Fiverr Marketplace for Freelancers. How to Use It?

Fiverr, as you might know, is a marketplace for freelancers.

If you are looking for side hustles and have some writing or designing abilities you can earn money here. Fiverr connects freelancers like you who are willing to sell their services with the buyers who might need those services.


In short Fiverr is a connecting medium which help to meet people who are willing to pay for your services. These services can vary based on the requirements, such as an article for blog or a logo for some website etc.

How to Join Fiverr?

Joining Fiverr is simple, you just have to sign up and set up your profile. Set up your profile picture and fill in some simple information. Click here to join now.

Then the important part is to create a sample work called “gig”. It’s basically a sales pitch to impress your future service buyers. They will come to your profile to see your sample work to see if you can fulfill their requirements.

They will look at your reviews to see how good you have been doing for previous customers. We will talk more about reviews in later sections.

Is it Easy to Get Work on Fiverr

Fiverr is a marketplace for freelancers and have potential customers for freelancer’s work. They will send buyers your way without any promotions based on your profile.

But for starters, it’s difficult to land their first jobs. In the starting you don’t have any reviews to show for your work, so the potential buyers might pay a few extra bucks for a more established seller.

Starting focus should be on completing on hand jobs with more quality even if it mean letting go more opportunities. Negative reviews in the start can kill your this side hustle even before getting on feet.

How Much it Pays to Work on Fiverr

As the name Fiverr suggests most of the “jobs” start at $5. You can set up your prices but the base price is 5 and Fiverr takes 20 percent cut. That leaves you effectively with 4 dollars.

It’s important to keep your price low in the starting and work extra hard to get those precious positive reviews. In the process, you might get exploited and underpaid as less as $2 for an hour.

But for the first few jobs, you have to bear through it considering it as a business setting up cost. Once you have a good number of positive reviews you can land up high paying jobs.


You got a side hustle that can make money for you in your free time. Probably you will get paid less than an independent freelancer. But here your are getting more more buyers which you might not get otherwise.

The platform is fairly easy to navigate, you can find whatever you need in a few minutes. There is a forum to ask any of your doubts and customer service is also responsive.

If you get bored easily, this can be a good platform for you as you get to do various types of jobs that keep you interested. You work with various people that help you learn more things.


Chances of getting underpaid at the start and getting less work. But as you grow this will fade and you can make more.

Income can be inconsistent based on the types and number of the jobs you get.

Payment time is a bit longer (14 days). Plus you cannot get you fixed customers outside Fiverr as it’s against their policy.

There are deadlines when you accept an order. I would suggest taking an order when you have time to complete in deadline. Not keeping to the deadline can fetch you negative reviews.

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If you have time and have some writing or designing skills, you can definitely use the Fiverr marketplace for freelancing. It can be a bit of hard work in the starting but it can be your long term side gig.

As positive reviews grow you will get work easily and will get paid more for the same.

Sign up here for Fiverr.

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