How Much Can You Make In A Week With DoorDash

Making extra money is always good. You might have heard of DoorDash, a food delivery service, just like Uber, but for food.

People order food. You deliver it. Simple as that!

But a big question is: How much can you make in a week with DoorDash? Can it really help with the bills? Or is it just some pocket change?

In this article, we’ll dive into it. We’ll see how much you can make in a week with DoorDash.

Some people do it part-time, others take it up as a full-time job.

No matter your goal, I’ll give you the numbers to decide for yourself. So, get ready to find out if DoorDash is the right side hustle for you!

How Much Can You Earn With DoorDash in a Week?

For a quick answer, you can easily make around $15 per hour in most markets. That means if you work 5 days a week ( 8 hours every day), you will end up making $600 a week without considering expenses like gas and taxes. However, the real numbers vary for each one and depend on a lot of factors like your market and your expertise.

Let’s go into detail to find out if DoorDash is worth it or not!

Your earnings depend on where you are, the hours you put in, the size and number of orders, tips, and costs you have.

So, the real answer is the amount you earn depends! No one can give you the exact number that you will earn after one week of Dashing.

However, using info from salary websites and from other Dasher stories can help get a close estimate.

From Salary Websites

  • DoorDash says Dashers make around $23 an hour.
  • On Indeed, Dashers say they earn about $15.81 an hour. This info comes from about 228 people.
  • ZipRecruiter puts it at $16.46 an hour, which is a national average and most areas report higher than that.
  • Glassdoor’s says it’s $16 an hour.

So, work 40 hours a week? You might get between $640 and $920. But, take out things like gas and taxes.

Now, these are just averages. The actual money you earn will vary obviously. It’s about how busy your area is, when you work, how far and tough the deliveries are, tips, feedback from customers, and DoorDash’s special offers.

From Dasher Stories

There are many places on the internet like Reddit and Quora where Dashers hang around and spend their time discussing things that matter to their daily lives like how much they earn per week with DoorDash.

  • A Dasher on Reddit said they made close to $1,700 in a week in Toronto. He worked 50 hours, got bonus pay, and stayed downtown.
  • Another Dasher talked about making $850-$950 in Madison, Wisconsin. He worked 30-40 hours, kept moving, and skipped the crowded college area.
  • One Dasher mentioned earning $35-$40 an hour working 14 hours weekly. They got big tips and delivered for Panera Bread too.
  • A Dasher on Quora shared they made $500-$600 in Los Angeles. They worked 25-30 hours during lunch and dinner and said no to low-pay orders.

Clearly, Dashers’ earnings vary. More hours, good places, and picking the right orders can help. But, there are also challenges like traffic, parking, bad weather, complaints, and app troubles.

doordash different earnings

Some Dashers report making $2000 or more a week with DoorDash. But, they often work more than 15 hours daily, 7 days a week, which is ridiculous. This can be unhealthy and unsustainable in the long run.

2k a week with doordash

I’ve read many discussions on DoorDash’s Reddit. It is possible to earn $1000 a week with DoorDash much more easily by using the right strategy and optimizing your earnings per hour.

Here is a screenshot of Dashers making $1k a week with 37 to 47 Dashing hours.

Doordash $1k a week
Doordash $1k a week with 47 hours dash time

Are you doing this full-time or part-time? Either way, be smart. Choose the right orders and the right times to work. Learn to reject orders that don’t fit.

During slow hours, try other things. Work for other apps or improve your skill set for higher paying jobs.

In conclusion, Dashers typically make $15 to $20 per hour. But what you earn with DoorDash is up to you. Give it a try to see if it works for you and worth it.

Understanding DoorDash Earnings

To understand more about how DoorDash earnings work, let’s break down the DoorDash pay setup, tips, and more.

DoorDash Pay Breakdown

DoorDash pay structure is divided into three parts: Base pay, promotions, and tips.

  • Base Pay: It’s like your starting pay. Farther deliveries and tricky orders pay more. Tips don’t affect this.
  • Promotions: Sometimes, DoorDash adds bonuses. Maybe you deliver at busy times or finish many orders quickly. These deals change, but they’re in the app.
  • Tips: People can give you extra. In the app or cash. And you keep it all.

Some Dashers say they pocket around $23 an hour. It changes, though. Busy hours or using other apps too can bump that up. But picky Dashers or slow times can lower it.

Drive Orders: DoorDash also offer big orders that need more work and higher vehicle requirements. They pay more and also have a guaranteed minimum pay and a full tip.

How Much DoorDash Pays Per Delivery?

To know your earnings for a delivery, add base pay, tip, and bonuses. For example, if base pay is $3, tip is $5, and a Peak Pay is $2, you’ll get $10 total.

Remember, you have costs like gas, car care, and phone bills. Subtract these from your total earnings.

DoorDash is also trying a new feature in some markets where they pay by time. If you choose to deliver by time, you don’t have to worry about different value orders and you will also get paid for waiting for orders.


In case it is available in your market, you can give it a try. In low paying and low tip markets, it can be better earning alternative as tips are still yours on top of fixed earning.

Many Dashers report making more money with this pay structure but many also complain about getting bad orders or no tip orders.

per hour based earnings
Per Hour Based Earnings
Doordash earning per order
Per Order Based Earning

And you can not reject more than one order in an hour, otherwise, your pay by time gig will end for that day.

Here are what many Dashers think about this new pay structure in a poll. Clearly more Dashers prefer working for per order basis.

poll for per hour and per order earning

How Do Dasher Get Paid

Each week, DoorDash deposits money in your bank. Want it faster? You can use Fast Pay for a small fee of $1.99 per transaction.

Or you can get a special Dasher card to avoid fees and get paid daily.


To be eligible for fast pay and special fast card, you need to be delivering for 2 weeks and done at least 25 deliveries.

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Things That Change Your Earnings

Not every dasher earns the same, that’s because of several factors. Markets are obvious differentiators but Dashers in the same area also earn differently due to several factors that includes:

  • Location: Big cities usually have more orders and better tips. But watch out for traffic and parking hassles.
    • Tip: Use the app for busy spots. Stick near lots of restaurants. But stay safe and avoid far or tricky places.
  • Time of Day: Lunch and dinner are money times. Want a busy slot? Plan your schedule in advance.
    • Tip: Check the app for busy times. Weekends and holidays rock. But super late or super early? Maybe not.
  • Your Ride: What you drive matters. Cars, bikes, scooters, walking – each has its perks.
    • Tip: Keep your car in check. If biking, be ready for your city’s ups and downs. Sometimes, switching between car and bike makes sense.
  • Experience & Strategy: The more you dash, the smarter you get. You’ll find better routes and spot good orders.
    • Tip: Be on the lookout for good tips. Be cool with customers and restaurants. It pays to be a top Dasher.

So, that’s DoorDash earnings for you, in a nutshell. Ready to get dashing and make that extra cash?

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Costs for DoorDash Drivers

When you drive for DoorDash, there are some costs you might have to deal with:

  • Gas and Taking Care of Your Car: As a driver, you use your own car. This means you pay for gas, oil changes, brake checks, and more. On average, gas in the U.S. costs about $4.32 a gallon, but in places like California, it can be as high as $5.75 a gallon. The IRS says you spend about 56 cents a mile when you drive, but it might be different for you.
  • Phone Costs: You need a smartphone with the DoorDash app. Plus, a good data plan for GPS, tracking orders, and chatting with customers and more. Some drivers use up to 4 GB of data every month just for DoorDash. The usual phone plan in the U.S. is around $70 a month. Look around to find cheaper ones.
  • Insurance and Permits: You need insurance for your car. DoorDash asks for basic insurance but offers some too. Remember, if something happens, your insurance comes first. And more, depending on where you live, you might need special permits or licenses to deliver food.

Tips to Earn More

If you want to earn more driving for DoorDash, there are many strategies or good practices you can follow. Here are some pointers:

  • Plan Ahead with DoorDash: Schedule your shifts early to get busy slots. This way you don’t have to wait for orders and you can even get bonus pay during busy times.
  • Stay In-the-Know with DoorDash Specials: DoorDash offers:
    • Peak Pay: Extra money during busy hours.
    • Challenges: Complete a set number of deliveries for bonus money.
    • Referrals: Get up to $750 for new drivers you bring in or $5 for new customers.
    • Top Dasher Program: Get recognized for good work and earn benefits like getting orders first and more.
  • Manage Your Time:
    • Take orders that are close and don’t take too long.
    • If an order takes you too far or pays too little, it might not be worth it.
    • Use navigation apps like Google Maps, Waze, and more to find the best routes.
    • Use insulated bags. They keep the food warm, make customers happy, and protect your car. DoorDash might give you one, or you can buy them online and more.

You can make the most of your time by following the right strategies like taking only high-paying orders (minimum $2/mile), rejecting bad orders, and doing the best to serve the customer with things like DoorDash memes to get the best possible tips and ratings.

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Alternatives to DoorDash

DoorDash leads the way in food delivery in the US, Canada, and Australia. It’s known for flexibility and good pay. However, other services like UberEats, Grubhub, and now Instacart might catch your interest.

When looking for a side delivery job, consider the pay. DoorDash drivers make $14 an hour on average. UberEats drivers earn $13, Grubhub drivers get $11, and Instacart shoppers can make around $15.

These numbers may change based on where you are, demand, tips, and other factors.

How These Food Delivery and Shopping Apps Pay Their Drivers:

DoorDash Drivers Earn:

  • Base pay for each delivery.
  • All customer tips.
  • Bonus pay in busy times.
  • Extra cash for special tasks and recruiting.

UberEats Drivers Earn:

  • Fees for pickup and delivery.
  • Distance-based fees.
  • More pay in peak hours.
  • Extra money for special tasks and recruiting.

Grubhub Drivers Earn:

  • Delivery fee plus tips.
  • Guaranteed hourly rate for planned hours and tasks.
  • Bonuses and recruiting incentives.

Instacart Shoppers Earn:

  • A fee for shopping and delivering groceries.
  • Tips from customers.
  • Bonuses for peak time and meeting goals.
  • Extra cash for bringing in new shoppers.

Finding the best service depends on your needs and wants. Want flexibility? DoorDash might be for you. For higher earnings, consider UberEats or Instacart. If you prefer a guaranteed hourly rate, look at Grubhub.

Try them out. Feel them out. Find the one that fits you best.

Other Gig Economy Jobs

Looking for other side gig jobs? Consider these:

  • Ridesharing: Drive people using Uber or Lyft. You need a car, license, and background check.
  • Pet sitting: Look after pets with Rover or other dog walking apps. Must love animals and have a clean record.
  • Freelancing: Share your skills on Upwork or Fiverr. Find work in writing, design, coding, and more.
  • Tutoring: Teach students on Chegg or Wyzant. You need to be good at subjects like math or English.

In the end, being a DoorDash can help you make extra cash. You get to choose your hours and see new places. But, there are many side jobs out there. Some apps might have better-earning potential in your area. You can find out that by trying.

You can even multi-app to increase earnings and avoid slow times when there are not enough orders on DoorDash.

Research well and always aim to get best out of your side hustling hours.

Final Thoughts on DoorDash Weekly Earnings

DoorDash is a flexible way to make some extra cash. You can choose when to work and which orders to take. Plus, there are many incentives, tips, and promotions to help you earn more.

Still, how much you earn with DoorDash can vary. It depends on where you live, order demand, day and time, distance of the delivery, and costs like gas and taxes.

So, everyone’s earnings will be different.

Most online sources say the average DoorDash driver makes $14-$15 an hour before costs. So, working 40 hours a week might get you between $560-$600 before taking out expenses.

But, this is a general estimate, and many Dashers even claim to make much more ($25 -$30/hour) and less ($10/hour).

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I start with DoorDash?

To work with DoorDash:

  • Be 18 or older.
  • Have a valid driver’s license and insurance.
  • Good driving record.
  • A smartphone.
  • Pass a background check.
  • Have a vehicle that fits DoorDash’s rules. It can be a car, bike, scooter, and more.

Sign up on the DoorDash app or site. If qualified, they’ll send a kit with a card, bag, and instructions. Then, you can start taking orders.

Are there costs to start DoorDash?

Starting with DoorDash is free. But, you’ll have ongoing costs:

  • Gas
  • Car upkeep
  • Insurance
  • Taxes
  • Data for your phone Keep track of these expenses. They’ll affect your earnings.

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Does Uber pay more than DoorDash?

Uber Eats is another food delivery app. Some say Uber Eats drivers earn around $12-$13 an hour before costs. This might be a bit lower than DoorDash’s $14-$15 an hour. But, it can change based on location, time, and more.

How To Make $1,000 A Week With DoorDash?

Earning $1,000 a week takes effort and planning. If you earn an average of $15 an hour, you’d need to make about $25 an hour after expenses.

Tips to reach this goal:

  • Work when it’s busiest.
  • Choose high-paying, close-by orders.
  • Avoid low-demand areas.
  • Use app features like DashPass and Peak Pay to earn and save more.
  • Keep track of costs like gas and phone data.
  • Offer great service for better tips.

But, it’s good to have realistic expectations.

How Much Can You Make Doing DoorDash 40 Hours A Week?

Your earnings depend on many things. The average DoorDash driver might make $14-$15 an hour before expenses. So, 40 hours could be around $560-$600. But, this varies.

Some drivers earn more by working in busy places, picking good orders, using incentives, and getting good tips. Others might earn less in quiet areas or by missing out on tips.

How Much Can You Earn with DoorDash Part-Time?

If you do DoorDash part-time, earnings can vary.

On average, drivers make around $14-$15 an hour before costs. So, if you work 20 hours, you might make $280-$300 (and more).

But, earnings can change based on location, time of day, type of orders, and costs.

To earn more:

  • Work during busy times.
  • Pick orders that pay well but are close by.
  • Use the app’s features to save money and earn bonuses (and more).
  • Offer great service.

There are good and bad sides to this job, but it can be definitely a great source of some side income.

Can I Work with DoorDash Part-Time?

Yes, DoorDash lets you work part-time. You choose when and how long you work, like many students take it as a weekend job for extra cash.

But, there are some challenges:

  • There might be more competition and less money during slow times.
  • As a contractor, you might have higher taxes and fees.
  • The gig economy can be unpredictable.
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