.


You don’t have to do much. US citizens can just go to the IRS website and look at “where is my refund” after filling in the basic information.

9. Find Your Unclaimed Money

Like unclaimed tax refunds, there may be more money on your name lying around waiting for you. You just need to know these free money hacks.

It may be some unpaid dues from your previous employer or it may be some childhood bank account you have forgotten about.

How to make money online for free? use websites such as unclaimed.org and MissingMoney.com to find such money.

You can just try your luck on these websites to find out if you can get some free money instantly. There is no harm in trying hacking free money.

10. Max Out Your Company’s 401(k) Match

Employers have 401(k) different kinds of matching programs where they will contribute corresponding to your contribution.

The most common being 50% of your contribution up to 6% of your salary.

You can get free money now by increasing your contribution to 401(k) if you are yet not contributing 6%.

If your annual salary is 100,000 dollars, you can contribute 6% of your salary meaning $6,000 a year. Your employer would add an extra $3000 for free!

This money is long-term but it’s a free hack for money.

11. Free Money Hack By Saving Energy Resources

Depending on your location, there are many offers such as a real free money hack for going green.

You get to save money by using green energy and also get the satisfaction that you are hurting the earth a little less.


You can use the Ohmconnect app to save money.

Sign up here today to get a FREE $10 bonusPLUS, get an additional FREE $10 when you connect to any smart device.

You will get a total of FREE $20 just for signing upAfter that, you can get paid $100 to $500 in free money each year just for saving energy at home.

12. Hack to Get Free Money Now in Your Free Time

If you like spending your free time on mobile like most of us, you will be amazed to know that you can earn some free money instantly at this time.

There are a few apps that will pay you free money for doing some random things on your smartphone. These apps will answer your question of how to make money online for free.


After downloading these apps you can play games on them or watch videos or take surveys or simply browse the internet to earn money for free.

Using this hack for money, you can earn free money online in the form of gift cards or as Paypal money.

Here are some of my favourite websites for free money making online if I need money today for free:

You won’t get rich with this money-making hack, but as a student or person in need of urgent money, you can earn some quick free money up to $500 by combining all these apps.

13. How to Get Money Now with Phone’s Lock Screen

Don’t want to spend time doing things for money? What about using your phone lock screen to earn money for free.

Now you can download screensaver rewards apps that will pay you money for using it.

Whenever you want to unlock your phone these apps will show you ads on your screens.

Each time you use these free money hacks and view these ads you will get some free money or points which can be redeemed for free money online.


This is not much money but nonetheless, it’s hacked money for free.

14. Trade In Damaged Money

Do you have torn-out money lying around in a corner of your home?

Yes, we all have those currency notes that we thought were useless but also we didn’t have the courage to discard them.

Actually, you don’t have to throw them, you can exchange them for new currency notes.

You can trade in a damaged note if more than 50% of the note is available with you and can be identified as a currency note.

It’s free money lying in the house saying to be cashed in. It is so underused that it seems like an unethical money hack.

15. Improve Your Credit Score

Why this is on the FREE money making hacks list?

Well, you can save $2,000 free money per year by improving your score.

You know your interest rates on your loans and mortgages directly correlate with your credit score. Higher the credit score lower the interest rates.

By simply building an excellent credit rating you can save a lot of money each year.

That is why you should pay your credit card balance in full each month and try to use only up to 30% of your credit limit.

🌟 Check your credit score for FREE at Credit Sesame.

Try to improve your credit score from thereon. IT’S IMPORTANT!

This free money hack is most underestimated of how to make money online for free hacks, but it will help you your whole life for hacking free money.

16. Save Money on Insurance Costs

You know like your car’s value depreciates every year you can cut on your insurance costs.

Few insurers charge more than the others. You should always check with multiple insurers for any insurance you are planning to do.

Whether it’s home insurance or car or your health insurance, first check which insurance provider fulfils all your demands and who charges the least for those services.


With these free money hacks, you can save on average $1000 free money on insurance every year. That is free money for you that you can use for other things.

Compare quotes on Insurify here for Free and choose the best

17. How to Get Free Money Online Now with Paribus

How many times have you seen you paid a higher amount on a website than it is now and you regret it.

Returning and reordering is a hassle you don’t want to go through to cash on that discount.

Paribus app to save money

Now there is another way. You can use Paribus to claim refunds to get free money online.

This app simply tracks your purchases and tells you if a store owes you a refund.

Sign up here for Paribus here to get free money now!

18. Buy Gift Cards at Discount

This is a great hack to get more value for your money. There are websites where you can buy gift cards from other people.

There are many people who get gift cards a present or in some other form for the stores they generally don’t use.

That is why they are willing to sell those gift cards for a discount.

You can generally get a 10 to 20% discount on gift cards to your favorite stores. That way, you will save money on your shopping.

There are many websites like giftcardgranny and Raise that make it so much easier to sell and buy gift cards online. Just go to one of these sites and look for gift cards to your favorite stores.

19. Rent out Your Stuff for Money

We all have so many things at our homes that we use very rarely. Most of these things we buy for occasional use like camping tents or some sports gear that we just do a few days a year.

At all other times, these things are just occupying space and decreasing in value with each passing day.


Why not rent them for money? There is a separate market of people that love to rent things because they also need these things temporarily and it doesn’t cost a lot.

So, start renting out your stuff and make money for free with this instant money hack.

There are online places like Airbnb to make this process of renting easy and hassle-free. If you are unsure about things you can rent, check out this list.

20. How to Get Free Money Fast With Car Advertisement

Want to make a few hundred free money with your car without being driving others, then this how to earn free money now hack can be for you.

Now with this free money hack you can advertise on your car and advertisers will pay you.

There are apps such as Wrapify that will pay you money for free (hacked money :)) for sticking advertisements on your car.


Wrapify drivers report earnings between $200 to $500 every month depending upon the miles they drive.

You need to download the app and it will track your usage and will suggest you, advertisers, within your locality. If you agree after a background check you can display advertisements.

You will be paid how much you drive in that advertiser’s locality.

The only thing is if you mind the aesthetics of your car you might not like this hack for money, otherwise, it’s one of the easiest ways on how to make money online for free.

Sign up for Wrapify here!

21. Save Lives and Earn Free Money Now

Now you can save lives and earn money with this free money hack! No, you don’t have to become a doctor for doing that.

You can donate your plasma and can earn up to $400 per month with this instant money hack.

Similar to blood donation it takes around 1 to 2 hours per session and each session will pay you 50 to 100 dollars.


This habit can make some good money for young students and can be beneficial for society at large.

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22. How to Get Free Money Fast for Exercising

Now you can even make money for staying fitter. There are apps nowadays that pay you for walking and achieving fitness goals. They will make you money online for free.

What’s more rewarding than getting healthy and making money for that.


Generally, we lose motivation for doing exercise after a few days. Now earning money can be one motivation.

There are apps like HealthyWage where you can take bets for goals and you can win money for free for completing targets. They can help you in free making money online.

An overall great hack for money and fitness.

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23. Become A Freelance Writer

Want to earn money from home and have the basic skill of writing; then freelance writing can be a great side gig for you.

There are many website owners or bloggers who pay people to write posts for them because simply they don’t have time to write. When you reach a stage in blogging you need to spend time managing so many other things to grow.


You can join some social media groups to look for people needing your service or there are sites such as Upwork that connect you with potential employers for free making money online.

You can earn a few hundred dollars per article based on your experience.

Sign up at Upwork and start earning money with freelance writing!

You can take this free workshop on freelance writing that will help you earn more and faster here.

24. Use Fiverr to Earn Money

How to get free money now? First, you should ask, did you get some skill set? Are there people who want it and will they pay you money for that?

This skill set can be anything ranging from proofreader, songwriter, or bookkeeper. You can sell your skills.


The most popular platform for getting paid for your skills is Fiverr.

You can set up a price for your work in the increment of $5.

Sign up here for Fiverr to Make Money!

25. How to Get Money By Testing Websites

Now you can get free money fast for reviewing the websites. There are many businesses that want to review their websites for user experience.

They are releasing new websites or making some changes to existing websites.


Before releasing in open public they want to test the features. They pay reviewers money for detailed reviews.

One of the easiest free and quick money hacks online.

There are websites like Usertesting that connect people like you with these websites or app owners.

Sign up for UserTesting for free making money online!

Just sign up and start earning money for free.

26. Start Blogging to Make Money

In the last, I will tell you about my favourite way to make free money.

It’s not a free or quick money hack as in the starting as it takes a lot of effort to start generating revenue. But when dice start rolling it’s free money as you don’t have to put in that much effort.


Even if you are not just yet ready to expand your blogging it’s super important to start as soon as possible as you can see in my income report how starting a blog one year before I actually started working on it was important for its success.

If you can spare money for a cup of coffee every month just go to Bluehost and purchase hosting for $3.95 and a free domain name if you buy one year plan. YOU WILL THANK ME LATER FOR MAKING YOU DO IT!

Go on to read this detailed easy step-by-step guide for setting up your blog for success when you have time.

I have started earning almost $3000 $5000 passive income with this blog. If I can do it as a side hustle there is no reason you can not do it, if you follow my steps.

Use Multiple Of These Methods To Get Free Money

Getting free money or free money making online sounds like a cliche but now it can be a reality and you don’t have to do some shady stuff to get free money.

Use these real free money hacks and just download some apps, sign up here and there, and in some cases do some random tasks such as watching videos on the internet and you are there to get Free money online.

Getting free money online is that simple!

Just a small tip! Make a separate email id for signing up for these apps as you don’t want to clutter your e-mail id. Prefer for apps that pay through Paypal or offer gift cards of your choice.

I have listed above many great ways to earn free money. They are all trusted and legitimate ways to earn money.

Some may work better for you than others based on your location etc.

That’s why I will recommend giving them all a try and sticking with the ones that work best.

Let me know in the comments which free money hacks worked best for you and why!

free money ideas

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Why any one give Free Money?

Most of the time these free money hacks are a kind of user acquisition cost. Companies pay you free money to get new users as sign-up bonuses or to take surveys. Some of the users stuck to use on company services bringing in revenue in future hence spending money for new users is worth for companies.

Is Free Money Earning Scam?

Earning free money online might sound like a scam and there are many scams also. But free money hacks listed in this post are all legit ways to earn money. As discussed above these are the incentives companies pay to get new users.

How to Get Free Money Now?

Just sign up at the apps listed above and fulfil the conditions when they pay out the rewards. You will get rewarded with free money. Larger sums of free money can be obtained from bank account or credit card sign-up bonuses.

How can I get completely free money?

You can obtain completely free money through scholarships, grants, bursaries, sign-up bonuses from various apps and websites, or by participating in focus groups.

Does Cash App give free money?

While Cash App doesn’t directly give free money, it offers opportunities to earn, such as sign up bonus, referral bonuses, cashback rewards when using their Cash Card, and potential profit from investing in stocks.

How can I make free money in one hour?

In an hour, you can earn money by taking online surveys, reviewing mock trials, or using cost cutting apps like Trim.

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