Best Doordash Memes For Driver and Customer in 2024

Doordash, one of the most popular apps for food delivery has over 2 million active drivers and 20 million monthly users. That’s a large number of people interacting with this app in their lives.

If you’ve ever had a quirky experience with food delivery or enjoy a hearty laugh, then this is the right place for you.

I have compiled some of the most amusing memes shared by Doordash drivers and customers alike that perfectly capture the comedy of our daily delivery dramas.

From lost drivers, misplaced meals, and lousy delivery days for drivers to the joy of getting your favorite food at your doorstep, these memes offer a light-hearted take on the unique situations we often find ourselves in.

They’re relatable and funny and add a dash of humor to our everyday lives.

So, whether you’re waiting for your order to arrive, enjoying your meal, or taking a break between deliveries, read on to have a laugh with us as we explore the best Doordash memes out there.

The Best Doordash Memes

This article has memes that show what it feels like to be a Doordash driver and also memes that show how customers feel in different cases.

Getting Your Food Meme

This is one of the most common memes dashers use to interact with customers. There are many versions of this memes and all are funny.

It actually give some assurance to people that their food is coming. A simple text informing the user that their food is coming is good way to have positive feedback.

But sharing some funny memes to inform the customer completely changes the game as it makes the receiver chuckle while waiting for food and provides the information they need.

Many people also report getting better tips by using such tactics. However, some grumpy people want their drivers to be professional, but anyways they are not going to tip better.

So, here is a meme to give you a sense of the things I am talking about. When you visualize your driver as a dog driving your food with some “responsible” driving, you get ready to have your food with a positive chuckle.


Here is one text exchange with the Doordash driver that will reassure you that he is doing his best to get your food fast. Indeed a great gesture till the time he drives safely.

food delivery meme

Driver Getting Inside Home Memes

Most of the time, we take the order from the drivers at the door, but sometimes you are busy or, just for any reason, choose the option to leave the food at the door.

But, there are many times when drivers just get inside the home (rare cases, but if something like this happens to you, REPORT as it can be a serious safety issue) or kept peeking inside.

Doordash driver coming in meme

There is a reason you choose the option to leave it at the door, but some people don’t understand the instructions, or their curious minds take over and make them peep inside even after giving clear notes.

Don’t be such drivers!

Long Distance Delivery Memes

If you are a dasher, you deal with such orders every day. They keep coming and stay there for long as there are not many takers.

These orders be like $7 for 17 miles and a $2 tip 🤔. Hard pass for many drivers unless you are on some charity service as you will likely lose more gas than earning.

This meme accurately depicts such orders showing going to the moon to deliver McD and getting $5.75.

Doordash long delivery memes

Missing or Wrong Food Meme

This happens quite often, when restaurant forgets to send an item of order or sends the wrong item.

It may sometimes happen when the driver of your order eats a part of it ( shown by many door cameras).

Here are two relatable memes.

Wrong food delivery meme
missing Doordash food order

Double Checking Food Meme

Doordash standard procedure policies be like “double checking the customer order”, if you are getting the right order if there is any item missing!

However, many restaurants properly seal the orders and there is no way to check.

However, these practices are important, I think as there are many cases of drivers eating the food on the way (most drivers don’t do that).

But the restaurant should be responsible for checking if they have packed the right items.

Nevertheless, here is the meme describing these conditions for some light-hearted laugh.

doordash delivery packing meme

Expensive Doordash Food Memes

We all know that ordering through these food delivery apps is more expensive than actually going to the restaurant unless they are running promotions.

But, sometimes, it becomes ridiculous, and by adding so many taxes and charges, the final price is double the food cost.

Here is one relatable Doordash meme for these exorbitant prices.

doordash pricy food meme

And another meme showing costs added, like city fees. Really, Chicago fee! What kind of fee is this?

I know they need to make a profit to keep running operations, but sometimes it is too much.

extra charge doordash food meme

Not Getting Orders Meme

Most Doordash drivers have been there when the app is too slow, or there are simply not enough orders in the area.

Especially in some places, there is not enough demand and not enough orders. It may happen due to a low number of orders or a large number of dashers, so all the orders were distributed quickly.

If you go on Reddit, many dashers continuously complain about fewer and low-paying orders.

Here is one such relatable meme.

getting no doordash order meme

Waiting At Restaurant Meme

This is one of the most relatable memes for Doordash drivers.

Often drivers have to wait at the restaurant to pick up the orders while they prepare them. This is often frustrating and, on the other hand, reduces their per-hour earnings.

On top of that, late orders often get you lesser tips, further decreasing the per-hour earnings as tips are a major source of earnings for a driver.

Here are pretty commonly used memes.

waiting for food meme
doordash meme food waiting

Getting Doordash Refund Meme

If you commonly order food online, you must have times when you get the food but complain about something like cold food or missing item, and you get the food for free.

It has decreased pretty much now as they don’t often refund the money or just give very small coupons, but at the beginning of these apps, I used to get a lot of refunds.

Here is one such meme showing the happiness of getting those free meals.

refund for food order meme

Doordash Drivers Cancelling Orders Memes

Your Doordash driver sometimes cancel your orders or just refuse to deliver them for random reasons.

This is frustrating when you are hungry and have been waiting for your order for a long time.

Many people share such stories where their drivers ate their order, or they say they will come to this area or just choose to ignore the customer.

Here in this screenshot one driver just asked a random question and refused to deliver the food.

Don’t do that unless you want to get canceled.

doordash cancelling orders meme

Deliver Food to GirlFriend Meme

You must have seen this Doordash delivery meme where a guy delivers food to her girlfriend’s home with a sorry message when she is not replying to him.

Doordash driver informed him about delivering the message to the”brother” of girl.

This is quite funny when you know she does not have a brother. Poor guy!

famous doordash girlfriend meme

Getting Cold Food Meme

It happens many times (almost 2/10 with me) that you end up getting cold food after all those taxes and extra fees charged by Doordash.

You wait so long and get to eat stale food at a premium price. Not a good experience, but we get along for the convenience of other 8/10 orders.

One meme shows paying $75 for $20 food and getting cold food. He certainly didn’t pay $75 for $20 food, but nevertheless, this Doordash meme is relatable.

cold doordash meme

Here is one more meme about getting your food late.

Hungry meme

Low Paying Orders

Every Doordash driver knows how many orders they have to reject to cherry pick the ones that’s woth their time.

Most of the time the app is cluttered with low paying order getting you $3 or $5 for 10 miles or more.

You need orders that pay at least $1 to $1.5 per mile to make decent money dashing.

The base fare of most orders is pathetic anyways, and drivers rely on tips for this gig economy job.

If there are insufficient tips, most jobs are low paying, and you will regret taking them, as shown in this Doordash meme.

low paying orders meme

You need to choose the right orders; though your acceptance rate will go down, your earnings will increase.

Tip Baiting Memes

Tip baiting is when you are shown higher tips but after delivery tips are changed to lesser amount or nothing.

This happens mostly for low-amount orders or orders for longer distances to lure the drivers to take the order.

If a tip seems too good to be true, be aware.

If someone says they will pay the tip manually after delivery, then also there is a good chance you will get nothing.

Here is one such meme.

tip baiting food meme

Delivering Late Order Meme

Delivering a cold order is also not profitable for the driver as they get lower ratings and lower to no tip on those orders.

On top of that, they face grumpy customers who are hungry and waiting for their food for long.

Here is one such Doordash meme.

angry customer look meme

Perfect Order Meme

This Doordash meme is for the drivers where every piece of puzzle fits together and you get a good compensation for an order.

This memes shows how you feel when you get a high paying order for lesser distance and order is also very small.

On top of that, the customer asks to deliver the order at the door and leaves a $10 tip.

These types of orders are rare, but they do come every driver’s way on some lucky days.

perfect doordash order meme

Should Drivers Send Doordash Memes to Customers

These memes are fun and gets you a good laugh as you have gone through all these situations yourself.

But should you send the memes like “I am on my way” instead of simple text?

This is in debates, and many people vote in favor of it as they sea increased tips from customers as most people love to have a good laugh.

Here are a few thoughts from people on Reddit discussions. A few positive things people have to say.

Just got extra $7 for a meme of a cat driving saying I’m omw. I don’t send long messages with the pics, but I do a quick dog/cat/baby yoda meme that says I’m omw and have gotten lots of good feedback. Have a default one that says I am at the restaurant waiting for their order. I think it’s a courtesy thing to let them know they aren’t forgotten about & it says me the time from typing out the same thing to multiple customers.” – _halebound

Hi all, (Dasher since 2019, 3k+ Deliveries, 4.96 CR, 85 AR,) I send my ppl memes all the time and they love it, they usually respond with memes and then more often than not I get at least 5 extra than predicted. I’d say its pretty beneficial.” – Runforthecube1010

Here are some thoughts against sending memes to customers.

I usually think it looks tacky so I don’t do it. But I do send emojis based on where they ordered from. “Hey Susan. They’re still preparing your meal. Once I have it I’ll be to you ASAP. 🍔🍟” – Lyssepoo

They would rather you leave them alone and are being polite. They don’t want to be friends with the delivery boy. Just deliver the food.” – wellington28

Looking at most people’s experiences, it is safe to say you can increase your tips by sending some good simple memes that invoke a positive reaction.

You can experiment by sending a few memes and sorting your results and sticking with the one that fetches you the highest tips.

Final Thoughts on Doordash Memes

Doordash is a popular app that is useful for all the parties involved (users, restaurants and drivers), but like anything else it have its own cons.

These memes leverage these common things people face while interacting with Doordash and try to get a laugh out of these situations.

Hopefully, you like these funny Doodrdash memes and got a good laugh.

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