How to Get Paid to Play Fortnite (2024)

get paid to play Fortnite

Fortnite is the game of the masses. It is played actively by over 80 million people every month. Now there are many ways to turn your Fornite passion into money.

Since its release by Epic games in 2017, over 200 million gamers have downloaded and enjoyed this game. It is popular among young and older gamers alike.

The core of the Fortnite game is battle royal, and there are two other modes that players can choose to play.

In Fortnite battle royal, you are competing on an island to stay alive till the end of the game, while in another title, you are saving the world with other players.

It is a gun-based game, but the unique feature of Fornite is building. A character in the game can build structures as a shield to protect themselves or set up traps for others.

Very few people play Fortnite to earn money, and only a few of them do play games to earn a living as professional gamers.

Most people play Fortnite for the fun of it or for their passion for gaming. They spend so many hours perfecting their skills in the game and gain so much experience.

If you have gained knowledge of the game and got very good at playing it, you can now make money from playing Fortnite.

There are many options discussed here that will help you get paid to play Fortnite.

How to Make Money Playing Fortnite

1. Stream Your Gameplay

This is one of the easiest and most mainstream ways of getting paid to play games.

The most popular ways you can use to stream are Twitch, YouTube, and Facebook.

Fortnite streaming is quite saturated as there are a lot of players already doing it for this popular game.


But if you can differentiate from others, there is still scope for success.

Qualities you need to be successful as a Fortnite video game streamer:

  • You should be an expert in the game. No one will follow someone who doesn’t understand the game in and out
  • Videos should be entertaining so that audience is not bored and stick around
  • Communication is the key. You should be able to convey to your audience what you are doing and why
  • Be flexible. Gaming sessions are long, and things can go either way. Be prepared to change the direction of your stream
  • Your gameplay should be confidence and audacity. People love to follow such characters
  • Last but most importantly, Be consistent. You want your followers to stick around and grow, show up regularly

Streaming your videos is free, and you get paid after reaching a certain level. Twitch has a subscription model where if someone subscribes to your channel, you will get at least $2.50, depending on the subscription plan.

To get paid on YouTube, you need to have at least 1k subscribers and 4k watch hours in the last year.

Multiple ways to get paid on streaming channels:

  • Get paid by showing ads on your streaming channels. You can expect to make from $3 to $100 per 1k views
  • You can do affiliate marketing and sell other’s products through your links
  • Sponsorship videos can be another way of monetization where brands pay you to promote them
  • You can sell merchandise in your store and promote it to your audience
  • Ask for donations and support from fans who regularly watch your videos

With all these money-making opportunities to get paid to stream your Fortnite gaming, there is no reason to try if you have the skills to do it.

Here is one of the top Fortnite streamers on YouTube.

Just be prepared for the long haul, as success here will not be overnight. Some might get lucky if they go viral, but the mantra for success is consistent hard work.

2. Coach New Fortnite Players

Coaching new players for money can be a rewarding experience for many expert gamers.

As a highly skilled player, you got to teach your experience and skills to newcomers and also get paid for that.

There are many people who even make a full-time income from doing this. You can do private coaching or join platforms like Outschool to teach a group of students.

There are platforms like Gamersensei where you can join as a coach and start making money by teaching others how to make money.


They need to know your gaming skills, social media account details, and gaming experience to get selected for their platform. If selected, they will connect you will students, and you can get paid to play Fortnite on mobile.

More coaching gigs can be found on freelance platforms like Fiverr.

3. Compete in Tournaments

There are competitions where highly experienced players fight one on one or in teams to win huge prizes.

You can compete in official Fortnite tournaments, and there are also many unofficial tournaments.

These eSport events are organized regularly, and the prize pool can range from a few thousand dollars to millions.

Most amateur players can enter small tournaments online, but huge money to be made is in pro tournaments.


Most professional eSport teams participate in these tournaments.

You need to get noticed by these teams to become a pro Fortnite gamer. You can start by getting your skills to the next level and making an online social following, generally through streaming and getting coaching from experts when required.

If you get selected for these teams, other than tournament cash prizes, you also get team salaries.

This is the best option if you want to make a living by playing games.

One of the top players of Fortnite, Shane (EpikWhale) Cotton, has made over 1.7 million in Fortnite winnings. He earns a lot through sponsorships and many other ways, like streaming to 430k followers on Twitch.

4. Bet on eSport Games

eSport games, including Fortnite, are streamed live to millions of watchers. If you are not skilled enough to compete in these games but have good knowledge, you can still make money by eSports betting.

eSport betting can be done via betting sites or can be arranged in private groups.

You can place bets on different aspects of the game, like who will make the first kill or who will win the game.

esport betting

Which player will get the maximum points can be all different bets.

It is similar to traditional game of betting and is completely legal. Many bookmaker companies like Betway and GG.Bet allows you to place bets on your favorite games.

You can bet with real money or do fantasy betting.

Just select your desired odds and decide how much money you want to bet, and you are good to start.

But at the end of the day, it is betting only. First, practice in fantasy bets, and then make sure that you are not losing the money you can’t afford to lose.

If you are not winning consistently, your strategy may not be good. Then you can focus more on other ways of making money with video games other than betting.

5. Sell Gaming Guides

Another way to make money from your gaming is by selling gaming guides in the form of ebooks or video guides.

It can be difficult to break into this field in games like Fortnite that are already saturated, but if you have skills and some sort of social following, you can start making small strides slowly.

Many new players who are just starting out want to know everything about the game. Similarly, many players might be stuck at some levels, and they need help.

sell gaming guides for money

You can publish full start-to-end guides or guides on some difficult levels, as they do sell well.

Your guides should stand out from the competition and should be able to solve the problems of the reader.

6. Become a Hired In-Game Help

This might come as strange to you, but many gamers make money by helping others clear some tough levels.

You might take over the account and complete the game for the client, or you can join the team and guard the players and help them complete the levels.

For your help you can get paid a fixed amount or on a per hourly basis.

These kinds of gigs can be found on freelance platforms like Fiverr, you can get such requests on your social media account or streams.

You can experiment a bit and decide on your prices based on your experience and time requirements.

7. Sell Your Account

Selling your account after you have already reached higher levels can be a profitable gig and a way to make money from playing Fortnite mobile.

make money by selling high level gaming account

Thousands of people sell their accounts after getting them up.

Many people don’t want to start from scratch and reach higher levels to explore all gaming options. That is why they pay others to buy accounts that have some specific levels or avatars unlocked.

These transactions can be done on online platforms like PlayerAuction or at gaming conventions.

8. Make a Website About Fortnite

There are so many avid fans of Fortnite that you will inadvertently get some traffic even if you start a new website.

Of course, to grow your website, you need to learn SEO, keyword research, and put out a lot of content.

You can easily start a blog in 30 minutes, but how you grow will determine if it will bring in any money or not.

You need to give updates about all the current news about Fortnite and all future events that readers want to know about.

There is an option to grow your website in subtopics, like choosing some titles and focusing first on them in detail before moving on to others.

You can provide guides and tricks on your website. There are many other ways to make money like:

  • You can get paid to show advertisements
  • Do affiliate marketing to get a commission
  • Sponsor different brands in your posts
  • Start a subscription-based model
  • You can sell merchandise related to Fortnite

Just be prepared that it will take some time to grow your website and get enough money from it.

9. Start a Podcast

Last in this list where you can make money from your knowledge of playing Fortnite is podcasting.

Podcasts have become very popular in recent years as many people prefer to listen while commuting or doing less attention-requiring things.

start a gaming podcast

You can start a podcast where you share your experience of gaming and other tricks.

There are possibilities to collaborate with other gamers of Fortnite mobile and share your experiences with both audiences.

There are many podcasts that update you about all the things happening in the Fortnite world.

You can use many ways to monetize your podcasts, like sponsorships, selling courses, etc.

Now Get Paid For Playing Fortnite

At the end of the day, most Fortnite players play the game for the fun of it. But there is no harm in making money from your passion.

A few of them can even make a career out of playing games. There are professional leagues and pro players that play this game at the highest levels and make good money doing that.

You might not be planning to make a career out of playing Fortnite, but the hours you spend playing the game can fetch you some money for a new console.

FAQs About Playing Fortnite for Money

Can I get paid for playing Fortnite Mobile?

Yes, you can get paid to play Fortnite mobile by streaming, sponsorships, affiliate links, and selling your account. You can also get paid to coach others or help new players complete difficult levels.

What are the top companies that pay to play Fortnite game?

There are many companies that pay to play Fortnite, such as Twitch, PlayerAuctions, Gamechampions, Gamersensei, BetUS, and GG.Bet are a few of them. There are different possibilities to earn money on each platform. Like PlayerAuction lets you play Fortnite for money, Gamersensei lets you earn money for coaching others while GG.Bet helps you in eSports betting.

Is Betting on eSports like Fortnite risky?

Any type of betting has an inherent risk of losing. The same is the case for Fortnite betting. You can increase the chance of your winning by doing your research and selecting players who have consistent records. Still, you can lose money, so bet only money that you can afford to lose.

Can you legally sell your Fortnite account?

According to the terms and conditions of the game, you are not allowed to sell your account as it will come under commercial intent. A Fortnite account is only for your personal use, and selling it is not allowed. Though no one is going to find out as many people sell accounts and make profits.

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