Best Apps That Pay You to Drive in 2022

Driving a car only cost you money. What if you can make some money while driving? Here are apps that pay you to drive!

apps that pay you to drive

Are you looking for a way to make some extra cash? If so, you might want to consider using one of the many apps that pay you to drive.

You need to complete tasks such as car wrapping, delivering food or packages, giving people rides, or even driving for a ride-sharing service like Uber or Lyft on these driving apps to make money.

So if you’re looking for a way to make some extra money, be sure to check out one of these driving apps to make money.

Car Wrapping to Make Money Driving

The first company to use car wrapping as advertising was Pepsi. They put vinyl decals on taxis in order for them to be able to advertise their product.

This idea quickly caught on and more companies began adopting this tactic after realizing just how many people are exposed daily by seeing ads around town!

Nowadays you can find businesses from all sorts of industries using these tactics. Including clothing designers or even musicians putting up posters on cars driving around cities. So you can get paid to drive with these advertisements pasted on your car.

How Does Car Wrapping Work?

The next time you’re thinking about getting your car wrapped, make sure to get in touch with a reputable company that can provide professional service.

These companies handle everything from start (deciding what type of wrap would look best on your ride) all throughout production until final installation. Monitoring closely so any detail doesn’t escape unnoticed.

They even take care of stuff that is usually overlooked. Such as making sure door handles match up properly or installing mirrors safely without missing anything.

When you apply to these companies, they use your information in databases and then contact you when an ad matches what’s on file. They’ll give details about steps needed for installation or payment options if applicable.

How Much Can you Make?

How much you will get paid to drive will depend on a few things such as, what car you drive, what is your route and how many miles you drive.

Whether the advertisement is small or wraps your whole car, will impact the amount of money you make.

In general, the first two driving apps to make money on our list pays the highest and are most reputed.

What do You Need to Wrap Advertisment Around Your Car?

Companies offer car wrapping to people who drive more, usually along busy routes. However, it is important to note that where you live and the type of vehicle impacts whether or not this opportunity will be available in your area.

There are also other criteria that most companies require before you get paid to drive with them:

You have to be at least 18 years old, you must not have any criminal records and your car insurance is valid. You can’t drive and make money on someone else’s account or without having paid them for it in advance; also make sure that the vehicle meets all requirements before applying! You need to keep an advertisement on the car for the whole contract duration.

What a great way to make some extra money! You can get paid for putting logos on your car and driving around, just be sure you know where the good opportunities are.

Here are some of the most trusted driving apps to make money:

1. Wrapify

Wrapify is a great get paid to drive app with advertisements wrapped around your car.

They are upfront and honest about the income opportunities. Unlike some others who claim you can make some amount every month but then don’t deliver on their promise. Or give an unrealistically high estimate of how much money someone might expect from them in reality.


With this driving app that pays money, it truly does seem promising, not only you can make up to $500 per month; a few people end up making even more than expected thanks largely due to their growing popularity among advertisers lately!

2. Carvertise

It’s hard to believe that this Carvertise was established just a few years ago.

They’re an award-winning marketing firm with the mission of matching brands and high mileage car owners who want their message seen by drivers while they make money for something they already do which is driving.

This get paid to drive app pays the highest amount among all the players in this field. So if you are looking for the best driving apps to make money, this is one of them.

3. Carwraps

It is a Canada based company that offers to wrap your car in vinyl wraps for cash. If you are based in Canada, you can check what they are offering to make money driving.

They don’t provide much advertising on what they offer but you can contact them for information if that interests you!

Check them out here.


A US-based company that helps advertisers to get exposure on cars as wraps.

For showing advertisements on their cars, drivers get paid in cash.

Sign up with them to see available opportunities.

5. FreeCarMedia

FreeCarMedia is another great company that offers you the chance to drive around with advertisements posted on your car.

$50 per month will get ad space for one rear window, but if all four windows are covered it can go up as high as 400 dollars monthly!

You simply apply through their website and wait until they contact you.

This service provides an easy way of getting paid while still having full control- I mean who wouldn’t want some free money?

6. Car-Bucks

They advertise only on the back window compared to other apps that wrap the whole car to get money.

Car Bucks offer different kinds of duration plans like 6 or 12 months.

They pay mostly $1 per hour of driving which adds up to $20 or $25 per month.

Beware about Scams in Companies that Offer Car Wrapping

You won’t get rich with this side hustle, but you can easily make a few hundred dollars every month with these legitimate companies that pay money to drive your cars.

But like most industries, car wrapping is also full of scammers. Make sure you are aware so that they don’t take your advantage or you don’t waste time dealing with them yourself!

One common type would be the Western Union Check scam. Where an advertiser may claim to offer fake checks for hundreds if not thousands of dollars. But in reality, only asking someone’s bank account information along with receiving payments through wire transfers (they send you a check of $2000 and ask back $500 by wire saying they send by mistake or you need to pay their local contractor).

Later that check bounces and you lose your wired money. So if one says to you to wire money, be alert.

Only use these trusted driving apps to make money.

Other Apps That Pay You To Drive

Other than apps that pay you to drive wrapped vehicles, there are many other options for you to make money driving.

Many of these jobs have come up due to the gig economy, so you must have heard about a few of them already.

Here is the list.

Food Delivery Apps That Pay You to Drive

What if you could make money while doing something fun like bike riding?

Bike-loving enthusiasts might be interested in the rapidly growing world of on-demand delivery services.

The best platforms offer competitive rates and flexible hours; they also provide safety devices like helmets for customers who want them (you know how it goes).

You can also make money driving your cars to deliver food or groceries for these apps. The best of these companies include:

a. Postmates – One of the best platforms to make money by delivering food. One of the highly used services.

b. DoorDash – Another highly reputed app that pays you to drive with food delivery orders.

c. Uber Eats – Great alternative to the above apps if you want to try more before settling.

d. Instacart – Grocery delivering service that pays you to deliver grocery orders put on the app.


Easily the highest-earning way to get paid to drive!

If you are confused about which food delivery apps pay the highest and which one will suit you best, check out this list of best-paying food delivery apps for drivers.

Drive Other People for Money

If you’re looking for some extra cash on the side, then sign up with either Uber or Lyft driving apps to make money.

These two companies are known to pay drivers in most cities across America. They offer competitive rates that can’t be beaten!

In order to drive for one of these platforms, your car needs valid insurance and an appropriate license plate. There’s is a minimum age requirement of 21 years for you to start this side hustle.

However, they are not strict with cars you drive if your car is not older than 15 years.

If you don’t have your own car, you can rent from Hyrecar to drive for Uber and Lyft.


P2P jobs are the new way to get paid to drive your car. Delivery drivers can get paid for making deliveries between towns or just within one city.

You might think that this is redundant since most packages will be delivered through the mail with large couriers companies. But sometimes they don’t have enough work so you’ll need an independent contractor who specializes in P2Ps.

The reason P2P delivery is also affordable can be attributed to the network usually setting up their system so drivers encourage making deliveries along their existing travel route.

So, let’s say you were travelling between two cities for a road trip…you could still deliver something while on this journey-making it possible that more money will come into play!

In fact; these kinds of jobs are one fantastic way any individual should make some extra cash without having much effort involved.

Best of the P2P delivery apps include GoShare and Roadie where you can sign up and take up jobs that suits you.

Drive for Amazon Flex Delivery

It’s not easy to find a side job that pays so well. But if you’re looking for something simple, with flexible hours and excellent pay?

Look no further than Amazon Flex driving apps to make money!

As an employee of their logistics company (Amazon Freight), drivers deliver packages from fulfilment centres all across America. They earn between $18-$25 per hour doing it.

The best part is how straightforward this gig actually sounds.

With the average hourly wage being closer to $21, Amazon Flex is a great way to get paid to drive your car.

Amazon drivers are allowed any type of safe vehicle, so it doesn’t matter whether it is a 4 door mid-sized sedans/vans trucks vans etc., just get going already!

Apps That Pay You to Drive With Safety

If you’re a good driver who monitors your driving habits, then it is possible to save money on car insurance.

Many companies offer discounts for installing an app or device in your vehicle that tracks how fast you go and when you accelerate hard.

All this does is measure what kind of risks are involved with each individual auto policyholder. So they can make better-informed decisions about whether or not these things can affect risk when purchasing coverage- which means lower rates!

You can save 5% on car insurance and 10 per cent after a year if you drive safely.

Plenty of leading companies have apps like these nowadays; so shop around to find the most affordable auto coverage that’s right for your needs!

There is also Gabi – an app that pays people according to their driving safety habits (or lack thereof).

Other apps that pay you to drive safely are Mobilio and OnMyWay App.

Earn Money by Helping People Move

You will be surprised at the amount of money you can make with your car by helping people move.

You will need a pickup truck, van or larger vehicle like a box truck with room for furniture in it if you want to do this job right!

Some of the apps that pay you to drive and help others move are Dolly, Lugg and Taskrabbit.

One of the best things about these platforms is that, even if you don’t own a car or truck, you can still help people by doing the heavy lifting and earning money for that.

So if you are ready to do some heavy lifting then this can be a great side hustle for you with driving apps to make money.

Apps That Pay You to Drive Elders

The gig economy has made it possible for families to find affordable at-home elderly care. Apps like TaskRabbit and platforms such as connect people who are looking into hiring someone with the skills they need.

Whether that’s general household tasks or more specific ones like cooking dinner every night while your mom remains in her own room all day long! is seeking caregivers to help out with errands, grocery runs and more!

You can get paid to drive them around town, for the hospital visits or provide other needed services like cooking meals at home.

TaskRabbit is an app where you set your own rates with an average of $14/hour. However, it’s worth noting that these jobs require some sort of background check so make sure this won’t be an issue before taking on any new obligations as a chauffeur.

Become a Hopskipdrive driver

HopSkipDrive is a student transportation network that mainly operates in the Western United States.

The service provides assistance for non-routine school transportation, so it isn’t meant to replace your regular bus driver position. But rather help those who need extra support getting themselves on their feet before class starts or have other reasons why they can’t use traditional methods of transport.


By vetting their drivers and going through a lengthy process of background checks, HopSkipDrive ensures safety.

You need to have a minimum of 5 years of caregiving experience. A good driving record with good vehicle and they do a thorough background check.

If you qualify, you can make money driving and earn more than $30 per hour. This makes it one of the best paying driving apps.

Deliver With Citizenshipper for Money

CitizenShipper is a driving app that allows you to make money by delivering pets and other items.

The service has been around since 2017 when it was founded as an alternative way for people living in bigger cities who want access into smaller areas with lower prices on transportation services.

Transporting things such as motorcycles or heavy equipment can be done through this app.

You can also sign up just so your car will be waiting if someone needs assistance because they don’t have time themselves. These gigs pay over $1k and they are particularly easier if you are already going in that direction.

Getupside to Save Money While Driving

The GetUpside app is a must-have for anyone who lives in the US.

The main purpose of this nifty tool, which costs nothing and can be downloaded from iTunes or Google Play store, is to help you find cheap gas stations near your current location so that when it’s time to go out on road trips you save money.

Whether short distances like commuting around town OR far distances such as vacations down south, you will have no problem finding low prices at various locations nearby. Thanks entirely due to their extensive coverage area including every state.

GetUpside is also a rewards app that pays you for uploading your gas receipts and claiming offers.

You can save up to $0.25 per gallon, plus there are cashback rewards when buying sponsored station cards with the money accumulated in points which are redeemable either as free gift cards or PayPal cash!

Things to be Aware of While Driving to Make Money

If you want to maximize your earnings and keep life simple during tax season, keep these tips in mind:

Taxes and Mileage Tracking App

There are tons of ways to make money from your car. I recommend for those who want more control over how much they drive and what their income looks like is using a mileage tracking app.

Mileage can lead you towards some awesome tax deductions so it’s worth taking ten minutes right now if this sounds interesting!

Hurdlr offers free accounts with no ads or hidden fees – just easy math once everything has been entered into the system.

There are under the table jobs, but most driving gigs will pay in your account or PayPal.

Save Money

The gig economy is all about flexibility.

But it doesn’t come without its challenges, like how to manage taxes on your earnings as an independent contractor or whether you even have enough money saved up for retirement because these things take time!

The best way I’ve found in order not to get overwhelmed with worry when trying out new opportunities (like driving apps) has been by making monthly contributions into savings accounts dedicated just for this purpose. So at least if something goes wrong financially today then there’s always tomorrow, right?

Always Calculate Profits after Considering Fuel and Depriciation Cost

Many people often complain that earning money through apps that pay you to drive is difficult due to high fuel and vehicle depreciation costs.

The truth of the matter, though? You’re responsible for doing your own research before you jump into this opportunity!

For example, Uber may seem like an attractive option on paper with promises of up $20 per hour, but if we factor in all those additional expenses such as fuel, taxes/insurance fees then it could become less appetizing than expected.

Vehicle repairs are also inevitable, so it’s important to have a safety net. You might be able to make more money as well if your car is in good shape and there isn’t too much depreciation from owning an older model!

A driving gig can be a fun way to earn but don’t forget about all the things that could go wrong – from broken windows or hail damage, so keep a safety net.

Final Thoughts on Apps That Pay You to Drive

Even as the gig economy continues to grow and flourish, there are still questions about how these companies treat their drivers.

But if you’re looking for an opportunity that could give your driver career a boost- in terms of both income potential as well as employee rights! Then apps to make money driving like Uber or Lyft might be worth checking out.

We’ve seen unprecedented growth in apps that pay you to drive since their inception a few years ago! If you want to make some extra cash on the side, driving jobs for money are a great option.

The barrier of entry into this industry is low and there’s always work available! As long as your expenses don’t exceed income, you will save some cash.

The companies that pay you money to drive don’t only offer driving opportunities in cars- they also have programs for motorcycles and scooters. Some of these apps will even pay you for advertising on your vehicle!

Which one of these methods has been most successful for you? Let me know in the comments section below.

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