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“Witnessing the hardship of those who lost jobs and struggled financially with no other income is heartbreaking. Even if you have a well-paying job, having side hustles diversify income and provides a safety net in case of unfortunate events. My mission is to educate people on the importance of side hustles and provide tools/resources to have a paying gig.”

Sumeet Kumar, CFEI® & Founder  

How It Started

I'm a passionate side hustler, and I've turned my love for entrepreneurship into my full-time job. 

Even with a Ph.D. in human genetics, and having made a significant contributions in Parkinson's disease research, I was always drawn to business.

I never lost my fascination with how genes shape our health and lives. In fact, I still explore this passion on my wellness blog, GenesWellness, where I break down complex genetic concepts for common people to understand and apply in their wellness journey.

But my heart was always in entrepreneurship, from taking surveys and freelancing to trading stocks and selling ebooks, I've tried many ways to earn those extra bucks. I started hustling in college. Some ventures were more successful than others, but each one taught me important lessons about business.

Now, here at MoneyFromSideHustle, we give easy to digest advice for everyone. We want to help you make smart choices about your side hustles. With over 300,000 users across the globe each year, our website has become a go-to place for all things related to side hustles.

Whether you're just beginning or looking to grow your side hustle, I'm here for you. Let's succeed together!

Our Moto

In the present day, having a side hustle has become essential for most people. The reasons may vary, with some seeking financial stability and diversity, while others may view it as a form of recreation and distraction from their daily routine.

Whatever the motive behind your quest for a side gig, we are committed to providing you with all the necessary resources and expertise to help you kick-start your journey.

As someone who has personally engaged in side hustles, I understand that everyone possesses a unique skill set that they can leverage during times of need. My role is to serve as a mentor and direct you toward the right path.

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Our team is comprised of a group of seasoned writers who possess years of experience and a wealth of knowledge gained through both formal education and personal endeavors. We are committed to delivering top-quality content for your side hustling journey, which is why every piece of writing on our website undergoes rigorous research and meticulous editing.

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Sumeet Kumar, CFEI® 

An NFEC Certified Financial Education Instructor℠ with years of side hustling experience and 4+ years of helping others with side hustles.

heena arora

Dr. Heena Arora, Ph.D.

A professional writer with experience in writing research papers and government-funded grants. When she is not writing on her blog Financialblooming, she is proofreading here.

Renu Bala, Ph.D & Certification in Mass Communication and Journalism

She has been writing on topics of finance and many more for print media and electronic media. She has also worked as a peer reviewer for scientific journals.


Prayrit Midha, PGDM

With a degree of postgraduate diploma in management in finance and marketing, he has a wealth of information to share about finances.

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