About me

Hello! This is Sumeet, I am a Ph.D. in human genetics. I love my science, but I always had an entrepreneur’s mind, always trying to make those sweet extra bucks, be it side hustles, stock markets, or now from some time blogging. I am always hustling starting from my college days. Here I am sharing with you what I’ve learned about blogging and craft of making online money by side hustling.

I am no SEO expert but I have built this blog from ZERO. Starting this blog was my best side hustle idea, as it provide me steady source of passive income. Even if I don’t work some money show up in my account. More time I spend on blogging, more revenue I get. Most of this blog traffic is organic from search engines. If I can make this blog profitable with some efforts, you can also do it.

Now my aim is to help you create SIDE INCOME sources! I will focus on sharing all the tips, tricks, and tools you need to make money blogging or other side hustles while continuing my own journey.

Any comments or suggestions are welcome.

You can contact me at [email protected]