How to Become a Product Tester and Get Paid to Review Products

How you can save yourself the money spent purchasing new products from stores? Learn how to land product tester jobs from home, get paid for reviewing products, as well as companies that offer products you can test!

get paid to review products

Have you ever wished you could get paid to test products and write reviews? Well, there is a way to make that dream a reality. In this blog post, I will share with you how to become a product tester and start getting paid for your feedback.

So whether you are looking for some extra income or just want to get your hands on some free stuff, keep reading!

In this blog post, I will outline how to become a product tester and the steps you need to take to land a product tester job as well as share with you some tips on how to increase your chances of being selected for testing opportunities.

So whether you’re looking for a new side hustle or simply want to make a little extra cash, read on for tips and tricks on how to score product review jobs from home!

I will also provide a list of companies that regularly hire testers where you can get paid to review products.

Why Do Companies do Product Testing?

In order to release new products and services, companies often invest heavily in research. This is because they want what’s being developed now so that it has every chance at success once released into the market. That means investing time upfront will help in increasing the probability of how successful these investments turn out!

It is important for companies to get the input of users early on in order for them to understand what features consumers like, how useful these are and if there’s anything wrong with it.

One way this can be done? Paying people like you for product review jobs! This works out well both ways – not only do testers make money. But also have a say when shaping tomorrow’s technology as well through providing valuable feedback which helps shape innovation today.

Companies need your help testing new gadgets before release so that everyone involved gets an idea about whether or not it’s worth developing based on realistic usage data rather than just hypotheses. So how to become a product tester that makes money?

Companies That Send You Products to Review

Do you want to have a side hustle that makes money from home and that you can do at your own convenience? If so then product tester jobs from home might just be about the perfect side job! Here are product testing sites that offer opportunities to test products.

1. Survey Junkie

Survey Junkie is one of the most popular sites in America for paying people looking on how to become a product tester. But did you know that if your profile gets enough attention from companies they will give away products and money?

All it takes on Survey junkie’s platform are some basic details like name/email address (they’ll also ask what kind of surveys you want) and it’s all free!

If you want to make some extra cash, try Survey Junkie. The site offers paid focus groups where participants can earn up to $150 an hour!

It’s easy – just sign-up with your information. And once active on the platform there will be opportunities waiting for you in each category type (e.g., Product Testing or Targeted Affiliate Marketing).

Don’t forget that when it comes time around these types of events are very popular. So update settings quickly to receive alerts as soon as they become available.

Sign up now to get paid to review products!

2. Swagbucks Discover

Swagbucks is an online rewards program that pays users for completing offers, including product testing.

For each task completed on the platform – like watching videos and taking surveys – you’ll get points added to your account! You can then use these towards cash or gift cards for shopping at any of our partnered stores including Amazon Prime & Target Gift Card Registry.

There are also many paid giveaways available through them such as free goodie boxes from Daily Good Box, Product Samples etc., which make it easy not only for product review jobs from home but to receive FREE samples in the mail.

How to become a product tester from home? Sign up for a Swagbucks account and complete simple tasks like filling out surveys or watching videos to earn points called SBs that you may redeem towards gift cards at major retailers such as Visa & Starbucks! You can make money from home by testing free products.

There’s also an opportunity where they will require additional actions on your end. They include engaging in conversation with them via email but no payment is necessary – just sign-up now if this sounds interesting because there is $10 waiting right.

3. Prize Rebel

Prize Rebel is a website where you can earn points and money by testing new products. The site has been around since 2008, which makes it one of the oldest sites on this list!

It’s comparable to Survey Junkie or Inbox Dollars in terms of how easy they are to use. All it takes is filling out some forms with your info so that when opportunities come up regarding free stuff (or low-cost items), then grab them while they’re still available.

Most people who come here earn cash or gift cards by accumulating points with each point equaling $0.01 on Prize Rebel’s platform.

After the signup process completion, many opportunities require testing new products. So if you’re selected for one of these surveys they will send out your sample free-of-charge but in return, they need feedback for Products.

4. Ipsos i-Say

Ipsos i-Say wants to know about your experiences with certain products or services. Some of the surveys may qualify you as a tester and you can get paid to review products!

You can expect 45 -90 points per survey and new members get a bonus for their first few completed ones, making this an easy way to make some extra cash while getting informed of what customers want in the marketplace.

The Ipsos i-say platform allows users to give feedback on any topic ranging from food safety concerns to all business marketing strategies. It also able users to test new innovations before they hit market shelves allowing companies access to vital information needed when designing future advertising campaigns or modifying products.

Meet the minimum threshold of 500 points before being eligible for redemption of rewards! You can redeem your points as Amazon or Walmart gift cards.

5. Opinion Outpost

Opinion Outpost is an online platform that’s changed the way we think about testing. They provide opportunities to get paid to test products.

They pay users in cash or gift cards of places like Amazon, Apple and Visa once they’ve had a chance to try out prototypes of brands and provide your feedback because it helps them continue making products you’ll love!

Signing up for an account is free and easy. Just enter the right information about yourself in order to ensure that all products sent are accurate according to your tastes!

The minimum payout amount will depend on what type of item you choose, but it’s always worth checking out their selection.

6. PinchMe

How to become a product tester and get free products? PinchMe is a site that provides users with free products in exchange for honest feedback. Signing up to Pinchme allows you access to different kinds of products.

how to become a product tester on pinchme

You can get samples from various brands, including pet food and accessories or personal care items like moisturizer & shampoo!

The best part about this platform? You can see what they offer before signing on. There’s no need to go through various samples of brands that you don’t even need.

7. LifePoints

LifePoints is a huge community that impacts the future of many products! You can change the future of products by giving feedback that impacts brands and products.

After testing a new product, you will be prompted with questions about your experience – complete them and for that credits will be added to your balance.

You can exchange these credits or points for cash to platforms like Paypal or as gift cards to stores like Amazon or Walmart.

Sign up now and start testing products for money.

8. Daily Goodie Box

Have you ever wanted to learn how to become a product tester and get paid to review products? try out new products and services before writing an honest review of them. The Daily Goodie Box is one way that can happen!

They offer free samples, including household items like dishes or laundry detergent; beauty supplies such as skincare kits with face masks included in the box – all for testing purposes.

All they ask from reviewers are honesty when reviewing these goods. They want every person who uses a product on their own personal body to have the information they need before buying it.

Daily goodie box is the best way to score free stuff on your doorstep. Sign up and you’ll be put in competition with other participants each day, similar to playing a lottery!

They also give away boxes to people who comment on their posts – so don’t forget that when posting comments; it might just lead to your next free gift.

Freebies are always better than paying full price at retail stores, especially if there are chances throughout different social media platforms.

9. User Interviews

User interviews is a market research company that hires people to test websites, apps and products for brands.

You should be at least 18 years old with a reliable internet connection. So they can get your thoughts on their devices during online focus groups or diary studies where you will submit surveys about the experience in order to tell them what needs changing while using it yourself!

Payments range from $40-$200 per survey and your opinion for even small changes could make big differences when considering how much these companies spend trying new things out before launching releases into stores across America.

10. Pinecone Research

Pinecone Research provides a voice for consumers everywhere, connecting you with product testing companies that need opinions from real people.

On the Pinecones platform, it’s easy and rewarding to fill out surveys about new products before they hit store shelves. You can also interact directly in the lab by providing feedback on tests on concept-stage ideas like virtual reality technology!

pinecone research become product tester

Then after completing the reviews, you’ll get points and redeem them rewards available prizes including cash prizes as well other cool stuff available.

Sign up for their newsletter and they’ll keep you in the loop on all of the latest product testing opportunities. When trying out new products, not only you can get your favourite items into production but also give feedback that helps shape them before release!

11. Johnson & Johnson

Johnson & Johnson is one of the most well-known Fortune 500 companies based in America. They’re best known for their baby products, but they also have other things like makeup or toothpaste!

Want to know how to become a product tester on Johnson & Johnson? Now you can sign up for product tester jobs from home with JJ Friends & Neighbors website. Where they’ll send out free samples so that people like me and you test them before releasing them onto store shelves nationwide.

Johnson & Johnson is looking for people to participate in product testing and provide feedback. If you want, they’ll send a survey after using the product so that we can get your experience with it!

Friends & Neighbors members sometimes receive payments between $5-25 per test drive or an online survey; however, most surveys pay around 10 dollars each time. It’s important not only to fill out these questionnaires but also to take part when possible because this helps improve their knowledge about what works best based on different demographics like age levels etcetera.

12. Beta Testing

Get paid to test new tech products, apps and websites with Best Testing. Sign up for free opportunities that are sent out every month or select from one of 5 different types depending on your needs.

Download the app or visit their website’s page; try out product(s) in person at certain stores like Target…and more!

You’ll also get feedback requested whenever possible so don’t be shy. Share honest thoughts & attention-grabbing comments while earning cash added right into PayPal account.

You must be above 18 years of age for product review jobs on Beta Testing.

13. SheSpeaks

SheSpeaks offers a great chance for women to test new products in exchange for their opinions.

The community is really active, with participants encouraged on social media and discussion forums about all sorts of topics through this app!

The output tone should be friendly but professional as well as knowledgeable enough so that it reflects the information given.

get free testing products on shespeaks

In addition to women-centric products they also offer things like kid’s toys, dog treats and food for testing and real-time user feedback.

14. Product Testing USA

Interested in product review jobs from home and want to know how to become a product tester? Product Testing USA is a legitimate company with opportunities for testers who want to try out new products.

When it comes to paid product testing jobs from home, Product Testing USA has one of the biggest ranges where you can get paid to review products. You may find yourself getting free cosmetics or toiletries in addition to electronic devices!

Simply create your profile and immediately you’ll be able to see their list of available tests, which can include anything from hygiene items like toothpaste or lotion all the way up to fashion accessories such as hairbands!

When they select candidates, those lucky enough get sent samples so that when it comes a time (or if)you write reviews on these goods. Just remember one thing: make sure not only does every word count but also describe how exactly this particular item fits into your life.

15. Amazon Vine

If you’re looking for ways on how to become a product tester and get your hands on some free products and make money online, then Amazon Vine is the perfect opportunity.

While its invite-only program requires that potential testers provide useful feedback about what they’ve purchased from amazon in order not only to increase their chances but also to help other customers to choose products!

You can do this by writing reviews based on firsthand experiences.

If you’ve ever bought something on Amazon, then there’s a good chance that your purchase has been influenced by the reviews of other buyers. So how do we know which ones are really helpful?

Well, now it is easier than ever! Just take some time to read through all customer feedback for each product and include any pros or cons along with an honest assessment as well. This will make sure people can find out what they need before making their decision easier too…

Not only does reading these insights help others decide whether buying certain items was worthwhile, but more positive votes increase your chance to get an invite to join Amazon vine and get free products for testing.


Homeschooling families have registration opportunities to receive free products from’s product testers program that they can review!

You don’t need any qualifications or requirements other than being interested and available when they mail them out. But it is worth noting there may be some restrictions like not receiving cash compensation if you participate as part of this offer. So make sure you know what those terms mean before signing up.

During non-busy times I would recommend checking update emails because sometimes new things come through for reviews.

They don’t pay you money for reviewing products, but you got to keep them for free.

17. Influenster

Influenster is a site that lets you get free products in exchange for testing them. They’ve given away over 50 million items, and there are all sorts of ways to qualify with this company.

Whether it is by giving feedback on baby supplies or snacks or accepting surveys that enter followers into monthly drawings to receive VoxBox, you can get items from well-known brands that are worth more than $200 sometimes!

Sign up and try your luck at free stuff here on Influencer.

18. Product Report Card

In the quest for a more lucrative way to make money online, Product Reports Card is an innovative company that offers opportunities through surveys and product testing.

Sign up with the Product Report Card and you’ll be sent any of these types of opportunities you just have qualified for! And you will get paid to review products before they are released.

On this site, you are rewarded points for completing different tasks, which you can then convert into Amazon gift certificates once your total reaches $25 dollars in value (or more).

19. YouGov

YouGov is a market research and data analytics firm.

They help companies understand what consumers like by asking them for feedback on products they’ve tested.

In return, they give you points in return when completing your initial form to get an account up-and-running which can then be redeemed at any time!

You’ll always have something worth redeeming because new rewards are added often so there will never run out of options or possibilities to cash out.

20. Brooks Product Testing

Brooks Running is committed to producing high-quality products and thus requires people who test these “in the wild”.

So the question is how to become a product tester for brooks shoes? By signing up for their product testing program, you could find yourself wearing shoes before they hit stores giving users an opportunity to get free gear from a well-known brand.

For those interested in getting clothes on any level even if it’s just as samples then Brooks offers a great chance at quality options at no cost!

21. Clicks Research

Clicks Research is looking for volunteers to test their products.

Sign up and you’ll become a worker in the product testing industry, earning between 25-200 points per study (25000 points will fetch you $25).

The company will supply all materials like items with brand name removed or other markings so as not to bias your opinions.

On completing the test you will get the points, plus you get to keep the products.

22. McCormick Panelist

The McCormick Panelist program is a great way for consumers in the US, UK and Canada to get paid to review products!

You can sign up either at their testing facility or from home both lasting around 30 minutes. Those who participate as on-site tasters will earn $50 per hour during test sessions if selected by Amazon gift cards.

For the at-home tests, you can get paid to review products up to $30 per hour.

23. Toluna

Toluna is a site that pays users for testing products. In order to receive samples from companies, you must first be active on their platform. And perform various tasks like filling out feedback forms or taking surveys with questions about your experience using the product in question.

You won’t get paid immediately; instead, points will accumulate within Toluna’s system until you reach the threshold. At this point, they’ll credit your account by sending funds directly deposited via a PayPal account.

Sign up for a free account and start testing products and receive products for free.

24. MomSelect

MomSelect is a site that allows moms to get free products from companies.

How to become a product tester for women’s products? You just have to sign up and you’ll receive updates on what’s available, including experiences or actual items such as food items for your kids and cosmetics!

momselect product testing

Some people even got tickets to visit Disneyland in their inboxes thanks to this program. It really does offer something everyone wants: More cool stuff (like toys) without having any additional costs associated with buying them normally. Plus you got to review those coveted kid-friendly brands like Play Monster Inc., Crayola LLC.

25. Home Tester Club

Home Tester Club is an innovative company that offers hundreds of products for review. You’ll need to answer a few questions when creating your profile, and they’ll determine what are the most suited products based on this information alone.

They provide paid product testing jobs in countries like Australia and Brazil among others. There’s sure no limit as far as where these free gifts come from or how often we can get them shipped out straight away!

There are so many opportunities to get free products and review them. They run competitions at least once a month and follow the company on social media for more chances of winning great prizes.

26. Sample Hawk

Sample Hawk is a product review site that sends you samples for free. The company does not actually ship the products themselves. Instead, they act as an aggregator connecting customers with various other websites where these items can be freely reviewed and rated by others who have already tried them!

Signing up with Sample Hawk is easy and after that they let you try out products in exchange for reviews.

The process starts by answering some questions about yourself so they can match your needs to the right companies’ offers, then directing users who want free stuff straight away!

27. Vogue Insiders

No hassle, no commitment. Sign up for free and get tested products sent right to your door!

The Vogue Insider program is designed specifically so that people who are looking into trying new beauty items can take advantage by reviewing products or giving feedback on the brand.

You can receive different things like cosmetics or beauty products without even reviewing them. So basically for answering a few questions, you receive free products.

28. The Pink Panel

If you’re looking for free products to test and review, check out the Pink Panel. You’ll be able to keep what you use in your product reviews so it’s more convenient than going through stores or websites every day!

Mostly these products are women-centric like cosmetics, skincare or hair care products.

Plus if they work well enough you might get them as rewards. But only once validation has been completed which means filling out an application form first before receiving any reward.

You can get gift cards worth $20 to $100 for your one product review job. Mostly these offers are available only in the US.

29. OneOpinion

OneOpinion is a platform where consumers can get paid to test products. Users have influence over which brands create and improve as they submit pieces of content.

Each user gets points added instantly after uploading an opinion about something posted on the site.

one opinion test products

These are redeemable through free gift cards from Amazon or Visa options available via PayPal transfer into your account too!

OneOpinion provides its members with prompt payment and accessibility. Their team offers 24/7 customer service, so you can be sure that your needs will always receive the best treatment possible! Get started today by creating an account.

30. BzzAgent

The BzzAgent service is a great way to get free products from various companies in exchange for reviewing them on your social media pages.

They will ask you questions about yourself and then send out items that are perfect fits, including food & beverages or toiletries. The reviews here also focus more heavily on posting pictures with feedback rather than just telling what you think.

If you want to get free products and media coverage for your company, BzzAgent is the perfect site.

How to Become a Product Reviewer

Product testers have a lot of opportunities when it comes to how they can make money, but there are some steps you should take in order for your earning potential to be maximized. Take these four simple strategies for getting started.

1. Make a Dedicated Email Address

Create an email address for product review jobs. It is important to make sure you don’t mix up personal or business emails with those related to the brands that send out these prize offers.

You might miss a great opportunity if they arrive in your inbox instead of on another specific account. So keep this one separate and update it regularly as new opportunities become available online.

In order not to be confused about which messages come from whom, set aside this email id.

2. Join Multiple Companies

If you want to make sure that there’s always a steady flow of product testing opportunities available, then sign up for more than one company.

It doesn’t matter which ones because they all offer different products. And some will give out free samples while others may send full items or elsewhere as part of their service fee (which usually includes shipping).

So take advantage now before time runs low.

3. Give Honest and Detailed Reviews

Giving feedback is an amazing way to get free product testing opportunities. Companies love hearing from customers who can attest that their products work well and meet all of your needs.

So make sure you provide as many details in the review for them! Honesty goes both ways – companies need honest opinions too.

Or else they might stop giving out samples altogether which would definitely decrease earnings potentials on everyone’s part (not just yours).

How to Ask Companies Free Products for Reviewing?

It is important to keep a few things in mind when writing your request. Be professional and polite at all times.

The tone should also match the delivery of the information you provide, so it might help if you tell them about how their products will be benefitting through your reviews. Other things to consider include:

  • When expressing your love for a brand, it is important that you identify the products whose quality appeals most to YOU. This way they will know how you can help promote them.
    Gather together an extensive list of all those companies whose goods/services you actually use in your daily lives.
  • Contacting an individual is always better than sending out generic emails. If you know the person’s name and email address, it will be much easier for them to receive your request in a timely manner! Find out the PR people of those companies you selected. And contact them through LinkedIn or another social media site like Twitter.
  • Make a sincere message without writing big assays. If possible include personal information. Only after everything is being said ask about a free sample.

Efficient Way

You might not be surprised to hear that you might get rejected by many companies when asking for free products.

This can be much easier for bloggers or other people with some sort of following, but don’t let the possibility discourage you.

If rejected from companies looking for reviewers – remember there are always more opportunities out there. Or on other hand, you can start your own blog? Check our step-by guide on how to launch a new site today.

Other than just getting products to review it will add many more other ways to earn money.

Giver companies details like the number of times your posts have been seen by others, where your users are from and how many followers you possess on social media.

This should be something that brands will find valuable when looking at reviews before deciding whether or not it would make sense for them to invest in advertising with your channel.

Final Thought on How to Become a Product Tester

Becoming a product tester is a great way to get paid to review products and also get a free product.

It can be a lot of fun, too! It’s also about getting free products and helping companies improve their products. You can also save yourself the money spent purchasing new products from stores!

I would love to hear about your experience on product tester jobs in the comments section below. Have you tried any of these methods? Which one works best for you?

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Check out all the best resources I use! These resources have helped me immensely in my journey and I am sure they will help you as well.

This post may contain affiliate links from which I may earn a commission without any cost to you. Read our policy for details.

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