DoorDash Fast Pay! Everything You Need to Know About It

DoorDash food delivery service is not only convenient for the customer but also provides a chance for drivers, known as “Dashers,” to make extra money.

If you’re a Dasher, DoorDash offers something called “Fast Pay.” With Doordash Fast Pay, you can instantly cash out your earnings instead of waiting for the usual DoorDash weekly pay.

This means that if you need quick money, you can use DoorDash Instant Pay to get it.

But before you jump into using it, it’s important to understand how to use fast pay Doordash, including Doordash Fast Pay requirements and fees.

It’s not just about the instant payout Doordash offers; there are also some costs and rules you should know about.

By the end of this article, you will have a better understanding of Doordash Fast Pay and how to use it effectively.

So, let’s get started!

What Is DoorDash Fast Pay?

Fast Pay is a DoorDash feature that allows drivers to instantly access their daily earnings rather than waiting for a weekly payout. To use this service, you need to pay a $1.99 fee per transaction, and you must connect a debit card to your DoorDash profile.

If you’re a DoorDash driver, you’ve probably wondered about getting paid quickly for your hard work.

Waiting for a week or more for your earnings can be a pain, especially when you need cash now. That’s when DoorDash Fast Pay comes into the picture.

It is a great feature that helps Dashers to cash out their earnings daily for just $1.99.

With Fast Pay, you can receive your earnings daily or “Doordash daily payout” instead of waiting for the weekly direct deposit.

All you need is a debit card, and you can use the “Fast Pay” service.

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How DoorDash Pays Drivers: Regular Pay Structure and Instant Payout DoorDash

Dashing is a great flexible side hustle for extra cash. Joining the platform and starting Dashing is easy. But how does DoorDash pay its drivers? And what about “instant payout doordash”?

Regular Pay Structure

  1. Base pay: DoorDash guarantees a minimum amount, ranging from $2 to $10 or more. The amount depends on time, distance, and desirability.
  2. Promotions: DoorDash offers extra ways to make money, such as Peak Pay and Challenges, during busy times.
  3. Tips: Customers’ extra money given to Dashers for good service. Dashers keep 100% of the tips.

The total earnings are:

Total Earnings = Base Pay + Promotions + Tips

For example, Total Earnings per order = $3 (base pay) + $2 (peak pay) + $5 (tip) = $10.

On average gross earnings for DoorDash drivers can be anywhere from $15 to $25 depending on the area. But these numbers don’t include expenses like gas, maintenance, taxes, and insurance.

Factors Influencing Pay Rates

Your earnings with DoorDash can vary based on factors like location, time, and performance.

  • Location: Urban areas may offer more, but also have more competition.
  • Time: Peak DoorDash hours and weekends may have higher pay, known as “DoorDash weekly pay.”
  • Performance: High ratings might qualify you for more opportunities.

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How to Get and Use Fast Pay on DoorDash

Normally, DoorDash pays its drivers weekly, known as DoorDash weekly pay.

But what if you need your money sooner, fast pay DoorDash is a way to get your money in your bank within minutes, not just waiting for the next Monday.

With DoorDash instant pay, you can cash out daily for just $1.99.

DoorDash Fast Pay Requirements

Before you can start with DoorDash fast pay, make sure you meet these requirements:

  • Completed at least 25 lifetime deliveries on DoorDash.
  • Been active with DoorDash for two weeks since activation.
  • Set up direct deposit with a personal bank account and added a debit card to your DoorDash account (not a prepaid card).

Meet these, and you’re ready for DoorDash fast pay!

How to Sign Up for Fast Pay

Ready to use fast pay Doordash? Follow these steps:

  • Sign Up For Fast Pay: Open the DoorDash driver app, tap Earnings, then tap on Fast Pay. Enter your debit card details and confirm.
  • Wait 7 Days: A processing period for security and fraud prevention. During this, you’ll still get your Doordash weekly pay.
  • Cash Out: After 7 days, cash out with Fast Pay anytime you want, once per day. That’s your Doordash daily payout!

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DoorDash Fast Pay: What You Need to Know

If you’re working as a DoorDash driver, you might be curious about DoorDash Fast Pay. What is Fast Pay? How to use Fast Pay DoorDash? Is DoorDash Fast Pay worth it?

Here’s what people are saying about the instant payout feature that enables DoorDash cash out on a daily basis, moving away from the traditional DoorDash weekly pay. And my opinion on whether should you use it or not.

What Dashers Are Saying about DoorDash Fast Pay

DoorDash drivers have varying opinions about Fast Pay. Most people use it sparingly (that’s the right way according to me) but a few people who live on daily earnings, find it useful. Here’s what some drivers are saying:

  • John, a DoorDash driver in Los Angeles: “I use Doordash Fast Pay every day. It’s a big help in paying bills and avoiding late fees. I don’t mind the $1.99 fee. The instant access to my money is worth it.”
  • Lisa, a DoorDash driver in Chicago: “I use Fast Pay Doordash only in emergencies to avoid the fee. Otherwise, I wait for the Doordash weekly pay.”
  • Mike, a DoorDash driver in New York: “I don’t use Doordash Instant Pay. I see it as a waste of money and a trap that leads to overspending.”

Different drivers use Fast Pay for various reasons, and there’s no right or wrong way. It’s about understanding the pros and cons and making an informed choice.

Note: Just because a feature is there, you don’t have to use it if it costs you money.

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Should You Use Fast Pay DoorDash?

Here’s a look at the considerations to help you decide if Fast Pay is suitable for you.

Pros of DoorDash Fast Pay:

  • Instant Payout DoorDash: Get your earnings daily instead of waiting for DoorDash weekly pay.
  • Pay Your Bills: Use the money for gas, food, or bills without touching savings or credit cards.
  • Avoid Fees: Skip late fees or overdrafts by having money when you need it.
  • Motivation: Seeing your earnings right away can feel rewarding.

Cons of DoorDash Fast Pay:

  • Fees: You’ll pay a $1.99 fee every time you use DoorDash Fast Pay, reducing your overall earnings.
  • Overspending: Instant access might lead to spending more than you should.
  • Losing Track: DoorDash Fast Pay might make it hard to manage your earnings and expenses.

My recommendation is to use DoorDash Fast Pay when necessary, like when an unexpected expense arises.

Otherwise, waiting for the regular DoorDash weekly pay and saving the fee might be smarter. Always keep track of your finances, including setting money aside for savings and taxes.

DoorDash Fast Pay is a handy tool, but it can be harmful if used without precaution.

With proper understanding and responsible use, Fast Pay DoorDash can be a DoorDash hack for managing your daily and monthly financial needs.

Note: If you fear getting deactivated for any XYZ reason, using Fast pay might be a good option as when a Dasher is deactivated they lose all their balance. I have read stories of many Dashers getting deactivated and losing hundreds of dollars. If your market is seeing a lot of deactivations, paying $1.99 fees to get your money each day might be worth it rather than losing it all.

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DasherDirect Alternative on DoorDash

Dasher Direct is another payment option offered by DoorDash, and it may present some advantages over Fast Pay.


Here’s why I consider it a better option:

  1. No Fees: Unlike Fast Pay, which charges a fee for each instant payout, Dasher Direct typically doesn’t have fees for accessing your earnings. This could save you money in the long run.
  2. Integrated Debit Card: Dasher Direct often comes with an integrated debit card that you can use like any other debit card. This provides more flexibility in accessing and spending your earnings.
  3. Faster Access without Restrictions: While Fast Pay has restrictions such as the number of times you can use it in a day and eligibility requirements, Dasher Direct may provide more frequent access to your funds without these limitations.
  4. Additional Features: Dasher Direct might offer additional financial features such as cashback on purchases, financial tracking tools, and budgeting support. These features can be beneficial for managing your finances as a DoorDash driver.
  5. More Control: Dasher Direct may provide you with more control over your finances by allowing you to decide how and when to access your earnings, without being bound by the rules and restrictions associated with Fast Pay.

However, there are some issues with DasherDirect also like many people complain that the card does not work at many places and customer support for card is found wanting at many times.

In my opinion, Dasher Direct might offer more flexibility, cost savings, and additional financial benefits, making it an attractive alternative to Fast Pay for some DoorDash drivers if used smartly. Like this user does:

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How DoorDash Pays Compared to Other Food Delivery Apps

DoorDash is one of several apps you can use to deliver food and earn money, but it’s not the only option out there.

Other food delivery services like Uber Eats, Grubhub, Postmates, and Instacart offer similar opportunities.

So, how does DoorDash’s way of paying drivers, especially the DoorDash instant pay, stack up against others?

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How DoorDash Fast Pay Works

DoorDash fast pay lets you transfer your earnings to your debit card instantly for a $1.99 fee each time.

You can use this doordash cash out option once a day as long as you have at least $5 earned and have been a DoorDash driver for two weeks. These are the DoorDash fast pay requirements.

How Other Delivery Apps Pay Instantly

Other apps have similar features, but the details are a bit different:

  • Uber Eats: They use something called Instant Pay, and it only costs $0.50 each time. You can do this up to five times a day if you have at least $1 and have been driving for a week.
  • Grubhub: Grubhub Instant Cash Out lets drivers do the same thing once a day for $0.50, but you need at least $10 and a week of work.
  • Postmates: Postmates Instant Deposit lets you transfer money for $0.50 each time without any daily limit, as long as you have $5 and have worked for a week.
  • Instacart: Their Instant Cashout feature works once per day for $0.50 if you have $5 and have worked for two weeks.

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Below is the table comparing the instant payout features of different apps.

AppFeature NameFeeDaily LimitEligibility Requirements
Uber EatsInstant Pay$0.505$1 balance, 1 week of driving experience
GrubhubInstant Cash Out$0.501$10 balance, 1 week of driving experience
PostmatesInstant Deposit$0.50None$5 balance, 1 week of driving experience
InstacartInstant Cashout$0.505$5 balance, 2 weeks of shopping experience

The fee associated with DoorDash Fast Pay is pretty steep, especially when compared to most other similar services that often charge a lower fee.

Additionally, competitors such as Uber Eats and Postmates offer a more generous allowance for the number of withdrawal requests, providing further flexibility for their users.

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Is DoorDash Fast Pay Worth It?

DoorDash is a great gig economy job to make money on your own time. Their pay includes a basic rate, promotions, and tips, but it might vary depending on where you are, when you work, and how well you do.

If you’re wondering when do DoorDash pay or what time does DoorDash pay, the answer is: whenever you want to cash out using Fast Pay.

But does DoorDash have instant pay? Yes, they do, although it might not be the best option for everyone. The fees, waiting times, and minimum amounts are different for every app, so what’s best depends on what you prefer.

In my opinion, DoorDash’s fast pay option is only worth it when you urgently need the money, as $1.99 fees every day can add up over time. In a year if you opted for fast pay 200 times, you would waste around $400 in fees alone. That money can be used somewhere else if you manage your finances a little better.

But, nonetheless, its a great feature to access your money immediately if you need it.

More money making options:


Why Isn’t My DoorDash Fast Pay Working?

If you’ve changed your debit card information in the past 7 days, you’ll need to wait another 7-day processing period before you can use DoorDash Fast Pay.

And if you’ve already used Fast Pay or instant payout DoorDash once in the past 24 hours, you’ll have to wait until tomorrow to use it again.

If you have less than $5 in earnings, you’ll need to earn more to be able to use Fast Pay.

Finally, if there’s a network or system error preventing you from accessing Doordash Fast Pay, you should contact DoorDash support or your bank to resolve the issue.

When Do Fast Pay Earnings Appear?

When you use Fast Pay with DoorDash, also known as DoorDash Fast Pay, your earnings are transferred instantly to your debit card.

But it might take a few business days for the money to show up in your bank account, depending on your bank’s processing time.

You’ll get an email confirmation for each Fast Pay transaction, showing the amount that was sent to you through DoorDash Fast Pay.

How Much Does Fast Pay Cost?

Each time you use Fast Pay on DoorDash, there’s a $1.99 fee. This gets taken out of your earnings before they go to your debit card. So, if you made $100 and use Fast Pay with DoorDash, you’ll get $98.01 in your bank.

Does DoorDash Pay Hourly?

Yes, in case you choose the Dash as Earn by Time, you will be compensated for the active time with hourly guaranteed earnings.

On the other hand in normal pay-per-offer mode, DoorDash pays drivers for each delivery they make, plus any tips from customers.

Things like distance, time, and complexity of the delivery can affect the base pay, which averages around $3 per delivery.

But this can go up or down depending on demand and how many drivers are in your area.

Does DoorDash Pay Daily?

Yes, DoorDash offers daily payout if you use Doordash Fast Pay.

Fast Pay lets you cash out your earnings once a day for a $1.99 fee, which is also known as DoorDash instant pay.

This way, you get your money faster without waiting for the regular weekly direct deposit. Without Fast Pay, DoorDash’s weekly pay comes through direct deposit on Mondays.

How can I update my debit card information?

You can update the card details in the fast pay section by clicking on the “update”. If you update the debit card you have on file with DoorDash, Fast Pay will be deactivated for a 7-day period as a security measure.

doordash fast pay update

Who Can Use DoorDash Fast Pay?

DoorDash Fast Pay requirements mean not all drivers can use it. You need to:

  • Have done 25 deliveries
  • Have been on DoorDash for at least two weeks
  • Have set up Fast Pay and added your debit card at least 7 days ago
  • Not have updated your debit card info in the last 7 days

How Often Can I Use Fast Pay?

You can use Doordash instant pay, or Fast Pay, once a day (with 24 hour gap), up to seven times a week. You can only cash out earnings that aren’t from ongoing deliveries.

Is DoorDash Fast Pay Available in Canada?

Yes, DoorDash Fast Pay is in Canada, but there are some differences between Canada and the US, like the types of cards you can use and the fee for using Fast Pay in Canada is $2.49 CAD instead of $1.99 USD.

Can I Cancel A Payment?

You can’t cancel a payment once you use Doordash cash out, or Fast Pay. Once you click the “Cash out with Fast Pay” button, the transaction is final.

Why Are My Funds Not Available for Fast Pay?

Your funds might not be available for Doordash instant payout or Fast Pay for several reasons, like not meeting the eligibility requirements or having already used Fast Pay that day. If your funds are still not available, you can contact DoorDash support.

What Time Does DoorDash Pay on Monday?

If you don’t use Fast Pay, DoorDash pays by 11:59 PM PST on Mondays. But it might take a couple of days for the money to appear in your account.

How Does DoorDash Normally Pay Drivers?

Normally, DoorDash pays drivers weekly through direct deposit. The pay period runs from Monday to Sunday, and you get paid the next Monday by 11:59 PM PST.

You can set up your bank account details in the DoorDash app under the Earnings section.

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