Make Money on Cafepress with Your Own Designs

CafePress is an online marketplace that sells a variety of stuff starting from T-shirts to coffee mugs.

If you are looking for a side hustle, among many other side gigs this can be your source of extra income.

So how can you make money on Cafepress?

The unique thing about this marketplace that sets it apart from others such as Amazon is that it allows customization of the products they sell.


If you have a creative mind and can design some logos or cool looking designs, you can earn money on Cafepress. You just have to design your logo and rest will be done by CafePress.

This side hustle requires you to have some kind of talent in designing stuff. You can use software or apps to make better designs. I personally use Stencil and Canva for my designing needs.

After uploading your design, CafePress will do everything. Starting from getting the raw material such as a T-shirt and printing your design and shipping the product to the buyers.

You don’t have to worry about inventory or production or any other such things.

How do You Make Money on CafePress?

You design your stuff and upload it on their website. There are two ways to make money after you upload your design.

  1. You upload your design and give it to others or the CafePress itself and whosoever use it for selling products with your design on CafePress, you get a royalty.
  2. You choose a product to sell and customize with your design and set up a shop in this marketplace called CafePress. CafePress charges set base price and commission from you and profit is yours.

Getting Royalty for Your Designs

This part is straight forward, you upload your design on the CafePress service “list in marketplace”.

They decide where your design seems the best fit and based on that they customize those products with your design.

Whenever there is a sale of that item, you get your commission in your account (well CafePress account). You can get a check or Paypal payment if you prefer at payment time.

Set up Your Shop on CafePress


The second option is to set up your own shop on CafePress. You fill in simple details like your name for the shop, description of the shop, then upload your design and you are set to go.

There are two options, free and paid. In the free version, you are not charged anything upfront.

You are charged only when you made a sale.

Their cut is 10% up to a maximum of 10 dollars each payout. The problem here is you get to show only one design in one shop. Although when I last checked there are no limits on the number of shops, but it’s a hassle.

Another option is you pay them upfront for their services, some 7 dollars each month, or five if you pay for 12 months. Then you can host multiple products in one shop and you don’t have to share your profit with them.

You can get a 14 day free trial for premium shops. Plus in premium shops, you get a bonus for completing the targets.

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The Real Problem in Making Money on CafePress

Until now the steps I told you are super easy and anyone can follow.

The problem in making real money is selling enough numbers.

CafePress has its organic traffic which you can get if you got enough keywords. In my experience, this is not enough to get you real profit worth your time.

You have to drive traffic yourself through your social following or promotions. If you are good at it then you can get a good profit from this side hustle.

It’s a great side hustle for designers and people with good social networks. Even if you don’t have great social following but have some great designs those who can sell for themselves, you can set up your account and give it a shot.

It’s worth trying once as it costs no money and very little time.

Signup for CafePress

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