Best Ways To Deliver Packages For Money

If you are looking for a way to make some extra money in your spare time, you might want to consider a package delivery side hustle.

Nowadays, lots of people are ordering things online which means there’s always someone who needs these items brought right to their door.

When you get paid to deliver packages, you’re basically using your time and vehicle to move items from one location to another. This is a flexible job where you can set your own hours.

You can work as much or as little as you like, and you’re typically paid for each delivery you make, sometimes even by the hour. Plus, any tips you earn are yours to keep.

But how much money can you actually make delivering packages? And which are the top package delivery apps to make money?

In this article, we’re going to cover all that and more.

We’ll provide you with handy advice on how to begin your journey as a delivery driver and share strategies to help you succeed.

So, let’s explore how you can start making money delivering packages and turn it into a profitable side hustle.

Why Package Delivery is a Great Side Hustle

This type of driving gig is all about moving things from one place to another, using your own wheels.

You can sign up with various package delivery apps to make money, linking up with customers who need stuff delivered.

Here’s why delivering packages for money is a cool idea and how you can get started:

  • Flexibility: You’re the boss of your schedule, working as much or as little as you like. Plus, you pick the kind of deliveries that fit your style – maybe food and groceries, or even bigger things for longer hauls. The point is, you get to decide when and where to work.
  • Earning Extra Cash: You can really make this gig pay off. Delivery fees, tips, bonuses – they all add up. You could be looking at making $15 to $25 per hour or even more. And, by juggling multiple deliveries or working during busy times, you can boost your income even higher.
  • Variety of Options: There’s a bunch of package delivery side hustle apps out there, like Amazon Flex, Roadie, and GoShare. Each one has its own perks, like different types of packages, pay rates, and requirements. And hey, why stick to one? Use multiple apps to maximize your earning chances.

Getting Started with Package Delivery:

  • Age Requirements: You need to be at least 18 for most of these gigs.
  • Your Ride: A reliable vehicle that’s insured and fits the package sizes you’ll be delivering. Cars, vans, trucks, bikes, scooters – it all depends on the app and delivery type.
  • Driver’s License and Records: A must-have, along with a clean slate on the road. Some apps might ask for a background check or a drug test.
  • Insurance: Make sure you and your vehicle are covered. Some apps offer extra insurance, but double-check it covers everything.
  • Smartphone with Data and GPS: You’ll need this to use the delivery apps, accept jobs, talk to customers, and track your dough.

When picking the right platform for your package delivery side hustle, think about:

  • Local Demand: What’s hot in your area? Go for platforms that have a high demand but not too many drivers.
  • Your Delivery Preference: Like quick food runs or bigger, heavier stuff? Choose an app that fits your style.
  • Pay Rates and Perks: Compare what each app offers. Look for flat fees, percentages of delivery fees or tips, and any cool bonuses.

Here are some real-deal comments from drivers about different platforms:

  • Amazon Flex: Drivers dig the easy-to-use app, good pay, and flexible schedule. Just sometimes, the work blocks and routes can be a bit tricky to snag.
  • Roadie: It’s fun with decent pay, letting you deliver all sorts of things. Be ready for the occasional slow period and delayed customer service responses.
  • GoShare: Great for those with trucks or vans and don’t mind some heavy lifting. The pay is solid, and the tips are good. Just watch out for the odd rude customer.

That’s the gist of making money delivering packages. Pick the right platform, make the most of your earnings, and deliver top-notch service.

Best Package Delivery Apps To Work For

There is a variety of apps available in this space for different types and sizes of packages. Here is the list for you to choose from:

1. Amazon Flex

Amazon Flex offers a flexible package delivery opportunity using your own vehicle.

It’s part of the larger Amazon network, providing a reliable stream of delivery gigs.

As a driver, you can choose blocks of time that work for you, delivering everything from regular Amazon packages to groceries from Amazon Fresh.

Unique Features:

  • Dynamic scheduling: Choose delivery blocks that fit your schedule.
  • Amazon Flex Rewards: Access discounts and perks for consistent work.
  • Variety of delivery types, from Prime packages to grocery deliveries.

Requirements: At least 21 years old, valid driver’s license, SSN, and a mid-size or larger vehicle.

Pay and User Comments: Earn between $20 to $25 per hour. Users love the flexibility and user-friendly app, but note that getting blocks during peak seasons can be competitive.

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2. UPS and FedEx

UPS and FedEx are globally recognized package delivery giants. Both companies offer a range of driver positions, with UPS typically hiring employees and FedEx engaging independent contractors.

This difference leads to varied job benefits and flexibility.

UPS provides a more traditional employment structure with associated benefits, while FedEx offers greater independence.

Unique Features:

  • UPS: Employee benefits such as health insurance, retirement plans, and paid vacations.
  • FedEx: Flexibility and control over work for independent contractors.
  • Varied job opportunities in logistics and package handling.

Requirements: Specific requirements vary based on the company and position.

Pay and User Comments: The average hourly pay varies. UPS drivers, as employees, get benefits like health insurance, while FedEx drivers enjoy more work flexibility. A user shared that the work can be demanding with long hours.

3. Roadie

Roadie is a unique platform that connects drivers with both local and long-distance delivery gigs.

It offers the opportunity to deliver a wide variety of items, from small packages to oversized items like furniture.

Roadie is known for its user-friendly app and flexible job selection, allowing drivers to pick gigs that suit their schedules and vehicle capacity.

Unique Features:

  • Deliver anything from pets to furniture, expanding your earning potential.
  • Long-distance trips offer higher earnings.
  • User-friendly app with flexible gig selection.

Requirements: At least 18 years old, valid driver’s license, SSN, and a suitable vehicle.

Pay and User Comments: Earnings can go up to significant amounts for long-distance trips. Drivers appreciate the gig variety and flexibility, and the pay for long trips is often highlighted as a positive.

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4. Dolly

Dolly focuses on the delivery of heavy and bulky items, offering a niche service in the delivery market.

This platform is ideal for those who own larger vehicles like trucks or vans and are comfortable with physical work.

Dolly allows drivers, referred to as ‘Helpers,’ to choose jobs through their app and earn higher rates for larger, heavier deliveries.

Unique Features:

  • Specialized in heavy and large item delivery.
  • High income potential for helpers with suitable vehicles.
  • Weekly payment system with access to tips and bonuses.

Requirements: At least 21 years old, valid driver’s license, truck or van, and pass a background check.

Pay and User Comments: Can earn up to $30 per hour or more. Users like the high income potential and tips, though note the physical demand of moving heavy items.

5. goPuff

goPuff offers a unique on-demand delivery service specializing in delivering everyday needs and cravings.

From snacks and drinks to household essentials and personal care products, goPuff operates 24/7 in some markets, providing convenience around the clock.

Unique Features:

  • Rapid delivery within 30 minutes.
  • Wide range of products including snacks, drinks, and household essentials.
  • Flat delivery fee structure.

Pay and User Comments: Drivers can earn between $18 and $25 per hour, with a flat amount per delivery plus 100% of tips. Drivers appreciate the streamlined process of picking up orders from goPuff warehouses, although some note the challenges of managing deliveries during peak hours.

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6. CitizenShipper

CitizenShipper is a peer-to-peer shipping platform that stands out for its versatility in shipping a wide range of items, including furniture, vehicles, and pets.

The platform offers various vehicle options and levels of service, catering to diverse shipping needs.

Unique Features:

  • Ability to transport a wide variety of items.
  • Long-haul delivery options across multiple states.
  • Direct negotiation and bidding for shipments.

Pay and User Comments: Drivers set their own prices and negotiate directly with customers. Top drivers can earn between $8,000 and $10,000 per month, minus expenses. A driver shared on Quora about enjoying transporting animals, highlighting the satisfaction despite significant expenses on gas, tolls, and accommodation.

7. GoShare

GoShare offers a unique service for delivering large and bulky items like furniture and appliances. It’s a great platform for drivers with larger vehicles like trucks and vans.

Unique Features:

  • Specialized in large item delivery.
  • Flexible work, ideal for those with bigger vehicles.
  • A variety of delivery types, from small parcels to large furniture.

Pay and User Comments: Earnings are typically higher due to the nature of the deliveries, often making it a lucrative option for drivers. Drivers often highlight the high income potential, especially for those with suitable vehicles for larger deliveries.

8. ParaWorks

ParaWorks is less known but offers a unique platform for gig workers, including package delivery. It focuses on optimizing earnings for gig workers through various tools and insights.

Unique Features:

  • Provides tools and resources for gig workers to maximize earnings.
  • Diverse gig opportunities, including package delivery.
  • Data-driven approach to help workers find the best gigs.

Pay and User Comments: The platform aims to help workers earn more, but specific pay rates can vary. Users often appreciate the insights and tools provided to help them increase their earnings across different gig platforms.

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9. HeyParcel

HeyParcel is a relatively new entrant in the package delivery market, focusing on convenience and speed. It aims to make package delivery more accessible and efficient.

Unique Features:

  • Focuses on quick and convenient delivery options.
  • User-friendly interface for both drivers and customers.
  • Streamlined process from pick-up to delivery.

Pay and User Comments: Competitive pay rates, with a focus on making quick deliveries more profitable. As a newer platform, user feedback is still emerging, but early adopters often note its ease of use and efficiency.

10. Grabr

Grabr is an international delivery service where travelers can earn money by delivering items to people in the destinations they are traveling to. It’s a unique way to monetize travel.

Unique Features:

  • Connects travelers with people needing items from abroad.
  • Offers a unique way to earn money while traveling.
  • Wide range of items, from tech gadgets to unique local products.

Pay and User Comments: Earnings depend on the item and the delivery distance, often offering a good return for travelers. Travelers enjoy the opportunity to earn while exploring new places, though it requires coordination and planning.

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11. Steady

Steady is not a delivery service but a platform that provides gig workers, including delivery drivers, with opportunities to find and compare various gig jobs.

Unique Features:

  • Comprehensive database of gig opportunities.
  • Comparison tools to evaluate different gig options.
  • Insights into earnings and strategies for maximizing income.

Pay and User Comments: While Steady itself doesn’t pay, it helps users find the most lucrative gigs. Users appreciate the wealth of information and resources that help them make informed decisions about gig work.

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12. Postmates

Postmates stands out for its ability to deliver a wide variety of items, from food and groceries to alcohol and more. The platform partners with a vast network of local merchants, offering extensive delivery options.

Unique Features:

  • Wide range of deliverable items including food, groceries, and alcohol.
  • Partnerships with local merchants for diverse options.
  • Flexible delivery options with vehicles like cars, bikes, and scooters.

Pay and User Comments: Pay varies based on time, distance, and demand, with drivers keeping 100% of tips. A Postmates driver on Reddit shared mixed experiences, noting variability in earnings, customer attitudes, and the nature of orders.

Comparison of Package Delivery Apps

Here is a table comparing the different features of these platforms.

PlatformKind of Delivery (Items Delivered)Earning Per Hour (Approx.)Availability
RoadieAnything from furniture to petsVaries; can be high for long tripsNationwide (U.S.)
Amazon FlexAmazon packages, Prime, groceries$18 to $25Nationwide, varies by region
GoShareLarge items like furniture, appliancesVaries; often higher for larger itemsMajor cities in the U.S.
ParaWorksVaried (supports multiple gig platforms)Varies; depends on gigNationwide, depends on local gigs
CitizenShipperFurniture, vehicles, pets, plantsTop earners make $8,000 to $10,000 per month, minus expensesNationwide, including long-haul
DollyHeavy items (appliances, furniture, mattresses)Up to $30 per hour or moreVarious U.S. cities
HeyParcelGeneral packages, small itemsCompetitive rates, variesEmerging, availability varies
GrabrInternational deliveries (items from abroad)Varies; based on item and distanceInternational, based on travel routes
SteadyNot a delivery service; gig job listingsNationwide (U.S.), based on gig listings
goPuffEveryday needs (snacks, drinks, household items)$18 to $25Select U.S. cities, 24/7 in some areas
Minibar DeliveryWine, liquor, beer, mixersVaries; based on store rates and tipsVarious U.S. cities
DrizlyAlcohol, snacks, tobacco, party suppliesHourly wage plus tipsVarious U.S. cities
PostmatesAnything from food to groceries and alcoholVaries based on distance, time, demandNationwide (U.S.)

Each of these platforms offers unique opportunities within the package delivery side hustle market. They cater to different preferences and needs, from quick snack deliveries with goPuff to long-haul, cross-state shipping with CitizenShipper.

The choice of platform depends on the individual’s preferences for the type of deliveries, the flexibility of schedule, and the potential income.

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What is P2P Delivery

Peer-to-Peer (P2P) delivery is an innovative and increasingly popular model in the logistics and courier industry. At its core, P2P delivery connects individuals who need to send packages with independent couriers or travelers going to the same destination.

This system bypasses traditional delivery services, often leading to faster and more cost-effective shipping solutions.

In P2P delivery, the process typically begins with a sender posting a delivery request on a P2P delivery platform or app.

This request includes details like the package’s size, weight, destination, and desired delivery timeframe. Independent couriers or travelers using the platform can then view these requests and choose to accept deliveries that align with their travel plans or routes.

This delivery model is particularly advantageous for sending packages over long distances (Long Distance Delivery Gig?) or to remote areas where traditional courier services may be less frequent or more expensive.

It’s also an eco-friendly option, as it utilizes trips that are already taking place, reducing the need for additional transportation and associated carbon emissions.

It’s particularly popular for delivering unique or specialized items, and in some cases, even pets, provided the courier meets certain criteria and adheres to regulations.

This system not only provides convenience for senders but also offers an income-generating opportunity for individuals who want to earn money while traveling or commuting.

Among the delivery apps discussed in this post, CitizenShipper and Grabr are examples of platforms that offer Peer-to-Peer (P2P) delivery services

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Maximizing Earnings While Delivering Packages

As with any trade, it’s always smart to know how to boost your income. As a delivery driver, you can earn well by working efficiently and using the right strategies.

Here’s a simpler breakdown of how you can maximize your earnings in the delivery business.

Choosing the Right Location for More Jobs and Better Pay

  • Your earnings depend a lot on where you deliver. Some places might need more deliveries and might even pay more. It’s good to figure out which parts of your city or area are best for deliveries. For example:
    • Busy city areas might need more food and grocery deliveries.
    • Quieter, suburban areas might have more package deliveries.
  • Try to avoid places with lots of traffic or where it’s hard to park.

Efficient Delivery Tips: Your Vehicle and Using Apps

  • Keeping your vehicle in top shape is key. A well-maintained car means less downtime and fewer repair costs. Also, organizing your vehicle helps in carrying more packages neatly.
  • Using several delivery apps can increase your chances of getting more work. For instance:
    • Roadie for longer distance deliveries.
    • Amazon Flex for regular package deliveries.
    • Uber Eats for food deliveries.
  • But be careful not to juggle too many apps or orders at once. Make sure you’re following each app’s rules.

Understanding Busy Times and Grabbing Opportunities

  • The time you choose to work can make a big difference. For example:
    • Meal deliveries are usually busy around lunch and dinner.
    • Package deliveries might pick up during holiday seasons.
  • Use your delivery apps to track busy times and plan your work schedule around them.

Mixing On-Demand Delivery with Regular Routes

  • Delivery work can be unpredictable. To have a steadier income, consider mixing immediate order deliveries with fixed-route work. For example:
    • On-demand deliveries through apps.
    • Regular, fixed-route deliveries for specific clients or companies.

Learning from Other Drivers’ Experiences

  • Here’s what some drivers shared online:
    • A Reddit user, talked about being prepared for anything, like bad weather or tough customers. They stressed being reliable, professional, and friendly.
    • Another user on Quora shared that they make between $15 to $25 per hour, working smart with several apps, especially during busy times.
    • Another Reddit use mentioned the fun but sometimes stressful nature of delivery work, dealing with traffic, customer service, and competition.

In summary, to make good money delivering packages, focus on choosing the right locations, being efficient, understanding peak times, mixing different types of deliveries, and learning from others in the field.

This approach can help you increase your earnings and enjoy your delivery side hustle.

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Challenges and Solutions

Working as a delivery driver, where you get paid to deliver packages, can be a great package delivery side hustle. However, it has its own set of challenges, just like any job.

Here’s how you can tackle some common issues and keep making money delivering packages:

Handling Customer Complaints and Cancelled Orders

When customers aren’t happy or cancel orders, it can be tricky. Maybe they’re upset about late deliveries or something’s wrong with their order. Sometimes, they might cancel after you’ve already started heading their way.

To deal with this, be friendly and calm, even if the customer isn’t.

Try to solve the problem quickly, like apologizing or seeing if you can get them a refund. If an order gets canceled, follow what your delivery app tells you – you might need to return the item or, in some cases, you might keep it.

A delivery driver shared on Reddit: “I’m usually nice, but I’ve had customers threaten me because they messed up their order. It’s tough.”

Cutting Down on Costs Like Fuel and Vehicle Upkeep

Using your own car means you’ll have costs like gas, repairs, insurance, and more.

You can cut down these costs by driving efficiently, keeping track of your miles and expenses, and knowing about tax deductions for delivery drivers. There are apps to help track your mileage, which can be handy for tax time.

A driver on Quora mentioned using an app called Stride to keep track of miles and expenses, saying it helps them save on taxes and find deals on car stuff.

Juggling Flexibility and a Steady Income

Being a delivery driver is flexible – you can choose when to work and use multiple package delivery apps to make money.

But, this flexibility means your income can go up and down. You might not always get enough work, and you’ll be competing with other drivers. Things like bad weather or traffic can also affect how much you make.

To manage this, it’s good to have a budget and maybe another job for steady income. Keeping an eye on what customers want and when it’s busy can also help.

A Reddit user shared: “I love the flexibility of delivery driving, but I also work part-time at a grocery store for consistent money. I deliver during evenings and weekends when it’s busier.”

Each of these points offers ways to navigate the challenges of a package delivery side hustle, from improving customer interactions to managing your finances and schedule. By adopting these strategies, you can enhance your experience and earnings in the package delivery industry.

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Final Words of Delivering Packages for Money

Delivering packages is a fantastic way to earn extra money. This side hustle is flexible, allowing you to work on your terms with various delivery apps. Success in this field comes from knowing the best locations, efficient scheduling, and good customer service.

Many have found success with package delivery, using it to supplement their income or even support their main goals like schooling. While the pay might vary across locations and your experience, the real benefit lies in the flexibility and independence it offers.

If you’re considering a side hustle in package delivery, you don’t need any special skills—just a smartphone, a reliable mode of transportation, and a can-do attitude.

So, why not give it a try? Sign up for an app that suits you, and start exploring this rewarding opportunity.

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