Viglink or Sovrn //commerce Affiliate Program Review for Beginners

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Viglink review

Sovrn //Commerce or Viglink as previously known is an affiliate program that hosts multiple advertisers. Of all the affiliate programs out there, Viglink is one of the easiest ways to monetize your blog as you will see in this Viglink review.

The question arises, why would any program will pay you? Why would someone pays you unless you benefit them in some way? When you are mentioning some products on your website you are basically sending them potential buyers.

When that person you sent to them buys something, the merchant gives you commission as a thank you for the sale.

Affiliate or Advertisement?

You have started your blog and you want to monetize it. You can monetize your websites in two major ways. 1) advertisement 2) affiliate

  1. You can use your website like real estate to show banners of advertisers. It’s similar to physical billboards. You are paid for using your space either based on the number of views or number of clicks. The problem in this method is the compensation is very low and it might be irritating for your readers.
  2. The second method is to use affiliate links, and you have direct deals with sellers which results in higher compensations. This is the favorite way of many bloggers across the world simply because it pays you well and it’s actually useful for your readers. You are sending your reader to a product about which they are already reading and therefore they are more likely to buy. That’s why sellers pay a higher amount for affiliate programs. Plus the reader gets the product they were looking for, win-win for all. That’s why it’s important to affiliate only relevant links in a post to not irk your readers.

You can either contact each product seller you are mentioning on your website or go to the programs such as Viglink, awin or Flexoffers who have already have contact with most of the sellers.

If you choose the second way, you don’t have to go to each seller as its already done for you as I showed you in this Viglink review. You just have to get approved by the platform. VigLink or Sovrn affiliate program is one such platform that I personally use.

Update Feb 2021: Although this is Viglink review but I no longer prefer Viglink affiliate program for affiliate links. I have moved on to Flexoffers and Awin where commissions are higher and with more transparency. I would only recomend Viglink if you can not get in to these networks.

Sovrn affiliate program

What is VigLink/ Sovrn Affiliate Program

Sovrn affiliate program in simple terms is a link monetization tool that helps you monetize your links. Every outbound link on your site or blog has the potential to be monetized.

Viglink affiliate program can convert all your mentioned merchants into revenue-generating Hyperlinks with automated bids so you get the highest price available.

How to Set up Sovrn affiliate Program

Sovrn affiliate program tool/platform is a super easy to use. In this Viglink review I will show you how to set up your Viglink account. First you have to get approval for your application. After that there are a few important things to consider. Read on this Viglink review and follow the instructions for settings up the account.

After login, connect your website and go to setting. Select your preferred choice of where the link will be opened, new tab, or the same. I prefer it to new window.

Select link URLs as it will make your nonaffiliated links to affiliated. I also prefer to tick Optimize links to higher paying sites.

Viglink convert

scroll down and in insert section, select fine-tuning to medium, and allowed devices to all.

viglink insert/sovrn affiliate program

Make sure to check the boxes as described. Now you have Successfully Configured The Required Settings. These settings will help you make a more User-friendly website that also generates income for you.

Go to the install menu and follow the instructions. Copying the code and paste in the footer of your WordPress theme by the following dashboard > Appearance > Theme editor > Theme footer > copy code and update file.

If you get the error of “no instance of the VigLink affiliate program code was found on your page”. Try clearing the cache and place the code above the rest of the code header.


Personally, I didn’t use the auto-linking facility as I found in my theme, pasting code slow down the speed of the website. Therefore I manually generate codes and put where relevant.

If your speed is not affected you can use it. Even without auto-link generation, Sovrn affiliate program is a great tool worth trying. Its best option available for beginners as other merchants requires some page views to get approval.

It’s best to start generating income from your relatively new blog. If you can not handle multiple affiliates Sovrn affiliate program can be your go-to platform.

Give it a try, even if you are using some other platform, there is no harm. You can compare its performance with others and it’s completely free. Just make sure not to check to override other affiliate programs.

Sign up here for Viglink affiliate program.

Update Feb 2021: Although this is Viglink review but I no longer prefer Viglink affiliate program for affiliate links. I have moved on to Flexoffers and Awin where commissions are higher and with more transparency. I would only recomend Viglink affiliate program if you can not get in to these networks.

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Check out all the best resources I use! These resources have helped me immensely in my journey and I am sure they will help you as well.





  • Easy to use.
  • 70k+ Merchants Worldwide in almost every niche.
  • Instant Approval, important for beginners.
  • Pay via PayPal, important for bloggers from other countries than US.
  • Highest paying merchants assigned ensuring high revenue.
  • Autogeneration of links increasing revenue.


  • Viglink works on javascript and will not work if javascript is unable or unsupported.
  • It can create multiple links when the auto-link generation activated, so write articles accordingly.
  • There might be some broken links, so check your links when you have time.

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