7 Ultimate Ways for Free Steam Games: Play More, Pay Less

Steam is a super popular gaming platform, used by loads of people every day. It’s got all sorts of games, from small indie ones to big, fancy titles, and lots of them let you play online with friends, rack up achievements, and join game chats.

Now, imagine if you could play some of these awesome games without paying a penny. That sounds pretty great, right? Well, it’s actually possible to get free Steam codes!

There are legit ways to get free Steam games. No need for any shady stuff like piracy or hacking. You can enjoy some top-notch Steam games for free, completely above board.

In this article, we’ll show you different ways to snag free games on Steam. These methods are easy to follow, safe, and totally legit. Some are directly from Steam, while others are from outside sources offering free game deals and giveaways.

We’ll walk you through each method, talk about the pros and cons, and tell you what you need to do to get started.

By the end of this article, you’ll know all about how to get free games on Steam. Hopefully, you’ll even find some cool new games to add to your Steam library without spending anything.

So, let’s dive into the first way to get free Steam games, which involves using Steam’s own store.

A. Exploring Steam’s ‘Free to Play’ Section

As I said earlier, Steam is a really big deal for PC gaming, with more than 120 million users and a huge selection of games.

But did you know you can actually find lots of games on Steam that you can play for free? Whether you’re looking for something new or trying to save some cash, here are some easy ways to find free games on Steam.

The simplest way to find free games on Steam is to check out the ‘Free to Play‘ section. You can find this on the main menu or the homepage.

Here, you’ll see a bunch of games that you can download and play without paying. These games are sorted by how popular they are, or when they were released. You can also search for games by type, like multiplayer, co-op, or VR.

free steam game codes

You’ll find some really popular free-to-play games on Steam, like Team Fortress 2, Dota 2, CS:GO, Warframe, and Apex Legends. These games are updated often and have lots of players.

Different Kinds of Free Games On Steam

Not all free games on Steam are the same. There are truly free games, which don’t have any extra costs inside them. These are often made by smaller developers and might be shorter or more unusual. Games like Moirai, The Way of Life, and Cave Story’s Secret Santa are examples.

Then there are free-to-play games. These are free to start, but they might have things you can buy in the game. These games usually come from bigger game companies and might look fancier, get updates often, and have a lot of players. Games like Destiny 2, Path of Exile, and Warframe fit here. This is how the game makers earn money and keep the games going.

Demos are another type. These are free samples of games. They let you try part of a game, but not the whole thing. This is a way for game makers to show off their games. Demos might have a time limit or only let you play part of the game. Resident Evil Village, Portal, and Half-Life 2 have demos like this.

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Finding Limited-Time Free Games and Sales

Another great way to find free games on Steam is to look for games that are on sale or free for just a short time. These are special deals, maybe for a celebration or a promotion.

You can find these deals in the ‘Specials’ or ‘Featured’ sections on Steam, or by following Steam’s news and social media.

free game events

Websites like PC Gamer, Gamespot, or AppSales often post about the latest deals and freebies on Steam. You can also join online communities like Reddit or Quora, where people talk about their favorite free games on Steam.

Here’s what some Reddit users say about free games on Steam:

  • “I’ve always been curious about the few, completely free games released on Steam. Like real DLC-free, IAP-free, standalone games – most of them are short, some are good, some just weird, but in any case I find it interesting to experience those bite-sized, often innovative games.”
  • “There’s tons of free to play games on Steam that are worth giving a try though, like Team Fortress 2, Path of Exile, Warframe, Dota 2, CS:GO, the list goes on really.”

So, as you can see, finding free games on Steam isn’t hard if you know where to look. With a bit of searching and patience, you can enjoy a wide range of games without spending any money.

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B. Mobile Apps That Reward Users With Free Steam Codes

If you love playing games on your phone and wonder if you can get something in return, you’re in for some good news. There are apps out there that actually pay you for playing games on your mobile. We’ll see what they offer, their pros and cons, and what people think about them.

1. Mistplay

This one’s only for Android users. It rewards you with ‘units’ for playing selected games. You can earn these units by completing quests, watching ads, or leveling up your profile.

Then, you can swap these units for gift cards or cash via PayPal. Mistplay units can be exchanged for gift cards for Steam games.

Mistplay is pretty popular, with a lot of downloads and a decent rating. Most find it a legitimate way to earn rewards by playing games. But some players find the games repetitive and the rewards a bit low.

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2. Swagbucks

This app is more than just games. Earn ‘SB points’ by playing games, taking surveys, watching videos, and shopping online. You can exchange these points for gift cards or cash.

You can accumulate SB points and redeem them for Steam gift cards, effectively allowing you to get Steam games for free.

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  • Low and easy cashout options
  • Best survey variety available

Additionally, Swagbucks occasionally runs contests or special promotions where you can win gift cards directly. Swagbucks has a good number of downloads and ratings.

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3. Rewarded Play

Another Android app, Rewarded Play lets you earn coins for playing games, testing apps, and writing reviews. You can also get coins for watching ads or inviting friends.

Similar to Mistplay, Rewarded Play lets you earn coins that can be exchanged for gift cards to various retailers, including those where you can purchase Steam games.

It’s got a lot of downloads and a pretty good rating. While many users like it, some find the app spammy and the rewards hard to redeem.

4. Buff Gaming

This app is for PC gamers, rewarding them for playing games like League of Legends, Fortnite, and Valorant. You earn ‘Buff coins’ for gaming achievements and event participation.

These coins can be used for in-game items, gift cards, or cash. These rewards include Steam gift cards, allowing you to get Steam games for free.

Buff Gaming is fairly popular but some users feel the rewards are too low compared to the effort needed to earn them.

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Note: All these apps can be a fun way to earn a little something while playing games, but they may not make you rich. It’s important to keep realistic expectations to avoid disappointments.

C. Reddit Communities: A Treasure Trove for Free Games

Reddit is an online place where users chat about all kinds of things, including games. It’s really useful if you’re trying to figure out how to get free Steam games. There are special groups, called subreddits, on Reddit that focus just on this topic.

Subreddits for Free Steam Games:

  1. r/FreeGamesOnSteam: This is where people share info about Steam games you can get for no cost, but usually just for a short time. You can also join their Discord server to get updates. One user mentioned how great this subreddit is for keeping up with freebies and discounts on Steam games.
  2. r/SteamGameSwap: If you’ve got Steam games you don’t want, you can swap them here with other people. You can also ask for games you’d like. Just remember to follow their rules, like proving you own the game you’re trading.
  3. r/steam_giveaway: Here, you can enter to win free games or even host your own giveaway if you have extra game keys. Make sure to stick to their rules, like not entering more than once.

These Reddit groups are super helpful for finding ways to get any game for free on Steam. You get to talk with other gamers and pick up tips.

Just be smart and safe when you’re dealing with people you don’t know online, and stay away from anything that looks sketchy or illegal.

D. Cashback and Discount Websites

If you’re on the hunt for how to get free Steam games or get them at a big discount, cashback and discount websites like Rakuten, Gift Card Granny, and Raise.com can be your go-to spots.

These websites are pretty nifty because they give you a bit of money back when you shop online. This “cashback” can be in the form of actual cash, gift cards, or points, and you can use it to buy games on Steam.

Rakuten: It’s a cool website that works with loads of online stores, Steam included. They give you cashback every time you buy something through their site. The cashback can be up to 40%, and you get your money through PayPal or check every three months.

Gift Card Granny: This site lets you buy and sell gift cards at a discount. You can find Steam gift cards and save up to 30%. Every time you buy or sell a gift card, you earn points, which can be traded for free gift cards from places like PayPal and Amazon. They also have freebies and contests to win more gift cards.

Raise.com: Similar to Gift Card Granny, Raise.com lets you buy and sell gift cards for lots of different brands, including Steam. You can sell gift cards you don’t want and set your own price. When you buy gift cards here, you can get them cheaper than their actual value, saving up to 30%.

Using these websites, you can score Steam games at a lower price or even for free. All you need to do is sign up, start shopping, and enjoy your games.

E. Gamekit and Other Gaming Platforms

Games can get pricey on Steam. So, what if you want to snag some Steam game codes for free, without any sketchy stuff? Well, there are legit ways to do it, like using sites such as Gamekit.

Gamekit and How It Works:

  • Gamekit: This site is cool because you can earn points by playing games and finishing tasks. They have a bunch of games like Apex Legends and Overwatch 2. As you play, you collect points, and then you can swap these points for games, in-game goodies, or discounts. Gamekit says it’s got millions of users who’ve earned rewards.
  • Other Platforms: There are more places like Gamehag, Bananatic, and AppGameKit Studio. These platforms work similarly to Gamekit. You play games, earn points, and then trade those points for free Steam games.

Things to Keep in Mind:

  • You might not find the newest or top-rated games for free.
  • Some sites might ask you to download extra software, which could be risky.
  • There could be rules and limits on how you earn and use your points.
  • Sometimes, the rewards you want might not be available.

So, while there are ways to get Steam games for free or cheap, it’s not always straightforward. You might have to put in a fair bit of time and effort.

But if you love trying out new games and don’t mind the grind, these platforms can be a fun way to expand your game library without spending much.

F. Beta Testing For Free Steam Codes

If you’re on the lookout for free and cool games, indie games and game jams are great places to start. Indie games are created by small teams or individuals (independent developers) who might not have a big budget but put a lot of heart and creativity into their games.

You can find many of these indie games for free. Websites like itch.io are awesome for this, offering thousands of different games in all sorts of genres and styles.

Game jams are another exciting way to find free indie games. These are events where developers challenge themselves to make a game in a short time, often with a specific theme.

Some well-known game jams include Ludum Dare, Global Game Jam, and GMTK Game Jam. The games made in these jams are often free to play and download, and you can even give feedback to the developers.

People who explore these indie games and game jams share some cool experiences:

  • One Reddit user said they love finding new and interesting games on itch.io, mentioning favorites like “A Short Hike,” “OneShot,” and “The Hex.”
  • A Quora user shared their experience participating in Ludum Dare 48, creating a game called “Deep Dive” in just 48 hours.
  • Another Reddit user follows the GMTK Game Jam and is impressed by the creativity and quality of the games there, mentioning titles like “Together,” “Snakelike,” and “Tether.”

For getting free Steam games, downloading from various websites is another option. There are sites hosting older games, abandoned projects, or games released for free by their developers.

Sites like My Abandonware, IGN Beta Giveaway, and GOG have a selection of these kinds of games.

But always keep in mind that downloading games like this can have risks. Some sites may not have the right to share these games, and others might have harmful software.

So, whether it’s indie games or old classics, there are lots of ways to find free games. Just be sure to stay safe and do a bit of research before downloading anything.

G. Online Contests and Giveaways

Joining online contests and giveaways is a fun way to try and get Steam games for free. These events usually involve doing simple tasks like liking a post, subscribing to a channel, or answering a quiz.

Winners might get free games, gift cards, or other cool gaming stuff. You can find these contests and giveaways on social media, blogs, or special websites.

Another cool way to get free Steam games is by joining sites that offer game giveaways and beta testing opportunities. These sites let you earn points by doing tasks like surveys, which you can then use to get games, join raffles, or bid in auctions.

A Reddit user pointed out the importance of checking the release dates and availability of the games you’re looking at.

Gaming Bundles and Game Key Resellers:

There are also gaming bundles where you get a bunch of games together for a cheaper price, and sometimes even free. Check out websites like Humble Bundle, Fanatical, or Indie Gala for these deals.

Then, there are game key resellers, who sell game keys that they’ve gotten from promotions or extras. You can find cheap or free game keys on sites like G2A, Kinguin, or CDKeys.

Just be careful, as sometimes these keys might not work or be legal. Always look at the seller’s reputation and reviews first.

Redeeming Steam Codes for Free Games

Got a Steam code from a giveaway, a bundle, or a reseller? Here’s how to add it to your Steam library:

  1. Open Steam and log in.
  2. Click ‘Games’ at the top.
  3. Choose ‘Activate a Product on Steam…’
  4. Follow the steps and enter your code in the Steam Wallet Code field.
  5. Click ‘Continue’. You might need to confirm your location and currency if it’s your first time.
  6. The game will show up in your library for you to download and play.

Some tips to make sure your code works:

  • Check the code isn’t expired, used, or locked to a different region.
  • Make sure it’s the right code for the game you want.
  • Enter the code correctly – no extra spaces or mistakes.
  • Ensure you have enough space on your computer to install the game.

FAQs About Getting Free Steam Games

Are those websites that say they can generate free Steam Wallet codes real?

Nope, they’re no real free steam code generators. Those Steam Wallet code generators you might see online are actually scams. They’ll try to get you to fill out surveys, download harmful software, or give away your personal info.

There’s no magic way to make free Steam Wallet codes appear. The only safe way to get them is to buy them from stores that sell them or get them for free with above-mentioned methods.

steam free to play games

Final Words On Getting Free Steam Codes

Getting Steam games for free is totally possible, but it takes some time, a bit of luck, and doing your homework. There are plenty of good ways to get free Steam games. You can try joining giveaways and special offers, test out games that haven’t been released yet, pick up game bundles, or use sites that resell game keys.

Also, some websites give you free Steam game codes in exchange for filling out surveys or doing small tasks.

But while trying to get free Steam codes, there are some no-go methods you should definitely avoid. Don’t use fake Steam Wallet code generators, don’t pirate games, and don’t try to scam other players. These bad moves can mess up your Steam account, harm your computer, and are just bad news for the gaming world.

Always play fair and show some love to the game developers and publishers who make the games you enjoy. And when you get free games, use them in a way that’s cool and respectful.

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