DoorDash Top Dasher Requirements: How to Become a Top Dasher

So, you’re a DoorDash driver and you’ve probably heard about this thing called the Top Dasher program. If you want to amp up your DoorDash earnings and flexibility, then you might be tempted to become a Top Dasher with DoorDash.

This exclusive program is supposedly designed to reward the best of the best in the delivery game.

According to DoorDash, as a Top Dasher, you’ll enjoy perks like being able to dash anytime, priority access to high-demand orders, and peak pay bonuses.

You might be thinking, “Sounds great, but how do I become a Top Dasher? What are the top dasher requirements?” and is becoming a top Dasher worth it? Good news! This article will guide you through all these questions and requirements for becoming a Top Dasher.

In my opinion, though Top Dasher program is worth it for people who make a lot of deliveries and work in less busy areas but might be useless for occasional Dashers who love to cherry-pick.

By the end of this article, you’ll know exactly what is top dasher, whether is it really what you want and how to become one, as well as how to keep your Top Dasher status going strong.

Benefits of Being a Top Dasher

Being a Top Dasher isn’t just a title; according to the company, it’s loaded with benefits that can pump up your DoorDash earnings and give you more flexibility.

For many Dashers, this can make DoorDash a worth-it side hustle.

top dasher rewards

Here’s what you get when you become a Top Dasher:

  1. Dash Anytime: Once you’re a Top Dasher, you can dash whenever you feel like it, no matter what the app’s zone color is. No more planning out your schedule or fighting for time slots with other drivers. Just open your app and get going with your side hustle.
  2. More Money-Making Opportunities: As a Top Dasher, you’ll see more orders popping up on your screen than usual. DoorDash puts Top Dashers at the front of the line, especially during busy hours or in bustling areas. This increases your shot at grabbing higher-paying or closer jobs.
  3. Special Treatment and Rewards: As a Top Dasher, you get this cool badge in your app that both customers and businesses can see. Plus, DoorDash throws in exclusive perks like bonuses and free stuff.

What Top Dashers Are Saying

But don’t just take their word for it. There are mixed opinions about the program from Dashers. Real top dashers have spilled the beans on Reddit:

  1. “I’ve been a top dasher since I started, and I’m making more money every day. I don’t take low-paying orders. It’s all about being smart and strategic.”
  2. “I quit being a top dasher and, believe it or not, my earnings went up. Less stress too. Top Dasher perks might work better in some places than others.”
  3. “Being a top dasher actually cut my earnings. The dash-anytime feature is good, but the orders themselves aren’t great.”

Going through many stories, it’s clear that people who have full-time jobs with unpredictable schedules love the top dasher program because it gives them the option to dash anytime.

Top dasher useful in certain markets

Plus in markets with less busy areas, Top Dashers get priority for whatever scattered orders are available.

But many Dashers claim, that the main lure of the program which is the flexibility to dash anytime is useless in busy areas as most Dashers can work in these areas anytime.

top dasher a way to give low paying orders to dashers

But it brings in many unwanted orders (low-paying orders and orders without tips) as top Dashers need to maintain the high acceptance rate of 70%.

If your market is full of those $2, 5 mile orders then trying to become a top Dasher can be counterproductive.

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Requirements for Top Dasher

To get that Top Dasher label, you need to hit certain top dasher requirements by month-end (by 11:59 p.m. on the last day of the month). Here are the basic requirements:

  1. Maintain a high customer rating, at least 4.7 out of 5: DoorDash checks the last 100 ratings from your customers to see how you’re doing. Ratings range from 1 to 5 stars, and you need at least a 4.2-star average to keep on dashing and 4.7 to become a top Dasher.
  2. Keep a top dasher acceptance rate of 70%: This shows how often you accept orders. There’s no minimum requirement here for Dashing, but to become a Top Dasher you require a 70% acceptance rate.
  3. Finish 95% of the orders you start: This is all about finishing what you start. When you say “yes” to a delivery, make sure you complete it. You need an 80% (or 90% in some places) completion rate to stay in the game and 95% to become a top Dasher.
  4. Complete 100 deliveries in the last month and have 200 lifetime deliveries.

If you check all these boxes by the last day of the month, congrats! You’re a Top Dasher for the next month. You can check how you’re doing on the Dasher Rewards page in your app.

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How to Become a Top Dasher

But how to become a Top Dasher. Other than top dasher requirements here’s some DoorDash advice:

  1. Serve with a Smile: To become a Top Dasher, your customer rating needs to be sky-high. Always be polite and follow any special instructions. Keep that food warm and get it there fast.
  2. Be Picky with Orders: You need a 70% acceptance rate to be a Top Dasher, but that doesn’t mean saying yes to every low-ball offer. Choose wisely.
  3. Time it Right: To hit 100 deliveries a month, you need to be dashing when and where the action is. Use the app’s heat map to find busy spots.
  4. Keep Track: Use the Dasher Rewards and Earnings pages in your app to see how close you are to meeting the top dasher requirements. It shows you your customer rating, your acceptance rate, and more.
Top dasher

Give it a go and see how it impacts your DoorDash top dasher earnings!

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How Ratings Play Into Being a Top Dasher

Your ratings can help you level up to becoming a Top Dasher. You need a 4.7-star Customer Rating to be considered for the Top Dasher program.

Good ratings can also qualify you for extra earning options, like Peak Pay and Challenges. Peak Pay boosts your earnings when you dash into busy areas. Challenges are mini-goals that give you extra cash or goodies when you meet them.

Downsides of Low Ratings

If you don’t meet these requirements, you risk:

  • Getting fewer delivery options
  • Lower earnings
  • Being deactivated from the DoorDash platform

You can be kicked off for various reasons, like low customer rating, low completion rate, or even breaking DoorDash rules.

Pro Tips for Better Ratings

  1. Be Nice and Professional: Always be polite. A smile and thank you go a long way.
  2. Keep ‘Em In The Loop: Let customers know if you’re running late or if their order changes.
  3. Double-Check Orders: Make sure you’ve got everything right before you leave the restaurant.
  4. Be Quick But Don’t Rush: Time is money. Use GPS to avoid traffic and speed up deliveries.
  5. Think Ahead: Be ready for problems and have a backup plan.
  6. Ask for Ratings: Kindly ask your customers to rate their experience. Remind them it’s about the delivery service, not the food.

By following these tips, you not only keep your ratings up but also increase your chances of becoming a Top Dasher, enjoying all the top dasher perks and possibly boosting your DoorDash top dasher earnings.

Though ratings aren’t the end-all-be-all, they’re a big part of how you’re measured as a Dasher.

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The Importance of Acceptance and Completion Rates

When you’re trying to figure out how to become a top dasher, you’ll hear a lot about “acceptance rate” and “completion rate.”

Now, these two rates are important, but here’s a little secret: Top-earning dashers know that not all rates are created equal.

Let’s dig into what makes each rate important and how focusing on the right one could lead you to better DoorDash top dasher earnings.

Acceptance Rate: Choose Wisely for Better Pay

Your acceptance rate tells you how many of the jobs you’re offered through the app that you say ‘yes’ to.

While keeping this rate high might seem like a good way to become a top dasher, that’s not always the case.

An acceptance rate of 70% is a requirement to be a top Dasher, but many Dashers claim you need to fulfill a lot of low-paying orders to reach that level. In other words, top Dasher is claimed to be a DoorDash trick to lure drivers to take those low-paying orders.

Many top Dashers cherry-pick the orders for a whole month and take advantage of the benefits of top dasher programs like priority orders and the ability to Dash anytime.

Then they work on padding the stats like the acceptance rate in the last week to qualify next month for the Top Dasher program.

For many Dashers like the one below, the headache of reaching a 70% acceptance rate is not worth it.


Top Dasher program might not be as crucial as you may think, especially if you’re dashing in a busy area as you often can get a slot in those areas. And you don’t have to go for low-paying orders and choose orders that pay well over those that don’t.

So, don’t worry too much about accepting every single order that comes your way. Be choosy and prioritize good-paying orders if you’re looking to maximize your earnings.

There are many memes on the Reddit DoorDash driver forum where they often make fun with DoorDash memes on how DoorDash forces drivers to take low-paying orders.

doordash meme

However, in the less busy markets, the Top Dasher program might be worth it, as you will get priority in the slow times.

If you intend to increase your acceptance rate for the Top Dasher program, doing DoorDash Earn by Time will be profitable as you can get paid higher base pay even for low-paying or no-tip orders.

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Completion Rate

Now, the completion rate is a whole different ballgame. This is the percentage of orders that you finish after saying ‘yes’ to them.

acceptance and completion rate for top dasher

Unlike the acceptance rate, this one’s super important. Failing to complete orders can severely affect your status as a Dasher, and it can even get you kicked out of the platform.

If you commit to an order, make sure you see it through to the end. High completion rates are essential criteria for staying on the DoorDash app and getting access to those sweet top dasher perks.

Tips for Top Earning Dashers:
  • Be Selective: Don’t just accept any request that comes your way. Look for the ones that pay well, so you’re making the most of your time on the road.
  • Always Complete: Once you’ve accepted a good-paying order, make sure you complete it. Falling short here can cost you a lot, including your spot on the DoorDash platform.
  • Keep Communication Open: If you run into any hitches during a delivery, a quick message to your customer can help maintain your ratings and possibly your tip.

By focusing more on your completion rate and being selective with the orders you accept, you can set yourself up for higher earnings and maintain your top dasher status.

It’s not just about how many orders you take, but completing the right orders that can really boost your DoorDash top dasher earnings.

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Optional Stuff That Can Help to Become a Top Dasher

Insulated Food Bags

You might also think about getting an insulated food bag. Why? Well, it keeps the food hot or cold while you’re delivering it.

You can get one from the DoorDash store or use your own. Having an insulated food bag can make you look good to customers because it shows you care about the food quality.

Customer Service Matters

If you’re asking, “How do you become a Top Dasher?” customer service is the answer. You need a customer rating of at least 4.7 out of 5 to meet the top dasher criteria.

So, be polite, friendly, and do what the customer asks, like ringing the doorbell or leaving food in a safe spot.

Skills to Sharpen

Two big skills that can make you a better Top Dasher are time management and knowing your local area.

Good time management lets you finish more orders quicker and avoid waiting around. Knowing your area means you can get around faster, find addresses quicker, and you won’t get lost.

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How to Apply to Become a Dasher

To start Dashing, you need a valid driver’s license, proof of insurance, and your driving record should be clean. Don’t forget a smartphone with the DoorDash app and a bank account for direct deposits.

After you apply to be a new Dasher, they will do a background check for which you might be waitlisted in some cases.

Once you are qualified, you will get a starter kit with a red bag and can start Dashing for the first time.

Here are the Steps to Follow

  1. First, download the DoorDash app and set up an account with your email and phone number.
  2. Then, fill out a form for a background check and upload your driver’s license.
  3. Wait up to 10 days to get the okay on your background check.
  4. Activate a “Red Card” – that’s a special debit card you’ll use to pay for some orders.
  5. Pick how you want to deliver (like car, bike, or scooter) and where you want to do it.
  6. Start working either by setting a schedule or using the “Dash Now” feature.

What You Need

To apply to become a top dasher, you’ll need:

  • A valid driver’s license
  • Proof of insurance
  • A vehicle in good condition
  • A Social Security number for US folks, or a tax ID for others.

After becoming a Dasher for the first time, you need to wait till 200 lifetime deliveries and 100 deliveries in the last month to be eligible for the Top Dasher program.

Once you have the required number of deliveries, 4.7 ratings, 70% acceptance rate, and 95% completion rates, you will automatically become a Top dasher at the start of a new month.

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Keeping Your Top Dasher Title

If you’ve managed to become a Top Dasher with DoorDash, kudos to you! You’re one of the standout drivers in your area.

You’ve hit high marks in customer ratings, acceptance rate, order completion, and total deliveries.

Plus, you’ve unlocked some cool Top Dasher perks, like being able to work whenever you want, even if the delivery area is marked as “gray” on the app.

So, how do you keep being a Top Dasher? When does DoorDash check your stats? What happens if you slip and lose that coveted Top Dasher status? And how do you get back on track?

Tips for Keeping Your Top Dasher Status

To keep your Top Dasher badge, you’ve got to keep up the good work all month long. Here’s how to be a top-performing Dasher:

  • Monitor Your Ratings: Use your Dasher app to keep tabs on your customer rating and other stats. If you see any dips, figure out what went wrong and fix it.
  • Talk to Customers and Restaurants: If there’s an issue or a delay, use the app to text or call the customer or the restaurant. Keep everyone in the loop.
  • Be Picky with Offers: While you need a high acceptance rate, you don’t have to say yes to every delivery. Turn down orders that are far, pay little, or come from slow or unreliable restaurants.
  • Use Helpful Gear: A hot bag and a car mount can make a big difference in keeping the food hot and secure, leading to better customer ratings.
  • Be Friendly and Professional: Greet customers and restaurant staff with a smile and a thank-you. Follow any special instructions they give you and dress the part to make a good impression.

What If You Lose Your Top Dasher Status?

If you miss out on the Top Dasher criteria by month-end, you’ll lose those special Top Dasher perks for the next month.

But don’t worry, you can earn it back.

Just meet the Top Dasher requirements again by the end of the following month. For example, if you lose your Top Dasher title in September, you can get it back in October by meeting the requirements by September 30th.

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Final Words on Becoming a Top Dasher

Being a Top Dasher is awesome but it takes constant effort to stay on top. Being a top Dasher might be worth it in many markets like slow ones with low orders and for Dashers who like the flexibility and don’t want to schedule every Dash.

However, it is not necessary as many Dashers claim to get better DoorDash earnings per week by cherry-picking the orders.

By following these tips, you can keep your stats high and continue to enjoy the Top Dasher perks and DoorDash top dasher earnings each month.

And if you haven’t reached Top Dasher status yet, you can always work on boosting your game to get there.


How long does Top Dasher last?

Being a Top Dasher is a month-to-month deal. DoorDash looks at your performance at the end of each month to see if you fit the top dasher requirements for the next month.

So, if you’re wondering when does Top Dasher start, it starts on the first day of the new month if you met all the rules by the last day of the previous month.

For instance, to be a Top Dasher in April, you gotta hit all the marks by March 31, 11:59 pm local time. You’ll keep getting those top dasher perks until the last day of that month.

To stay a Top Dasher the following month, you’ll have to meet those criteria all over again.

What is Top Dasher rating?

Your Top Dasher rating is a big part of how to become a Top Dasher. This rating comes from your customer reviews.

On average, you need to score at least a 4.7 out of 5 to be a Top Dasher. So, what is the Top Dasher rating?

It’s your report card from customers. A high score shows you’re doing a great job making customers happy.

What is Top Dasher acceptance rate?

Another box you need to check to become a Top Dasher is your acceptance rate. This number shows what percentage of delivery gigs you say “yes” to in the Dasher app.

To know how to be a Top Dasher, you’ve got to keep this rate at least at 70%. In simpler terms, you need to say ‘yes’ to most of the jobs DoorDash offers you.

If you’re wondering how do you become a Top Dasher, keeping a high acceptance rate is key.

What is Top Dasher completion rate?

The final thing you gotta know about how to become top dasher is your completion rate. This rate tells you what fraction of the jobs you accepted actually got done.

DoorDash wants this number to be at least 95% and it is one of the top dasher requirements.

So, if you’re eyeing those DoorDash Top Dasher earnings, you’ve got to finish almost every delivery you take up. That means no canceling or backing out unless you really had to.

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